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Story: EVE - Episode 25



Episode 25

Eve’s point of view 

I screamed in horror when I heard the gunshot. James body fell to the ground and I looked up to see my father standing with a gun in his hand. James groaned in pain as he held his shoulder, the gun fell to his side.
“That would put you away for a while” My dad said, kicking the gun away from James’ reach and running to meet me.
“Dad?” I asked shocked. What was he doing here?
“Mr Peters” Alberto chocked clinging to his stomach and shutting his eyes in pain
My mom came running behind him, and hugged me.
“My dear daughter we thought we lost you “I could fell her tears on my back.
But I couldn’t hug her back because i was looking consciousness. I gripped unto Alberto’s arm for support. But I just couldn’t breathe, my body was shutting down.
“Eve?” I heard Alberto say. “We need to get her out of here, she is looking consciousness ”
I felt my body being lifted up. I was still bleeding. I was tired. Weak. Hungry. Scared. I wanted to feel safe.
My body was giving up. Finally, I could rest in peace knowing that Alberto was safe and James was defeated.
As I struggled to breathe, my body was placed in the car. Voices echoed in my ears.
“She’s loosing a lot of blood”
“Where are my f-----g keys?”
“My dear daughter, please dont die on us”
“She’s not going to die!”
“I love you Eve, please fight this”
That was the last voice I heard before I gave in to the darkness. I fainted.
*Three weeks later*
I was still in the darkness. The pains. The silence.
I was still in a state of come. It felt like i was floating in space. Just floating without any direction.
The void, emptiness, was killing me, I was tired of it. I wanted to get out. I wanted to go back to the world. But my body was too tired to bring my soul back. So I was trapped here in this space. Waiting for it to be fully recovered.
After all the waiting, I finally opened my eyes.
The bright lights made me shut them back, and a pain attacked my side. My ears finally started working as a beeping noise could be heard.
I opened my eyes again and I adjusted to the lights, looking at my environment, I noticed the cards, flowers, and balloons surrounding me. The whole place was colorful.
“Get well soon” was all I could see on the brightly coloured cards and I smiled. The flowers were the most beautiful ones. White roses. Red roses. Then the balloons were of different colours. Blue. Red
Purple. Green. All decorated with smiling faces.
Still looking at the room i was in, the door freaked open and there came in the most handsome man I had ever seen. He smiled brightly at me, holding a bouquet of flowers. He was putting on a black top and blue jeans.
Alberto smiled at me.”Hey dear, I’m so happy you’ve woken up ” I was so pleased to see him. So I smiled in return. He dropped the flowers and came towards me and grabbed my lips with his. It was the best kiss I had received from Alberto. His happiness could be felt in the kiss and he explored the depth of my mouth and I his.
He pulled back, breathing very loudly and i smiled, touching his hair. He could feel my love for him in that single touch.
“Alberto” I finally said, my throat itched and I coughed. “I missed you so much, thank you for coming back for me”
“I love you Eve. I would never have been myself if I didn’t find you” He said, wanting to press my lips again when the door burst opened to reveal my arguing parents.
“It must be a girl ” That was my mom shouting at my dad.
“No, I need a grandson, who I can train to be like me” My dad resorted back.
“Train to be like you? Please we don’t need another copy of you in the family. It would cause so much damage” My mom laughed.
Alberto coughed, and my parents looked up, finally realising i was awake they ran towards me and hugged me so tight.
“Thank God, my beautiful daughter is awake”
“We love you, Eve. We were worried sick after you left us. We knew something was wrong so we tried finding this place. Thank God Alberto called us” My dad spoke, rubbing my head.
“I should have listened to you” I grumbled, taking Alberto’s hand and staring at him deep in the eyes. “You saved me”
“No, I saved both of you” He placed his hand on my belly. And for the first time, I noticed my belly was a little bugger. There was a little swelling.
My baby.
It was alive.
It was safe.
“Oh, Alberto. I love you so much. Thank you for all you had done and you too mom and dad. Thanks for coming to save us” Tears ran down my cheeks and my mom wiped them away.
“We love you, you are our daughter. Thank God for Alberto. He is the real hero here” My dad smiled at Alberto, who was just looking at me with love in his eyes.
For the next hour, we all kept laughing and talking. My parents were still arguing on the gender of my child. No me and Alberto’s child. My mom was going for a female while my dad was going for a male. His warrior as he called it.
Alberto was just telling me about how his wound hurt less and his day at work. I was angry he was going to work but he assured me that all was going to be well and I didn’t need to worry about it. Then I asked of James. He told me He was in our torture room and was being tortured everyday. Alberto said he hadn’t even started with him.
The evening passed and my parents bid me goodnight as they left for home after giving me a long kids on the head.
So I was left with Alberto. “What if it’s a female?”
“Male or female, it’s my child. And you are it’s mother that’s all that matters” He replied.
Then Alberto stood up and knelt down on one knee.
“Uhm. What are you doing?” I asked, looking at him strangely.
“I realised I never asked you to be my wife. To be mine ” He brought out a small box and opened it. A diamond ring stared back at me.
It fluttered with a thousand stones and reflected different colours of rays of light.
“It’s beautiful” I gasped.
“Not as beautiful as you” Alberto coughed. “Eve Peters would you do me the honour of changing your name to Eve Santiago?”
By now i was already shedding tears of Joy. Alberto had asked me to marry him I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t speak. I was shocked.
“I know I might not be perfect, but I’m willing to be for you Eve. I’m ready to change. To be the man you dreamed of. I kno–”
“Yes! I would marry you, Now put that d--n ring on my finger before I change my mind” I shouted at Alberto, causing him to laugh. He placed the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly
We kissed.
Everything was perfect.

This was my happily ever after.

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