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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 13

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’tell me who do you suspect. Be free with me’’ I asked the terrified girl who wiped her eyes and stared at me with hesitation.

‘’at first i suspected it was Martha but I changed my mind after she begged your mum on my behalf. She’s the reason I’m still here. She stood by me and now I suspect no other person than your fiancée Jane. She’s the one that reported the stolen items to your mum and she equally has access to every part of the house. She’s been nice to me though but I believe it was just to cover up her true feelings because she has caught us together many times and perhaps wants to get rid of me in order to protect you. Forgive me for speaking so freely’’ she breathed while I drew back a little as I slowly recollected how angry Jane was when she reported the issue of the stolen items to me. Isadora’s theory made a bit of sense but I still had my reservations nevertheless.

‘’you can go now’’ I managed to stammer as I wondered if it was good questioning Jane about it or not. I however ended up not questioning Jane and simply allowed the matter to die because I felt it was for Isadora’s best interest. Questioning Jane who could end up making things worse for her.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

I really was glad Val showed signs of believing me. He never questioned me further and instead asked me to leave the room. I knew reporting his fiancée wasn’t really a cool thing to do but I had no choice. Moreover she was the only other person that really would have wanted me to leave the house perhaps due to my closeness with him.

The rest of the weekend sped by without issues. Jane on her own part kept her distance even though she appeared nice whenever we ran into each other, making me a bit doubtful if she actually was the one that set me up or not. Due to that I was extremely careful with everything I did in the house and tried my best to avoid mistakes. I equally made up my mind to ask for Val’s help in tracking down my real family and everything about me. My adoptive parents never cared to help me and I believed with Val’s help I could make a breakthrough. I made up my mind to seek his help.

But unfortunately for me as I left the house on Thursday morning to get some provisions down the street on Jane’s request, a car slowly stopped in front of me. And as I drew close, the driver got out of the car and smiled at me, like a young man waiting to woo a girl. Actually that was what I felt he wanted to do and so didn’t give him much of a look but as soon as I tried to walk past him, he grabbed me from behind and blocked my nose and mouth with his hand, making me sniff something that left me totally unconscious.

I woke up minutes later to find myself inside a car trunk. I couldn’t believe it was all happening. I couldn’t believe I could be abducted in broad daylight in such neighborhood no matter how lonely it was. I prayed. I cried. I begged God to help me.

After what seemed like an eternity. The car trunk was thrown open and the same young man stood before me smiling evilly.

‘’oh dear, I just wish I had enough time to enjoy your body before taking you to the afterlife. Please don’t take it out on me but you should have remained in the village instead of coming to this city. See what it got you? A prize on your head’’ he muttered and laughed while I tried to talk but couldn’t because my mouth was firmly tied with a piece of cloth. I needed no one to tell me my fate. I couldn’t help but notice that we were in a forest. I knew no one would miss me and it kind of brought more tears in my eyes.
Slowly the young man carried me into the vast forest, walking deep inside. There wasn’t any way anyone would think of searching for me in such a place. And for the fact that he allowed me to see his face, I knew nothing would stop him from killing me.

After walking for what seemed like an eternity, he threw me down, pulled out a pistol from his pocket and loaded two bullets into it.

‘’I’m sorry that you have to die this way but I think its better you leave this world now than to continue suffering. I’m doing you a big favor’’ he breathed, smiled and pulled the safety while I closed my eyes.

‘’kpoooaa’’ a single rang out. My heart froze as I urinated on myself but then I felt no pain. I felt nothing. I opened my eyes to see the young man on the ground. His left hand was bleeding. I couldn’t help but wonder what happened as he quickly staggered up, looked around fearfully and fired two shots into the forest before disappearing and leaving me behind as if he saw a ghost.

For some minutes I couldn’t understand what was going on until an old hunter appeared with a smile of satisfaction on his face. He was holding an old Dane gun on his right hand.

‘’young lady I just saved your life’’ he breathed softly while I closed my eyes and thanked God, including the Blessed Virgin Mary.


‘’ meanwhile just a distance away, Charles is seen speaking with Jane on phone. He appeared badly hurt ‘’I just failed. Someone shot me’’ he is heard panting,.

‘’what do you mean someone shot you?, are you really so incapable?’’ Jane is heard screaming with disbelief. She needed no one to tell her that it could be her last attempt on Isadora’s life

To be continued

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