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Alberto’s point of view

The first blow landed on James cheek and blood flew from his mouth.
The second landed on his eyes. James face was unrecognisable as it was battered, black and purple from the blows. His eyes were totally covered with swellings. But i wasnt satisfied.
His body hung from a chain. His hands was was tied above his head and his legs were chained to t he ground.
His chest was completly bare, opened. There were bruises on it to, but it wasnt enough. He was going to feel times two of the pain he caused Eve.
“Just kill me already” James spat.
“Kill you? That is a very easy death. You deserve worse” I said walking to a small stove that had a small iron rod on it. The rod was already red because it was extremely hot.
“This is for Eve” I said picking up the hot rod and placing it on James chest. The sound of his skin burning, tearing, melting filled my ears. His screams followed.
“You defiled her! You tortured her! You tried to kill my child!” I shouted, pressing the rod deeper to h is chest. James shouted, beggung me to stop.
“This is just the beginning, you would plead and beg just like Eve did, but since you showed her n o remorse, i would show you none”
I placed the rod back on the stove. “I never forgave you for what you did to Jane. I never had the opportunitu to avenge for her death” I chuckled.
James groaned in pain. “So this is for her and Eve!” I picked the hot rod and placed it on James chest again. More screams and burning of skin were heard.
I laughed..”You were the reason Jane died, all be cause of your selfish reasons, when she died, a p art of me died too. Then i finally found someone who took away my pains. Eve. I was finally happy , but as usual, as if Jane was not enough, you came after her. Using her taste of freedom to lure h er into your trap”
I placed the hot rod in James again. This time, it slized through his skin. James screamed and i laughed.
I laughed at his pains.
“You took my joy, my peace, my love, my queen, my angel from me. Right from under my nose. Yo u had no fear James. You should know that i am damaged and insane when it comes to the people i love!”
“You caused Eve, so much pain. What were you thinking? That you could just have her to yourself ? You are really stupid. I gutted down your men f or information. I killed seven of them. Then Fernando opened up to me after i chopped off his fingers!”
James screamed and struggled, anger cursed through his veins for his friend. Fernando was his right hand man.
“It was a shame, he died a miserable death. Its a good thing he didnt have a wife and child that would miss him. Just like you James. When you die, no one would even care, or notice. But me, i have Eve. Someone you never have”
I picked up a small dagger and started cutting James n-----s. He screamed and tried to get away but he couldnt. I cut off the left one and forced it into his mouth.
“Swallow it!” James tried to spit it out back but i forced it in, until he finally swallowed it.
“Good boy” I smiled, picking up the knife and cutting the next one.
James screams filled my ears and i smiled. The sound of the blade tearing his flesh brought me joy. Blood dripped from the blade. And once again, i forced him to eat it.
Then i went to his legs, picked up the clipper and started with his left leg. I clipped off his toes one by one. James screamed and begged for mercy but i paid deaf ears. I went to the other leg and cut off the remaining toes, dragging it off and slizing it. Blood gushed out like a fountain and i was pleased.
“Get me the bucket of hot water!” I commanded t o the guards. They brought it and i placed James feets inside it.
His feets shook in the bucket. Blood changed the colour of the water, turning it red. He screamed and pleaded, begging for death to take him away.
“You took Eve away from me!” I picked an instrument from the table. This one was for removing t he tooth.
James body was brought down and placed on a chair, a strap was used to hold his mouth open wide, so he couldnt close them.
“Pl…ple..please” James.croaked out.
I didnt listen, i used the device and started with hi s front tooth. I placed the tooth to the two prong of the device and dragges the tooth out from his gum. James screamed. It was a painful scream.
“That’s one. We still have a long way. .Thirthy five more”
Then i removed another, and another until al his teeth was gone. His mouth was filled with a lot of blood, covering everywhere. Blood fell from his mouth, dripping and staining his short.
James body shook as he was in deep pain. He couldnt scream any longer.
Still holding his mouth, i cut off his tongue. Throwing the piece of flesh on the floor.
But i wasnt satisfied, i cut off his fingers, all of the m. Shot his manhood. And cutting it off from his body. And showing it to him.
“This was what you used to rape Eve. Now its gone” I threw it away.
Then i picked up my gun pointing it at James. I looked at him one last time. His face was distort ed. His fingers gone, his toes gone, his teeth and tongue gone as his mouth was wide opened. His chest was covered in burns, marks. He looked damaged, weak and in pains. But i didnt feel any remorse.
“See you in hell, goodbye old friend”
I pulled the trigger ending his life.
*Months later*
*Eve’s point of view*
“Oh my God, the wedding dress wont fit in anymore because of my belly” I cried, trying to zip up the gown of my wedding dress.
“Calm down. It would zip up don’t worry” My mom said, trying to encourage me.
“Dont tell me to calm down, now Alberto is waiting for me at the altar, imsuppossed to be there no w. He would start thinking i dont want to marry hi m. Then the wedding would be cancelled and–”
“Shut up, biko” My mom shouted.
biko? Whats that?
“What is biko?” I asked.
