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Godmother-Episode 5

‘What?!’ he exclaimed. ‘How? How did this get into the pocket of my coat?’

He soon came out, holding a bundle of new five hundred naira notes. ‘How did this get there?’
She smiled. ‘I told you.’

‘But how? How did you do it?’ He felt the money again and counted it. It was exactly fifty thousand naira. He stared at her in amazement. ‘Are you a magician?’

‘I’m not. Let’s just say this is one of the things I can do.

And this is a tip of the iceberg.’

He stared at her and shook his head again. Then, he stared at the money. ‘This is amazing.’

‘Now, let’s go back to what we were discussing. I said I can
help you to achieve fame and wealth,’

‘Yes, yes, you said so.’ He was now apparently interested.
‘Now, I believe you.’

She smiled and nodded at him. ‘There are three tests you must pass. Then, you’ll be on.’

‘Tests? What’re the tests?’

‘I won’t tell you the three at a time. It will be one after the other.’

Tope nodded. ‘That should not be a problem. Tell me,

what is the first test?’

She smiled at his eagerness. It was just what she wanted.

‘Tell me,’ he urged. ‘Tell me the first test.’

‘Alright. The first test is that you and I will sleep
together on the same bed for three nights.’

He stared at her. Then his face lit up in excitement.
‘That’s a good test. Let’s start right away.’

She raised a finger to caution him. ‘Wait, I’ve not finished. During those three nights, no matter what happens, we must not make love. No sex.’

He looked shocked. ‘Three nights on the same bed with a lady and there must be no sex?’ he asked incredulously.

‘Yes. Three nights on the same bed with a lady and there must be no sex. That is the first test.’

He thought over what she had said. That should not be a problem, should it? The sex would come later. No problem.
‘Count me in,’ he said.

She looked at him seriously. ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah, I’m sure, Rita. Very sure. Count me in. Let’s start
it today.’

‘We can’t start today, I told my aunty I was off duty today. We can start tomorrow.’

He nodded vigorously. ‘Yes, tomorrow is okay.

We can
start tomorrow.’

‘From tomorrow, I’ll be sleeping here in this mini-flat with you. Or do you have an alternative place?’

‘No, here is perfect. Wow, it will be wonderful; to share my bed with a beautiful and wonderful person like you,

even without sex for now.’ Then
he looked at her keenly ‘What about today? Can’t I prove my love for you today by making love to you?’

She smiled again and shook her head. ‘No. No sex with you
until after you’ve passed the three tests.’

He nodded avidly. ‘I hereby totally agree.’

‘So, what can you offer me?’

He held the money he had seen in his pocket dearly.

‘Anything you want my princess. Then, what about this
money? Let’s share it 50-50.’
She smiled warmly. ‘No. there’s no need for that. But you
can buy anything you desire for me.’

‘Oh, I’ll surely do that. What about food? What will you

‘Anything you offer me.’

‘Okay.’ He decided to go to a small eatery not far from
where he lived to buy a take-away pack of fried rice,

salad and chicken.

She was all smiles when he served her the food. Rita had no doubt that the relationship would be a ‘fruitful one.’

On Sunday evening, Tope was prepared to host his august visitor. 
He had bought some foodstuffs including rice, beans, garri and plantain. For the next three days or so that Rita would be staying with him, he wanted her to be
given the best he could offer. He had no doubt that a special lady like Rita deserved special treatment.

Rita came to the house by seven in the evening and he was very glad to receive her.

‘My darling, it’s good to see you,’ he said.

‘It’s good to be here too,’ she replied.

They sat in the sitting-room and chatted. Later, he took her to the kitchen where she prepared white rice and fried plantain. They ate together
and conversed as if they had known each other for ages.

She seemed to be completely at ease being with him and he cherished her presence

Later, they retired to his bedroom. His first ‘test’ had
started in earnest. She completely removed her clothes in his presence, unabashed and
unmindful. It was part of the test, his mind told him.

She lay on the bed Unclad and he became concerned.

‘Well, are you not going to wear something?’ he asked,

trying to avoid staring at her Unclad body. ‘Something
like a night-wear, or something?’

‘No. I’ll rather sleep like this.’

His mind was unsettled. That would make the whole thing
to be more difficult. Already he had been fighting an erection. He switched off the
light, but the realization that the lady beside him was Unclad made the erection refuse to go away.
‘Tell me about your childhood,’ she said.

He told her, but it was with effort. ‘Look, can you please,
wear something?’ he pleaded.
‘Sorry, for the purpose of the test, I must not wear

In the semi-dark room, he could clearly see her outline.

She was no doubt beautiful, like a goddess. She must be a
goddess, he thought. To
compound his situation, her b-----s were very firm; very
firm and enticing. He felt like grabbing them and running
his mouth on the n-----s. It

was such a big effort for him to restrain himself.

To be continued

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