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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 17

Jane’s side of the story continues

I headed to Charles’s house after meeting with my parent’s to brief him on the latest situation of things. He really was very anxious to know every single detail and i hid nothing from him.

‘’hmmm so you guys want me to go back to that evil forest once again. That’s cool but it will cost money oo’’ he breathed after I was done with my story.

‘’no one is giving you a dime Charles. You failed in your last assignment and you owe my parents. But if you insist on getting paid, then forget about our own plans. I will marry Val and spend the rest of my life with him’’ I threatened seriously while he laughed.

‘’’come on, I was only playing’’ he laughed, drawing close to peck me. But I needed no telling that he changed his stand because of my threat.

‘’you better be’’ I sighed.

‘’I’m really glad the idi.ot and his mum fell for our plans. What’s remaining now is for you guys to get married. It’s just a matter of time for everything to fall in place for us’’ he added happily.

‘’what’s remaining is for me to get pregnant fast. Val is very educated and observant and any little mistake could bring up his suspicion. So I need to get pregnant fast’’ I muttered, lifting up his spirit with my words. I could even tell he was already aroused before I could finish the statement. He pounced on me with great energy.

‘’let’s make it happen babe. Let’s get you pregnant’’ he breathed as he fondled me.


Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’you know sir, I have told you everything about me but I still know nothing much about you apart from that you saved my life. All you keep telling me is that in due time I will know. I’m getting impatient sir. And I always have these strange feelings whenever I think of it. Morover we are in grave danger here’’ I softly said to the hunter who smiled and stared at me for some seconds. I could tell with the appetite he devoured my food that he enjoyed my cooking, even though the meal was far from being a perfect one.

‘’fine, I think you have had enough rest. I believe you are now strong enough to get hold of your destiny and find your identity. But Firstly you will have to take me to your adoptive parents, from there we can find out exactly who you are and everything about your real parents’’ he explained, expertly changing the topic and bringing up hope in my eyes which quickly died down.

‘’but I don’t think they will tell you anything. They weren’t very nice to me and I believe they just merely tolerated me because they had no other option. The only thing about my biological parents I have with me is a small pendant which I left behind in my employer’s house. I was told that I was an evil child and that the pendant had powers’’ I breathed, looking down.

‘’don’t worry about your fears. In two days you will take me to Nsukka to see your adoptive parents’’ he muttered with a smile while I nodded and shrugged in resignation.


Two days later, Nsukka

I really was nervous as ever as the hunter and I strolled down to the house I fled from weeks ago. I never imagined I would be returning so soon. Yes I was scared as hell and if not that it was something I had to do in order to know my real story I wouldn’t have accepted taking the risk.
The time was exactly 2:15pm when we got down at the last bus station before trekking down to the house.

Surprisingly I noticed that the hunter was kind of familiar with the village. Even though I was in front of him, I couldn’t help but notice that he walked with great confidence as if he had been there before. Nevertheless I paid no much attention to it because he was a hunter and had possibly been in almost every part of the state.


In no time, we got to my old home and were very lucky to meet my adoptive parents at home. In fact they were about having lunch when we walked in on them. You can’t imagine the shock on their faces. They were extremely surprised to see me, but then seeing the hunter with me kind of heightened their surprise.

‘’Ogbu Agu (killer of lion) what a surprise’’ my adoptive father screamed as he sprang up from his chair, leaving me totally stunned.

‘’Dike my friend, what a long time” my companion (the hunter) screamed with the same tone. I speechlessly looked on as the two men shook hands before facing me.

‘’how on earth did you find her?. The girl ran away from my house ooo for no just cause’’ my adoptive father asked my companion who shrugged.

‘’it’s a long story my brother. I saved her life once again like I did nineteen years ago’’ he replied while my heart froze with disbelief.

‘’yes you heard right. I was the person that brought you to this house nineteen years ago. Unfortunately your parents died under my watch, under my carelessness’’ he added softly while cold shiver ran through me.
I almost fainted. The shock was just too much. But I managed to get hold of myself because I knew a long story was coming.
A story that could shape my destiny and give my life a meaning.

To be continued

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