“Oh, its called please in Igbo language, Its a Nigerian language, Chi is teaching me” My mom replied.
“Chi is here?!”
I gasped, Chimdi was the new friend i just made, She was a Nigerian woman who loved books. Sh e even said she was going to write a novel about me and Alberto. I hope she does.
“I cant wait to see her, did she come with her Nigerian friends?”
“Yes she did and they have almost finished the drinks we placed on the table. Such Nigerians!” My mom laughed.
“And i dont understand what they tied on their he ads, and bodies. I think Chi called it gala, no gela, no GELE!”
“I’m sure they look beautiful in it?”
“They do. Such lovely people” The zip finly went up.
“Thank heavens, mom how do i look” I was gorgeous in a stunning white wedding dress, with silver stones. My hair was perfectly plaited and a crown of flowers surrounded my head.
“Take your flower, you look like a queen”
“Is the bride ready?” My dad ran in. “Wow, you loo k beautiful” My dad said, coming to hug me. My mom hugged me too.
“That’s enough, Alberto is waiting” I screamed, rai sing up my gown and holding my dads arm so he could walk me out. My mom kissed my cheek an d ran to the church and sat down.
I peeped through and saw Alberto in a stunning white suit, he was handsome. My king, My saviour, My knight.
“Come lets blow his mind away” My dad said as we walked down the aisle to meet my groom.
*Seventeen years later*
“Mom, can you please tell Marcello to reduce the volume of his radio, that stupid song is blasting t through the speakers. I cant concentrate on my homework”
“Alessandro, I’m so busy, call him.” I said, srriting the food on the gas.
Those twins are something else. Marcello was the rough one, the one who took after Alberto, troublesome, bad a-s and he loved music always playing it through the speakers every morning. I was sure he hadnt done his homework. His teachers complained bitterly about him. But he didn’t seem t o care, just as stubborn as his father.
But Alessandro, took after me. Quiet. good and respectful. He did his house chores on time, went to school early, did his homework.
He even helped me in the kitchen. He was the good twin. His teachers adored him.
As different as the twins were in personality, they had the same look. The same black hair from Alberto and his blue eyes. They were handsome. Their teachers had complained that half of the school girls fought over who would sit close to them in class.
“Shut the f--k up Alessandro. That wasn’t even the loudest!” Marcello shouted.
“I kept on making mistakes in my maths homework. I’m sure you havent done yours!” Alessandro shouted back.
“Why do you always have to be the good student ?”
“Why do you always have to be a pain in the a-s? ”
They continued arguing, i was fed up of all this fighting. This twins would be the end of me.
“Marcello, Alessandro! Its enough, i’m making breakfast over here. Today is saturday, please i need some peace and quiet”
They finally looked at me and kept quiet, still exchanging glares among themselves.
“Thanks” Phew. Just as i turned back to my cooking, my fifteem year old daughter ran to the kitchen.
“Mom, please can you tell dad to stop reading my text with Arsenio” She walked in, clearly annoyed . Cara, was my daughter, she took aftet my looks, the same hair and eyes, but she had her father’s attitude. Stubborn and troublesome just like Mar cello.
“He likes her, to need to see their messages Eve, i need to run a background check on this guy, he must be a killer who knows?” Alberto said walking in and taking a seat close to the boys.
“Who is this Arsenio, we always hear about anyway?” Alessandro asked, looking at me.
I looked at Cara, she promised me not to tell Alberto and the boys about him. He was her boyfriend . But with the way the boys and Alberto were looking at me, i had no choice.
“Its her boyfriend” I finally said.
“WHAT??!!” The three of them shouted and i could have sworn the house shook.
“You are too young to have a boyfriend” That was Alessandro talking.
“Who dares date my sister? Is he crazy?” Marcello shouted getting up.
“I’M GOING TO F-----G KILL HIM!!”.Alberto shouted.
Oh God.
“Alberto lets take this easy, Ive met him and he is a really nice guy” I said, trying to calm Alberto down, but he wouldnt listen.
“Nice one dad, I’m with you on this. We would kill him” Marcello smiled.
“No, leave Arsenio out of this. I really like him dad . Mom you betrayed me” Cara shouted.
“I think Arsenio may be a really nice guy” Alessandro said, taking Cara’s side.
“Nice my a-s” Marcello answered back.
“He is dead!” Alberto said.
And that was how the fight started again. Marcello and Alessandro were arguing again, raining cur ses at each other.
While Alberto was shouting about how he was going to kill Cara’s boyfriend, that how dare a guy d ate his only daughter. He said he was going to sc are the boy away so he wont come.near Cara aga in.
Cara was begging him that she really liked him.
Everybody was just shouting..Four voices talking at once. Marcello and Alessandro, Cara and Alber to.
The whole house was on fire.
But i was happy, I had three wonderful kids who i adored so much..And a very loving husband, who cared so much about me.
There was nothing i could ask for anymore. I had all i wanted. Kids, husband, love and freedom.
This was my happily ever after. And it was the be st.
“SHUT UP!” I finally shouted.


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