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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 15

Jane’s side of the story continues from the previous episode
Next morning,

@ Charles’s room

I woke up with a jolt, stared at the clock and froze with fear. The time was almost 8am and I never planned staying up to that time in Charles’s house. I checked my phone and saw about ten missed calls from Val. I needed no telling that I was in a bit of trouble. I knew he would call my mum after failing to reach me. I sighed, dressed up and headed to the bathroom to rinse my mouth.

‘’babe don’t tell me you are leaving already?’’ I heard Charles lazily ask from the bed. I shook my head and breathed deeply as the problems that awaited me flowed back in my head. The only way out now was working out a speedy marriage with Val. I had to get married to him before the silly Isadora returns. I had this gut feeling that her coming back would expose a whole lot of things and just like Charles advised I had to start thinking about my future and leave my family’s problem.
‘’I have to go now and carry on with the pregnancy plan. I have to find a way to tell Val or his mum about it but the fear I’m having is that I’m not pregnant and Val might decide not to touch me again if I break the news. How then do I continue with the lie?’’ I softly asked as I came out of the toilet.

‘’come on babe you can’t be asking such question when you have me here. I can help you get pregnant if that’s your only worry. Moreover it’s good you have my baby than his because it won’t make sense having that b.astard’s son since we are getting rid of him and his mum in the end. The best is to have my baby for him and after we get rid of him in the end, everything comes back to how it’s supposed to be’’ he replied, licking his lips while I grabbed my handbag and shook my head.

‘’you are so despicable. Jeez’’ I breathed, eyed him and headed out.


I arrived home about thirty minutes later to see an angry Val and his mum waiting for me. Of course I was expecting that but really wasn’t prepared on how to face them.

‘’where went you Jane and why haven’t you been picking your calls?’’ Val angrily asked, drawing close to me as if he intended hitting me while I studied him with my eyes. He was well dressed as if he was about leaving the house and to be sincere I really didn’t know the act to put up before him and his mother.

‘’I told you my friend had an accident and that I will be spending the night out. So what’s the fuss all about?’’ I replied, throwing a quick look at his mum.

‘’good morning ma’’ I greeted her with a smile.

‘’where is Isadora?’’ he asked with a loud tone.

‘’Isadora?, why would you ask me about her?, the last time I saw the girl was yesterday when I sent her to get some provisions for me’’ I replied innocently but Val failed to buy my response. He instantly pounced on me like a terrified bull, shocking me immensely with his action.

‘’where the hell is Isadora? What did you do with her?’’ he asked as if he had something against me, pushing me hard on the sofa and almost choking me to death. I weakly struggled as his mum came to my rescue, pulling him away.

‘’Val what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?’’ she screamed at him, but instead of answering, he stormed out of the house and drove out, leaving his mum and I all alone. I heaved a sigh of relief.

‘’is there anything you guys are not telling me?, I’m now like a stranger in my own house. What’s happening?’’ the old woman curiously asked me but instead of replying I broke down in tears, melting her heart. She drew close and held me.

‘’mum, I don’t know why Val is behaving this strangely all of a sudden and I’m pregnant. I’m carrying his baby. It’s looks as if he’s no longer interested in me again’’ I cried.

You see the tear of a woman is a very strong weapon. A very good mechanism used when out of options. It works wonders in every situation. In a matter of seconds Val’s mum was on my side, begging me to relax and calm down.

Deep down I knew I had things under control once again.


Val’s side of the story continues

I headed straight to the police station to file a missing person’s report after the little brawl I had with Jane. It really was my first time of being aggressive on her and I hated myself for it. I really didn’t know what pushed me into reacting in such manner but then she equally deserved what she got. I felt she knew something about Isadora’s disappearance.

I kind of found it hard to believe that everything happening were merely coincidence. First Jane sends Isadora on an errand, and then leaves the house to spend the night out. Her mother confirmed when I called that she never showed up at the house and then Isadora fails to return home. I needed no telling that something bad had happened to the defenseless girl. Deep down I felt I could have done more to protect her. I never even cared to provide a good phone for her, nor show more concern after the report she made about Jane. But then it equally looked very strange that Jane would go such lengths to get rid of her just to save our relationship.

I just was confused on what to believe.


I spent close to thirty minutes at the police station, making my entries and answering the little questions I knew. I really knew nothing much about Isadora and the little answers I gave wasn’t really enough for the police. Moreover the only picture I saw in her bag was a very old picture taken years ago with her adoptive family. Nevertheless the police assured me they would do their best in tracking her down.

I returned home about an hour later, very dejected and tired. Mum walked into my room as soon as she noticed my presence. The look on her face showed she was far from happy with me.

‘’my son I know you are not happy about the missing girl but I strongly believe she will be back. You don’t need to worry much. Secondly the way you pounced on your fiancée doesn’t speak well of your manners. I was very much disappointed seeing you act on her the way you did. Moreover she’s pregnant for you and you have to start planning your wedding before the month runs out. You have to take responsibility my dear. I can’t wait to have my grandson’’ she breathed, shocking me with the revelation. I was so speechless.

Meanwhile Jane is seen smiling with satisfaction in her room. Her plan b was going perfectly well and she knew the tears she shed before Val’s mother would make the old lady do the rest of the job for her

To be continued

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