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Godmother-Episode 15

He gave her a slight bow and stepped out of the sitting-
room. Back in his apartment, he stripped himself to singlet
and boxer. He flicked the television to an international
news channel and sat down to watch. Many minutes later,
his doorbell sounded. Now, who could that be? He
wondered. He went to the door to open it and was
surprised to find Ms. Terver there.
‘Ms. Terver?’ he was apparently surprised. She stood there
in her purple, satin night wear.
‘I thought maybe you need company,’ she said, smiling.

He smiled back. ‘Sure, I do. Please come in.’
She came inside slowly in measured steps. She sat on the
blue sofa while he sat opposite her.
‘What can I offer you?’ he asked, out of nothing to say.
She smiled, but said nothing. She was obviously goading
him to make the move, but he was hesitant. What if she
was just teasing him? What if
she reacted in a hostile way?
‘It’s not easy for a woman to live without a man,’ she said.
He agreed. ‘It’s not easy for a man too to live without a
She had given him the lead. He went to her sofa and sat
close to her. Tentatively, he raised his right hand and
encircled her shoulders. She
closed her eyes. He drew closer and put his lips on hers.

She was expecting that. Her response showed that she
wanted the gesture. As a
matter of fact, that was an understatement. She actually
craved for the gesture. They kissed ravenously. His hands
went to the satin top and
lifted it. The braless boobs were big with puffy n-----s. He
cuddled them and she m0aned softly. 

Then, he stopped and stood up. Taking her by the hands, he
took her to his bedroom. They resumed the kissing and
caressing. He completely
removed her top and filled his mouth with the n----e of her
boob. He set the hard organ in his boxer free. He pulled her
short down and spread
her legs. The p---y was eagerly awaiting him and there was
that deep penetration and slow, regular t----t.
After minutes of the intimacy, he came and spilled on her
belly. They remained in embrace as if another pre-intimacy
would soon start. But she was
actually satisfied. She just wanted to hold him and feel him.
He would not let her go, yet. He soon started the kissing
and she was surprised at the fast hard on. This time around,
he lay on his back while
she sat bestride him. The journey was longer than the first
and she was active as before. Many minutes later, she lay
by his side, while his left
hand cuddled her back.
‘As at this morning, I wouldn’t have believed this would
happen,’ he said.

‘I wouldn’t believe it too,’ she said dreamily.
‘Of course. Your coming for dinner ignited the desire.’
He rubbed her back more.
‘How will you rate me?’ he asked, grinning.
After another couple of minutes, she got up from the bed.

‘I’ll be going now,’ she announced.
‘How will you rate me?’ he asked, grinning.
After another couple of minutes, she got up from the bed.
‘I’ll be going now,’ she announced.
‘Thanks for coming,’ he said. ‘You’ve proved to be a most
welcome friend.’
Nakedly, she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Then, she
wore her satin nightie back and moved to the door.
‘Good night, eh. Sorry, what do I call you in an intimate
moment like this?’ he asked.
‘Call me Zay.’
He grinned and nodded. ‘It’s a beautiful name. Goodnight,
darling Zay.’
‘Good night.’
She was gone. Wow! So, behind the official mien of
toughness, Zaynab could be passionate like this? Tope
surely had a good time with her and looked forward to
another time.

Everything went normal the following day. In the office, Zay
was as official as possible and there was no inkling to any
one that she and Tope
had started having an affair. At home, Zay did not invite
him for dinner again but on Thursday evening, about the
time she had come to his
apartment the other day, she was back.
‘My darling Zay,’ he said as a way of greeting her.
He held her hand and led her to the sofa.
‘I just came to chat,’ she said.
He nodded as if he knew. ‘That will be no problem.’
But he still wrapped his arm around her and held her in a
loving way. She rested her head on his head and they were
like that for almost an
‘Tell me about the lady you want to marry,’ she said.

He told her about Rita, but not the sordid details. ‘She’s an
undergraduate at the University and she’s still young, but
we’ll soon get married,’ he
told her.
‘You prefer them young?’ she asked.
‘Not exactly. She’s a good girl and she just happens to be
She stroked his chest with her left hand.
‘Aren’t you going to re-marry?’ he asked.
‘No. I like my freedom.’
Few minutes to midnight, she went back to her apartment.
On Friday evening, after closing from work, Tope took a
flight to Lagos where he
would be spending his weekend. As usual, Rita was with
him from Saturday morning till early Sunday morning. He
went to meet her brother
again about his exigent plans to marry her. They fixed days
for the introduction and the traditional engagement. Later,
much later, the white
wedding proper would hold.
Four months after coming into contact with her, Rita
became his wife. He had paid all he was required to pay
traditionally on her, so could claim
she was now fully his.
‘Treat her the way you will treat me as your wife,’ Iye said.

‘Yes, I will.’
Rita had to be shuffling between her school in Lokoja and
Abuja. Every weekend, she would be in his Abuja residence
to be with him. Tope did
not have many reasons to be coming to Lagos every
weekend again, but he still had one or two reasons to come
once in a while. One, his
residence looked more or less like an ancestry place. Two,
he had got a plot of land towards Igbogbo, Ikorodu and he
was building a duplex
He was still cheating his wife during week days when Zay
would come around for sexual romps. But at weekend, he
was the best lover to Rita,
his wife. At work, he was a diligent man. His employer was
impressed with him and had commended his good work. Six
months into his work,
Zay called him to her office one morning.
‘The Minister of Internal Affairs, Hajia Meiro Abdulahi is a
good friend of the First Lady. The Minister was sourcing for
A Senior Special Assistant on Gender Issues, and the First
Lady had recommended you. You’ll soon be joining the
Minister as her Special Assistant. Congratulations.’

He was glad at the news. It was a step up the ladder and he
so much welcomed it.

To be continued

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