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Godmother-Episode 7

Tope sighed again. When he was going to work, he planned
how he would go about doing his second ‘test.’ He knew
some joints between his house and Ogba bus stop where
there commercial sex workers. He would have to visit only
one joint and moved to another one the following day as
he must not sleep twice with a particular woman.

He bought a dozen of white handkerchiefs. He would be
picking them one by one and would keep the ones he had
used in a separate place. By seven in the evening, he
went to the closest one to his dark. When he got to the
bar, the place was already brimming with customers who
were coming in to enjoy the evening session.

He ordered for drinks of malt. He wasn’t taking alcohol
and it was a little bit odd that he was the only man not
drinking strong stuff at that very time. He could see some
of the sex workers hovering around. Many were in skimpy
dresses and they tried to woo customers with their
coquettish looks. He beckoned at a slim but busty one. She
eagerly moved to his side.

‘Good evening,’ he greeted.

‘Good evening, lover boy,’ she answered.

He looked her all over. She was pretty, slim, but busty.

Yes, he would start with this lady.

‘How much d’you charge?’ he asked her.

‘It depend o, on what you want. Whether na short time,
or till day break. Whether we go do am here or you wan
carry me to your place.

Whether na quick sex or you want romance. Whether na
Mouth Gig or direct.’

There was no need he wasted time. ‘I want quick sex,’ he

She told him how much it would cost. He agreed without

‘Let’s go,’ she said eagerly.

He finished the last of his drink and followed her through
a dimly light passage to an equally dim room. There was a
small bed in the room, but they would not be using it.

She stretched her right hand towards him. ‘Oga, where my

He understood it was pay before service. From his side
pocket, he brought out his purse and counted the amount
she had asked for.

‘Good,’ she said. ‘You be correct guy.’

She unzipped his trousers and held his d--k. It responded
immediately. She smiled at him, unzipped her short skirt
and pulled it down.

She turned her back to him and spread her legs. Her bum
rubbed against his p---k. He held her waist from behind
and inserted his organ into her waiting p---y. He was
surprised he was enjoying the act. His hands moved from
her waist to her bum and back to her waist as he b@nged
her. Within five minutes, it was all over. He quickly
withdrew his organ as soon as he climaxed.

He asked for the toilet and went there. Then carefully,

he brought the handkerchief from his back pocket and
wiped his J0yst!ck. He folded the handkerchief and put it
back at the rear pocket. He smiled to himself at the
success of day one of his test.
Andy, Calista’s brother, who just came from Canada,
came to the hospital where his sister worked to see the
place. But beyond knowing where Calista worked, Andy
was there to see the beautiful nurse his sister had talked
about. Calista and Rita worked in the same hospital and
had told Rita how her brother would wish to take Rita to
Canada as his wife. Andy was approaching forty and one
of his reasons for visiting Nigeria was to pick a wife. His
sister had told him about a junior nurse in her working
place. He was told that Rita was cool, reserved and
decent, and would be a good wife.

When Calista first approached Rita and tried to watch-
make between her brother and the junior colleague, Rita
was unimpressive.

‘He is ready to take you to Canada ASAP,’ Calista had

Rita remained unimpressive. Today, Andy himself came
around to see the unwilling Rita and to see how he could
woo her. He told his sister to call Rita as he would love to
have a chat with her. Rita went to meet him just to fulfill
righteousness. As soon as he saw her, he was convincingly
desirous of getting her as his own.

‘I don’t understand your unwillingness to accept me,’

Andy told Rita. ‘I’m very serious about marrying you and
taking you to Canada to be with me. I’m ready to see your
people now so that we can start formalizing the plan. I
really want to marry you.’

Rita sighed. ‘There’s nothing you have said which Nurse
Calista has not said. Just like I told her, I’m not
interested in marriage.’

Andy was confounded. ‘But how could you say you were
not interested in marriage. You’re not too young to
marry, are you?’

‘No, I’m not.’

‘So, why’re you saying you’re not interested? See, I’m
really serious about what I’m telling you. Let me show you
how serious I am.’ He removed his purse from his pocket,

opened it and counted out two hundred dollars. ‘Take
this and buy something. The moment you say yes to my
proposition, I will surprise you with many good things.’

Rita was reluctant to take the money from him. ‘Taking it
does not guarantee anything,’ she said.

‘Just take it,’ Andy urged.
She took the money. ‘Alright, I’ll think over your

‘Ah, thank you. I’ll be glad if your answer is positive.’

Andy was all smiles. ‘Er, can I have your number?’

Rita gave it to him. He was glad and hopeful the dollars would do wonders and make her change her mind.

Doctor Sam passed the corridor where Andy was chatting
Rita up. He eyed her and moved on. Since the incident
some days ago when he had experienced temporary
partial paralysis, Sam had been keeping Rita at arm’s
length. The worse thing was he could not tell anybody
what he had experienced. He had the belief that nobody
would believe him.

Rita collected the money from Andy just for the sake of
collecting it. She knew what her mission was and it never
included going to Canada. If Andy liked, let him give her
one million dollars, that would not change Rita’s mind.

For the next days, Tope moved from one brothel to
another, meeting one sex worker or the other. He decided
he might as well make the best out of the situation he found himself. To this extent, he picked different
partners – the short, the slim, the fat, the tall and so on – for his pleasure.

On the seventh day, he decided to go to Ikeja. The joint
was close to Isheri. Far from where he lived. As usual, he
ordered for malt drinks while he observed the activities
going on in the bar. The music of Fela Anikulapo titled
‘Lady’ was playing loudly. He swayed his body gently to
the music. A middle-aged man with a grin approached.

To be continued

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