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Godmother-Episode 1

Rita knocked at the door of his apartment and waited for him to open the door. She did not wait for long.

‘Hey, there you are,’ Henry said as he opened the door wide for her to come in. He was full of smiles as he was
obviously pleased to see her.

‘How d’you do?’ she greeted.
‘Fine. Good to see you.’

It was the second time Rita would be visiting him. They had become acquainted a couple of weeks again when they met at the ATM point of a commercial bank in Lagos.

During her first visit, he had another visitor around and that prevented him from getting intimate with her.

In any case, Rita did not stay long. Today, he had looked forward to her coming and had prepared for it.

‘Please, sit down,’ he offered eagerly.

Rita took the seat she had been offered. ‘Thank you.’

‘Let me get you some drinks,’ he offered.

‘Hey, take it easy. I’ve just come. The drinks can come later.’

He sat on the same sofa with her, within his arm reach.

He was playing a video movie he hoped she would find interesting. He had watched it before and had enjoyed it.

‘How is your weekend?’ she asked.
‘It has been very boring, but thank God you’re here. I
hope it will become exciting now.’

She nodded and smiled at him.
‘Are you sure you don’t want anything yet?’ he asked.

‘No, not yet.’

She faced the movie on the television while he moved
towards her. Some minutes elapsed. Tentatively, he held her left hand. He was very close
to her now, so close he could smell her hair. He moved to wrap his hand on her shoulders. She appeared engrossed
in what she was watching, but he knew she was very conscious of the sensuous moves he was making.

‘Your hair is beautiful,’ he offered.

His mouth drew close to hers. His lips brushed slightly on her lips and then got stuck there. For him, it was a welcome thing. He kissed her ravenously. Her response was measured, almost mechanical. He kissed her more
while his right hand went to her boob. She didn’t resist him, but she did not encourage him either.

Henry did not mind whether he was getting
encouragement or not. He was glad he was finally having his way with her. Rita was beautiful and desirable and he
had been counting his luck since he befriended her was not the type that wasted time trying to ‘sample the taste’
of his ‘new catch’. As a matter of fact, it was his trademark to always do so within few days of

He pulled the cups of her bra out of the contents they were holding. Gosh, she had such succulent b-----s.

His hand teased and caressed them. His tongue also licked them while his teeth nibbled at the n-----s.

‘Let’s go in,’ he said almost breathless, as he suspended what he had engrossed himself in. He led her to his bedroom. She did not say anything.

She did not protest his lustful urge. To him, it was a good sign.
To Rita, he would soon learn his lesson.

They were in the bedroom and he was all over her again.
His tongue seemed to be delighted in licking her n-----s.

He was actually not licking
anything, but it looked like he was licking.

After more minutes of pre-intimacy, it was time to get to the main action.

But wait a minute. Something strange was happening. Was it his imagination? To confirm, his hand went to his d--k.

The thing was as limp as vegetable leaf!
Well, it meant he had not prepared enough. He went back to the pre-intimacy.

This time, he zipped down her jeans trousers. Her white pantie was
pulled down, almost roughly, and he dipped his fore finger inside the v----a. He was surprised there was no wetness there.

But the greater surprise was that his d--k remained limp.

After some minutes of futile efforts, he stopped all he was doing.

‘I can’t believe what’s happening,’ he muttered in perplexity, a tinge of sadness to his tone.

‘What’s that?’ she asked. It was a question as innocent as a child asking for the difference between rainfall and snows.

‘’My d--k,’ he said, almost sadly. ‘I can’t get a hard on.’

‘A hard on for what?’ she asked.
Henry stared at her. Her tone seemed sarcastic. ‘What do you mean? What kind of question is that?’

‘You said you did not have a hard on, and I asked you, a hard on for what?’

‘Stop talking as if you’re a baby. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean.’

She sat up on the bed, properly wore her bra, and started buttoning her shirt, which had become quite crumpled,
courtesy of the way he had
handled her chest region.

He was certainly at his wit’s end. He could simply not believe his manhood would fail at this critical time.

This was the moment he was waiting
for, and the whole thing went blank. It was incredible! He was still holding the d--k and staring at it.

To be continued

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