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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 10

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

I quickly fell on my knees as tears poured down freely from my eyes. I knew there wasn’t any explanation that could change my situation. The whole thing appeared as a great shock to me.
‘’please mummy I can’t tell how the Jewelries got to my bag. I’m innocent, please believe me’’ I begged with great energy, annoying Val’s mum further with my weak defense.

‘’like seriously, this is all you have to say huh?. You are so shameless. I never knew I brought in a thief into my house. Gosh’’ the old woman breathed with disgust.

‘’please believe me’’ I stammered.
‘’shut up!, pack your things and leave this minute’’ she quickly barked, drawing out a big wail of despair from me. ‘’Where do I go to?, where do I turn to?’’ I wondered with a wounded heart, a wounded spirit. Surprisingly Martha knelt beside me.

‘’please mummy I’m equally surprised but I doubt if it was really Isadora that took the jewelries. It’s so strange. She just got to this town and this house. I don’t have any explanation for this but don’t throw her out like that. I beg of you’’ she quickly begged on my behalf, getting me more confused because I really thought she was behind it all.
‘’just listen to yourself Martha?. Who then is behind the theft? Don’t tell me it’s an evil spirit’’ the old woman screamed, shaking her head.

‘’I want you to leave my house right now Isadora. I can’t accommodate a thief here’’ she added and walked away furiously, leaving Martha and I all alone.
‘’what came over you Isadora?, stealing can’t solve your financial situation. See what you have done to yourself’’ Martha asked with concern, drawing closer to hold me.

‘’believe me Martha I didn’t steal anything. I don’t know how they got to my bag. I don’t know a single thing about jewelries. Who will i even sell them to? I don’t know anyone in this town. I know I sound weird but it’s the truth. Anyway I better leave and head back to the streets where I belong’’ 
I breathed with great pain.

‘’let me go and talk to madam. I will strongly beg her on your behalf and take responsibility. I can’t allow you to leave like that’’ she surprisingly assured me, smiled and headed to the sitting room while I slowly packed up my things.

Ten minutes later, 

I slowly headed to the sitting room with my bag and a broken spirit. Yes I was totally at lost. I really didn’t know what to make of my poor life anymore. No matter how hard I tried I always ended up badly. I felt like committing suicide.

On getting to the sitting room, I saw Val’s mum and Martha together. I swallowed hard and breathed deeply. I felt so ashamed of the situation I found myself.
‘’I’m leaving ma but I still swear that I didn’t steal your things. I know it sounds weird, even to me’’
 I stammered, bit my lips and headed towards the main door.

‘’wait’’ I suddenly heard the old woman mutter, stopping me with her command. I seized my breath as my heart froze.

‘’you can stay. Martha seriously interceded for you and from now onwards she will watch you closely and take responsibility for anything that happens afterwards’’ she softly added, giving me great hope.

‘’I believe in second chances and I just gave you one. Don’t ruin it’’ she breathed while I quickly rushed to her, kneeling by her side.

‘’thank you ma. You are truly a mother’’ I breathed with all my energy while Martha stared at me with tears in her eyes. I needed no telling I had found a sister in her. I equally owed the poor girl an apology for thinking she was behind my predicament but then if she wasn’t who then tried to set me up?


Jane’s side of the story continues

I waited for two hours after my first report to Val’s mum before calling her back to know the situation of things. I left Val all alone in the room and headed all the way down to the Lobby to make the phone call.

‘’yes I found your missing Jewries and equally some of mine in the new girl’s bag. I still find it hard to believe that such a lovely innocent looking girl is a thief’’ the old woman said to me while I breathed with great satisfaction.
‘’have you thrown the thief out of the house?’’ I asked curiously, trying hard to hide my excitement.

‘’ I initially asked her out the house but later changed my mind. She’s staying. I gave her a second chance’’ she replied, stunning me with her reply. I couldn’t believe it. I strongly felt like scolding her.

‘’but why?, it’s not cool at all. You have to kick her out mummy. Kick her out immediately’’ I screamed.

‘’I’m sorry but I can’t go back on my word. She’s staying’’ she concluded and ended the call, leaving me fuming with great anger.

‘’silly old woman’’ I barked and dialed Charles’s number. Of course the old woman’s decision ruined everything.

‘’Change of plan Charles. This time I want the girl kidnapped from the house’’ I ordered without thinking.

‘’calm down baby, calm down. What’s wrong?’’ Charles asked in his usual unserious manner.

‘’’I need the girl kidnapped as soon as possible Charles. Do you hear me Charles?’’ I screamed over the phone but before he could acknowledge my request, I felt someone’s presence behind me.

‘’who is Charles?’’ I heard Val’s voice from behind, leaving me cold with fright and rage at the same time. I couldn’t believe he tracked me down to the hotel lobby. I bit my lips as I turned to face him, praying he didn’t hear much.

‘’I asked who the hell is Charles?’’ he demanded once again as we stared at each other.

To be continued

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