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Godmother-Episode 3

Sam stood from his seat and sat on the table, close to her
legs. He looked at those legs and could not but admire
them. His right hand went to her left lap. Instinctively,
Rita winced and drew her lap away.

‘Give me just one chance. Just once,’ he pleaded.

‘No. Go to your wife.’

‘Don’t bring her to this,’ he said plaintively.

‘We’re supposed to have a professional relationship, and
that’s what it will be.’

‘Look, have this.’ He dipped his hand into his pocket and
brought out a wad of naira notes.
She looked surprised. The money would be several thousands of naira.

‘I can’t accept it,’ she said.

‘I’ll give you more, later. I promise.’

‘It’s not about money,’ she said.

‘It’s about what?’

‘It’s about life and death. If you sleep with me, you’ll die.’

He looked shocked to hear that. ‘You’re trying to scare me, right? That one will not work.’

‘I’m serious,’ she replied.

He laughed. ‘Alright, even if it’s true, let me do it and die.’

‘You don’t know what you’re saying,’ she said reproachfully. ‘Are you really ready to die?’

‘For you, I’m ready to do anything. Take the money and
let’s go somewhere private.’
‘You said you’re ready to die? Alright, experience this

Suddenly, Sam’s knees buckled and he fell on the floor.

He seemed to be paralyzed from the waist down. He tried to get up but could not.

‘What’s happening to me? What the hell is happening to me?’ There was panic and consternation in his tone.

Rita stood up, took a step back and looked down on him.

‘Well, you said you’re ready to die,’ she said. ‘You’re only
dead from the waist down and you’re already panicking.

Don’t you want to die again?’

He tried to rise up again, but could not. ‘No, I don’t want to die,’ he said, shame-faced.

‘Are you going to disturb me again about sex?’

He shook his head vigorously. ‘No, I will not.’

‘Are you going to hold this against me?’

‘No, I will not.’ Sweats appeared on his brow. This was one
experience he would never forget for the rest of his life.

She moved towards the door.
‘Rita,’ he called out. He looked pathetic.

She stopped and stared briefly at him. ‘Alright, you can get up now.’

Sam was surprised his strength came back and he got to his feet.

Two days after he first called Rita, Tope called again.

‘HotNews, the newspaper I work for is along Lagos-
Ibadan expressway, but I live at Ogba,’ he said. ‘Where do
you live and where is your working place?’

Rita smiled into the mouthpiece of her phone. ‘I work and
live at Ikeja.’

‘Your place is not far from mine. When and where can we
meet? I really want to meet with you.’

‘What about Saturday? Can we meet at EatRite eatery on Allen Avenue? Do you know the place?’

‘Yes, I do. By what time?’

‘Twelve noon is okay by me.’

‘You shouldn’t have any difficulty in identifying me as you have seen my picture on Facebook. But to avoid
doubt, I will be wearing a white
t-shirt and a sky blue face cap.’

She smiled again. ‘Alright. See you, then.’

‘Okay, Rita.’

On the agreed day, Tope was at the eatery twelve minutes before noon. He picked a vantage position where he could
see the entrance/exit of
the eatery. Truly, he was wearing a white t-shirt over a
pair of jeans. He was also donning a blue face cap.

He had no doubt that she would not
fail to recognize him by the way he had dressed.

He had ordered for ice cream. When she came, he would order for real food. He found himself getting excited over his wait for Rita. What if she
failed to show up? What if she suddenly developed cold feet and refused to make appearance? He sighed to
himself. Going by the confidence
with which the lady had spoken, it was very unlikely that she would fail to come.

By ten minutes after noon, he saw a beautiful lady that looked like the one he was waiting for make entry into the
expansive hall. Instinctively,
Tope got to his feet. The lady sighted him and moved straight towards him.

‘Miss Rita? You’re welcome.’

She smiled at him. ‘If I’m not mistaken, you must be

He nodded. ‘That’s me. How are you?’

‘I’m fine.’

‘Please, sit down.’ He motioned her to the seat opposite

They sat face-to-face, and each made a quick evaluation. She should be in her
mid-twenties, while he should be in his mid-thirties. He
was quite tall and handsome while she was of average
height, slim and beautiful.

‘You’re welcome. What will you have?’ he asked.

‘Nothing for now,’ she replied.
He was surprised as she was the first lady he would meet
at an eatery and would defer eating

‘Well, let me quickly tell you about myself.’ He told her his
age, educational qualification, where he schooled, what
he studied and where he was
working. He also told her about Sade, the lady he had hoped to marry. Despite the fact that Sade had a baby girl for him, the relationship could
not manifest into a spousal one due to some
irreconcilable differences. She still had the custody of his daughter and he still supported the

up-keep of the four year old girl.

To be continued

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