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Godmother-Episode 18

She smiled. ‘What I’m saying is it’s not late for us to be
lovers again.’

He shook his head but said nothing.

‘I loved you before she did,’ she added.

He grinned again.

‘And I know inside me that you still want me.’

He raised his brow. ‘How could you tell?’

‘It’s obvious, isn’t it?’

‘I don’t think so.’

‘You don’t want a lady and you invited her to your hotel
room? Come on.’

‘Maybe, it’s just to chat.’

He sighed and added. ‘Getting intimate with you will lead
us nowhere.’

‘Maybe it will.’

‘It won’t. I’m married, Sade.’

‘I know. I’m not stopping your marriage.’

He had thought Sade was the perfect lady for him years ago.

It was love at first sight and he had tried within his limited means to satisfy her,

but financially, she was insatiable.
‘I’ve learnt my mistake and I’m ready to make amends,’ she
was saying.

He shook his head. ‘I don’t think you really want this.

The best you can get is to become a side chick.’

She smiled. ‘So what? As far as I know, there’s no law of
the land that criminalizes being a side chick.’

He chuckled. ‘Okay.’

‘And what does that mean?’

‘It means all right.’ He laughed.
‘Maybe I should have been more understanding,’ she said.
He shrugged. ‘It’s alright. We all make mistakes.’ He tried a
grin to reassure her.

‘Let me order fried chicken or turkey,’ he said.
‘You can do that later. I’m not in a hurry to leave.’

He nodded. He thought of Rita, then of Zaynab. Getting intimate with Sade would bring the number to three. For a
purported married man, was
that not too much? Inwardly, he shrugged. Rita was getting most of his affection. The fact was he was really spoiling her with so many good
things. Maybe, there was no harm in this. But he would not deceive himself. He knew that Sade’s come-back bid was
because of his rising
profile. Success had many friends.

‘You used to be such a good lover,’ she said.

‘Thanks for the compliments.’

‘It’s not a compliment. It’s what you were.’

He nodded. ‘Maybe I stopped because you did not appreciate it.’

‘Maybe,’ she agreed. ‘But as I said, I’ve learnt my lesson.’

He looked into her eyes and decided that he would play the
game with her.

‘Don’t worry, Sade. I’ll try to bring the old flame back.’


‘Yeah.’ He patted his right lap. ‘Come and sit here.’

She hesitated only briefly. He held her by the waist and briefly kissed her bust.

‘I’ve not seen those tantalizing things for a long time,’ he said.
‘Hmn, hmn.’

His left hand went to the zip of her blouse at her back and he gently moved it down. He moved the blouse over her
head. A black bra with lacy
edges encased her boobs. He rubbed the back of her neck and her back. When the hand got to the hook of the bra, it
stayed there, but he could
not unhook it with one hand, and she had to intervene.

‘Woh!’ he said when he saw the Unclad b-----s. Like a baby who desired b----t milk from the mother to quench hunger,
his mouth went on to
nibble at the n-----s.

‘I know you always liked to do that,’ she mumbled.

Slowly, he caressed them. Her hands too moved up and down his back to show that it was a mutual feeling. His left
hand must be an explorer.

It soon moved to the skirt, searched for the zip at the back
and pulled it down. Sade had to stand up for the task to be
complete. In order not
to waste time, she went on to remove her pantie. He pulled
her to his laps again. While his mouth busied itself with her
boobs, the right hand
went to her private part. The fingers became busy as they
rustled the pubic hair and excited the c------s. The place
was already wet, but even
became wetter with these luscious movements of the
‘exploring’ fingers.

He took her to the bed and got himself unclad. She held his
fully erect J0yst!ck and briefly kissed the tip. She spat her
saliva on it and rubbed it.
He needed not wonder as she usually did that. She spread
her legs and he inserted his d--k. Her tongue found a new
love with his own. Even as
they bleeped, she would not stop the deep kissing.

They changed style and he took her from behind.

‘Ohh,’ she m0aned. He knew what that meant, so he
intensified the movement. After several seconds, he withdrew his p---k just as he
climaxed. The semen spilled on her bum. He held her by the waist like the passion was just building up, but he was already exhausted. They
collapsed on the bed together.
‘Ah, my Tope is back in action,’ she exclaimed to herself.

‘My Sade is riding on again,’ he reciprocated, quite breathless.

To be continued

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