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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 14

Jane’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

I waited nervously all morning for Charles’s call and when it eventually came, it was nothing but sad news. I couldn’t believe he was so incapable. I couldn’t believe he was unable to get rid of Isadora, a simple job a teenager could even pull off. Yes of course his call totally enraged me.

‘’I’m hurt Jane, I’m bleeding right here. Wait for me at my apartment while I go stitch up myself’’ the silly idiot breathed and hung up, leaving me boiling with great anger as I wondered what else to do concerning Isadora. I had the feeling the poor girl would be too terrified to return to the house, thus making everything much more complicated. I hurriedly dressed up and rushed out of the house, running into Val at the car park.

‘’where are you going to in such a hurry?’’ he asked suspiciously.

‘’my friend just had an accident; I’m going to see her at UNTH. I will be heading over to my family’s house afterwards’’ I quickly answered, pecked him and jumped into my car. I was nervous as ever. I needed to know exactly how Charles carried out the operation, every single detail.


I barely spent up to an hour in Charles’s house when he showed up with a bottle of hot drink in his right hand. I really felt like slapping him there and then but managed to control my temper.

‘’baby I’m sorry to say this but I think it’s time you stop thinking about saving your family but saving your own as.s. That girl really seems to have a guardian angel following her around. I was about putting two bullets in her skull when a shot from nowhere took me unawares. I had to abandon her there and run. I had no choice. I was all alone’’ he narrated, pulling off his shirt and revealing a bandaged arm.

‘’my arm was grazed by pellets. I was a lucky the shot was from a local gun’’ he added as he sipped his drink. I eyed him, not exactly knowing what to say.

‘’the she devil even saw my face, I will be staying low for a while but you have to work on your own side and get married to your Val before the whole thing blows up. The whole truth will come out sooner or later and the best leverage you have is getting married as soon as possible. At least we can take out Val and his mum and have enough money to start a new life’’ he breathed softly.

‘’and then what happens to my family huh?’’ I asked angrily.

‘’my dear you have to stop worrying about them, moreover you can even help them with your money, that is if you succeed with the marriage. You need to work on getting married as soon as possible’’’ he replied, drawing close to sit beside me. I quickly stood up but he grabbed me with his other good hand.

‘’my love you know the last thing I would ever want is you being with that bastar.d but I got no choice. You have to marry him. I can endure the pain and derive unending satisfaction in getting rid of him afterwards’’ he muttered, kissing me. I instantly avoided his kiss.

‘’you couldn’t kill a naïve small girl. Now you are talking about taking out a full grown man, come on’’ I hissed with disdain.

‘’just try and get married as soon as possible. That’s the only leverage you have now. You can tell him you are pregnant to fasten up everything’’ he advised while I stared at him suspiciously.

‘’I have this feeling you are using me. You are not in love with me but in love with the money?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’come on sweety, you know me very well. We lost Isadora, don’t let Val equally slip through or else your whole family and I might end up in jail. We are already too deep into this to back out’’ he breathed.

‘’how about you getting some guys and going back to the forest?’’ I asked as an afterthought.

‘’jeez, the whole place will be swarming with police by now. That will be a suicide mission. Even a mad person would know that we might come back to finish the job and of course will be ready for us. For now forget about Isadora even if she returns to the house. You equally need to ask your family to prepare for the worst just in case’’ he replied, slowly unbuttoning my top.

‘’you are spending the night with me sweety and I won’t take no for an answer’’ he breathed as he slowly fondled me.

I really was far from happy with Charles. He totally failed me and I couldn’t help but notice that all he cared for was me getting married to Val. I knew I now had no choice than to hand over isadora’s issue to my mum. I couldn’t get rid of the girl, maybe she could.


Val’s side of the story continues
5:45pm, same day

I was about editing some episodes of my new book when my mum and Martha walked into my library looking very scared. I looked up at them with great curiosity.

‘’what’s going on?’’ I asked.

‘’Isadora is yet to return to house. Madam Jane sent her on an errand in the morning and till now she hasn’t returned’’ Martha nervously explained while I stared at the two women with disbelief. Slowly all Isadora told me about her fears concerning Jane flew back to my head.

‘’what do we do?, should we go to the police?, we don’t even know her family’’ my mum cried. I slowly reached for my phone and dialed Jane’s number but she didn’t answer. I called her seven times but she failed to pick up.

Meanwhile at the outskirts of the town, Isadora is seen shivering beside a campfire as the hunter who saved her life hours ago roasted a young Antelope.

‘’my dear I heard all the young man said before trying to kill you. I was so close that I could easily have shot him to death but I’m not a murderer but a poor hunter, moreover I’m still battling my conscience over the mistake I made about nineteen years ago, that led to the death of two people I cared for. So for now you are not going back to city. You already know you have enemies in town and I’m willing to assist you in every possible way to get your life back’’ the poor hunter promised while tears dropped from Isadora’s eyes. Of course she looked very traumatized and confused. Who wouldn’t be?

To be continued

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