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Godmother-Episode 10

The lady at the center slowly approached him. She had a small calabash with a cover with her. As she moved closer,
he closed his eyes for he was too terrified to look into her eyes.

She was with him now. He could feel her hand on his private organ. The hand was caressing the place. Despite his state of fright, he had erection. The hand gripped the
manhood and in a jiffy, he released semen. That was the last
thing he remembered.

When he woke up, he found himself on the bed.

He remembered he had encountered the three strange ladies,
and of them had taken his ‘seeds.’ And he went blank.

How did he get to the bed? Then, he had been Unclad.

How come he was now fully clothed in what he was wearing earlier? His phone was on the stool by the side of the bed.

He checked the time and was amazed that it was five-thirty
in the morning.

He closed his eyes atried to remember some things. He
had completed his tests and was now awaiting the coming
of the promised wealth and fortune. He hoped all these
would start manifesting in no distant time. His mind went
to Rita. Alright, henceforth, he would call her Iye. This lady
was indeed mysterious. He would have wished to marry her,
but with wealth and fame on his side, he could always get
other beautiful ladies at his beck and call.

He thought of the second Rita, now to be called Rita. She
looked like a good girl, but what would a ‘good girl’ be
doing with call girl business? Rita was pretty, but marrying
her could be a problem. She was much younger to him –
younger by, perhaps, up to fifteen years.

What if Rita rejected his marriage proposal? Anyway, first
thing first.

After lying for another twenty minutes, he decided to get
up from bed. He went to the bathroom and had his bath.

After creaming his body, he opened his wardrobe to remove
the shirt and trousers he would be wearing to office. He
saw a big Ghana-must-go bag inside. He stopped short as
he gazed at the bag. Surely, he had not put any such bag in
his wardrobe. It looked like it was filled up. Carefully, his
hands went to the zip and he moved it to open the big bag.

The sight he saw threw him into a shock and he literarily
staggered back. Inside the bag were bales of naira notes!
How did these get there? Then, he remembered the
promise of wealth and the visit of the three ladies. This was
the result. He could hardly believe his eyes. He went to the
bag again and brought out one of the notes. They looked
and smelt new. He knew the money would run into several
millions of naira. Amazing, this was amazing!

In excitement, he jumped up and laughed. Wow, wow wow!

He said. This was one of the things he was waiting for. This
was one of the reasons he had subjected himself to the
grueling tests. He had already sown and the harvest time
was just beginning. For the next ten minutes, he could do
nothing but stare at the bag. Iye was real, he told himself.
That lady was real. Now he had seen and confirmed it. He
decided that henceforth he would believe her and he would
do whatever she asked him to do.
So, what was the next thing, now? He decided he would
have to resign from his office immediately. There was no
point working –or was it slaving – for salaries when he
could be his own boss and employer. But he had to call Iye
first. He had to call her and thank her for her great works.

Pronto, he called her number. She picked it at the first ring,
as if she was expecting the call.
‘Thank you, Iye. Thank you so much. God bless you. You’re
indeed wonderful. May your days be long,’ he enthused.

‘It’s alright. Congratulations.’

‘Oh, you’re so wonderful. You’re so amazing! Now, I
completely believe in you. What do you want me to buy for you? Do you want a car?’

‘You’re free to buy whatever you deem it fit to buy for me,’

she said.

‘Oh, I will surely do that. I’ll buy something befitting for

‘There’s something you must know: do not attempt to
count the whole money in the bag. You just be spending it.’

‘Oh, that’s alright. That’s very good.’

‘Another thing: no other eyes must see the inside of that

He nodded. ‘That’s alright. I will do just that.’

‘Alright, see you.’

‘Alright, Iye. Thank you very much.’

The line was cut off.

‘Yes, yes, I’m rich!’ he told himself. He would still have to
dress up and go to the office. He would have to drop his
letter of resignation.

Before leaving, he put two bundles of the one thousand
naira notes in his bag. He would need to buy some wears
and upgrade his wardrobe. Henceforth, level had changed and it would reflect in his lifestyle. As he made for his car,
he decided he would have to sell it off and buy a new model.

Henceforth, everything must change.

To be continued

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