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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 11

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’who the hell is Charles?’’ I asked with a slightly raised voice as I stared at Isadora with great disbelief. Of course she appeared shocked to see me and I equally couldn’t believe she left me at the room to make a mystery phone call to Charles. I thought she was hundred percent faithful to me. My head couldn’t help but come up with lots of silly explanations. Of course I was busy with my work when she left the room but it never stopped me from noticing how hurriedly she left and after waiting few minutes for her to return went out in search of her, Only to find her screaming Charles on top of her voice.

( I didn’t catch up with her on time to get details of her conversation with the guy but I was on time to hear her scream the name “Charles”)

‘’like seriously Val?’’ she breathed,

‘’alright Charles is my boyfriend. 
Are you happy now?’’ she added, sighed and headed back to the room while I quickly followed her. There was this way she gave her reply that made it look as if I questioned her wrongly. Attitude girls are good at displaying.

‘’so tell me who is Charles and why did you have to go outside to make your call?’’ I asked again as soon as we got back to the room.

‘’I never knew you are the jealous and monitoring type val. Charles is my boyfriend nau’’ she playfully answered, fell on the bed and watched me, smiling broadly.

‘’stop playing with me. Just tell me the truth’’ I demanded strongly. Of course with the way she replying, I felt Charles wasn’t really who I earlier thought he was.

‘’you men are something else. I left the room to make my calls in order not to disturb your work and what I get in return is suspicion. I thought you trust me?. Alright Charles is my mother’s mechanic. He was supposed to pick up my car today for servicing but he failed to. I was angry when I called him because your mum made me angry. I spoke to her first’’ she slowly narrated while I sat on the bed and stared at her curiously.

‘’how did my mum make you angry?’’ I asked

‘’I discovered that some of my jewelries were missing when we got here hours ago. I reported the issue to her. She took it up and discovered that the new girl stole them including some of hers. I demanded she throw the thief out but she refused, saying she already gave her a second chance which got me pissed. I can’t share the house with a thief’’ she narrated, leaving me totally stunned with the story. I painfully stood up and headed towards the window to look out. I couldn’t believe Isadora was a thief. The poor innocent looking girl I had feelings for. It really broke my heart very much that I couldn’t even concentrate on anything else that day.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

I had a very sleepless night as I wondered who was really behind the set up or should I say theft that left me totally embarrassed. I knew even though I was given a second chance that I would still be seen as a thief. I thought about Val and tears instantly appeared in my eyes. I knew the story would eventually get to him and I couldn’t imagine how he would feel or relate to me afterwards. My heart really was broken. It pains to be wrongly accused.

Early the next morning, I went to Val’s bedroom to clean it up. I started from the wardrobe where some of Jane’s bags were kept. The lady really brought in lots of her belongings to the house, occupying two rooms even though she was yet to get married to Val, something that left me stunned. As I slowly took out the bags to clean the wardrobe, an old picture fell out of one Jane’s bags, gaining my attention. I quickly took the picture and stared at it with interest. It was a family picture taken about twenty or more years ago because Jane was barely standing on her feet. However something else caught my curiosity and it was the second couple in the picture, standing beside Jane’s parents. The man looked a bit like Jane’s father and his wife wore an old school pendant that looked exactly like the one I had with me. The pendant I was told was for ‘good luck’ which my mum wore on my neck before her untimely death. I was told perhaps it was the pendant that saved my life.
( I always had the pendant with me but no longer wore it because it was kind of big and very old school like).

Yes I wasn’t supposed to have any ideas because of the pendant I saw on the woman’s neck because they really could be gotten anywhere in those days and probably the woman was having difficulty having kids like my mother and had to wear it. But then no matter how hard I tried to discard the faces in the picture, I found myself thinking about them over and over. I had this great urge to keep the picture but the fear of being called a thief again, held me from taking it.

I badly needed to know who my biological parents were and how they looked like.

To be continued

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