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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 16

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

I softly walked into Jane’s room to apologize and talk to her like a gentleman, just like my mother advised. She was carrying my baby and no matter what I felt, I owed her an obligation. I had to take responsibility.
Jane was sitting on the bed with both hands on her chin when I walked in. I slowly sat beside her while she instantly covered her face with her palms. I smiled and caressed her back.

‘’I’m very sorry for the way I acted out on you in the morning. I just wasn’t myself because of the missing girl and your attitude was equally annoying’’ I softly apologized. She stared at me with eyes filled with tears.

‘’I never had the intention to provoke you with my attitude. You simply misread me because you were already angry when I walked in. moreover the way you questioned me was a bit unusual. Is there anything you are not telling me about the girl?, do you really feel I’m behind her disappearance?’’ she asked, looking into my eyes. I quickly looked down not knowing what to say. Yes she had to motive to get rid of Isadora but what I doubted was if she could go such lengths to do it. Nevertheless I couldn’t tell her what I felt. Perhaps because I didn’t want any more fights or maybe because I was just being a gentleman.

‘’don’t worry about Isadora. I have this gut feeling she’s still alive. She will be back to tell her story and so for now, let’s talk about you. Mum told me you are pregnant and I’m sure we were always careful. So how come?, secondly why tell her first instead of me?’’ I asked with a smile. She rolled her eyes and shrugged.

‘’how do I know or tell if all the time you were doing it that none of your condoms broke or leaked huh?, moreover I remember we did it without protection sometime back even though you didn’t release inside me but I can’t tell. You are the one supposed to be answering this question, not me. We planned having kids after wedlock and not before wedlock’’ she quickly replied. I drew back and smiled. Her blunt reply really made me withdraw in resignation.

‘’so I guess I will have to meet your parents tomorrow to formally start up the traditional marriage rites. Afterwards we can arrange a quick church wedding” I suggested. She stared into my eyes and smiled deeply.

‘’my love don’t be too much in a hurry. I will talk to my family tomorrow and then get back to you on how to proceed. You are the most wonderful man in the world’’ she poured out with openness, melting my heart with her words. For that moment I forgot everything about Isadora. It was just me and her.

Without another word she leaned on me, whispering into my ear.
‘’make love to me sweety’’ she demanded, making me feel like a man.


Jane’s side of the story continues

Yes I really was pleased that after the little setback I had with Isadora that things were still under my control. I had Val in my hands. I had him under control once again and loved every bit of it. He and his mum totally bought my pregnancy story because of the few tears I shed. Of course i slept like a baby after making up with Val and early the next morning headed home to meet my family.


My mum and dad were very excited to learn that finally Val was ready to do the right thing and I was told to inform him to come any day to begin the process. Afterwards we began discussing Isadora’s issue.

‘’it’s really quite unfortunate that the hit man you recommended wasn’t good at his job and failed us. Nevertheless we have to comb the entire village and snuff the girl out. She can’t be far from that forest.
We can’t just sit and wait for her to come back for us. That is outrageous’’ dad suggested while I shrugged.

‘’’dad you have the resources and men to do the job, why not leave it for them to handle. I believe they will be much more efficient. You know we opted for my man because we wanted a low scale job but now things have blown up and if you really want the girl to be tracked down you have to use your men, or we stay back and wait for her to return’’ I breathed with a smile while my mum nodded in support.

‘’you guys very much know that I hate using my men for family issues. Anyway they will do the job but I’m also willing to give your man another chance since he’s the only one that knows where he lost the girl. He can lead my men to the village. I believe whoever shot him that fateful day is still harboring the girl or knows her whereabouts. We have to do this quick. We have to comb the entire village and get rid of the dam.n girl’’ dad breathed outrageously while I smiled. There wasn’t any doubt he badly needed Isadora to disappear. I couldn’t help but smile as I pictured him and his fat a.ss in prison.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

Same morning,

‘’how about your family, how come you live alone here?’’ I asked the good old hunter as we had breakfast together. He smiled, reached for a slice of white yam, dipped it inside red oil, took a bite and looked at me.

‘’my family is in Enugu city. I left the city because of what happened nineteen years ago. Don’t worry in due time you will know my story. Fate brought you to me you know. Maybe you appeared in my life for me to make things right’’ he replied while I smiled and continued with the meal.
No matter that his house lacked everything needed in a good home, I felt hundred percent at peace living there. But then the previous night, I had a very strange dream. In the dream, Jane, her mother, the man that tried to kill me days back and another strange man was at the house. They had the good old hunter tied up before forcefully taking me out of the house. However the surprising thing was that Jane’s mum and the other strange man recognized the hunter. It wasn’t a long dream and i woke up before it could go any further.

It was a dream I found hard to interpret. I equally couldn’t tell the hunter about it. And yes I know I dream a lot.

‘’why is your face suddenly pale?, what’s wrong?’’ I soon heard him ask with concern. I shook my head and breathed deeply.

‘’we have to leave this place. They are coming for us’’ was all I could mutter as if i was seeing the future.. I kind of felt as if my presence was going to bring nothing but evil and misfortune to the good old man.

To be continued

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