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Story: EVE - EPISODE 22



Episode 22

*Alberto’s point of view*

“Tell me! Where is James?” I asked angrily for the seventh time.
But the man who was strapped to a chair and was being tortured by me wasn’t answering me.
“Fu- f--k you” He managed to say, coughing out blood from his mouth.
He was one of James men. And i took him for questioning. But he wouldn’t talk. There are other ways to make him talk.
We were in my torture room and i was going to make him bleed. All for my Eve. I would kill everyone to know where she was. I already had seven me n bloods on my hands.
And i would still keep killing just to get her back. I would f-----g kill anyone who knew James.
For one and a half month now Eve had been with that monster. Who knew what he had done to her .That demon was going to pay for all he had done to me and my beloved wife.
He was going to pay. I would cut off his balls and feed it to him. I would pluck out his eye balls and shove it up his a-s.
I was going to make him bleed. I would give him the most horrible death ever.
No one touches Eve. No one takes her away from me. Not James not anyone.
“You don’t want to tell me where James is. Dont worry i have a plan set for you” I smiled, making him scared.
I picked up a device just like a prong. And put his little finger between it and clipped it shut. His little finger fell to the floor as i detached it from his hand.
His screams filled my ears and i smiled. His pain made me satisfied. I was happy. His pains and screams were my joy.
“Where is James?” I asked again.
“Please, i swear i dont know” He said, screaming loudly.
“Wrong answer buddy” I patted him and picked up the device. Putting his ring finger in between it.
“Please…I swear i dont know..Please” He begged.
“I believe you” I said, clipping his finger, it cut off and fell to the ground and he screamed, begging me to stop but i didnt listen.
I did it for his middle finger, his index finger and h is thumb.
In a few minutes, all his fingers on his left hand was on the floor. All his fingers cut off. But i wasnt done yet.
Anyone who knew about James whereabout was going to die if they didnt tell me.
“Pl….Pl…please…I swear ..i dont know” He said, tears dropping from his eyes. He was in agony, pain.
So was Eve. Eve was also in pain.
“You see. I dont really believe you. You are James best friend, Fernando and if anyone knows about him it is you. Where is he?”
“I dont know” He said.
I picked up the device and went to the second hand. Putting his finger in it, i clipped off the little finger.
Fernando cursed, screamed and trashed all over the place. Blood seeped through his finger and he screamed in deep pain.
I picked his next finger and clipped it off too. “James has my wife. My sweet wife Eve. She means the world to me and i would kill to get her back”
Fernando didnt reply, he was crying for the amount of pain i was causing him.
I clipped of the middle finger and the index then the thumb. By now Fernando was already loosing consciousness.
I called one of my men and he poured a bucket of water on his head causing him to regain consciousness.
“How long would you do this Alberto” He asked, dropping the bucket on the floor. “You have already killed seven of James men. Do you want to have much blood on your hands?”
“I would create a massacre for Eve. I would f-----g kill all of James men to get Eve back!” I screamed at him and facing Fernando.
“Where is James?”
He didnt reply, instead he just spat blood on the floor. I picked ten metals like the size of a pen and put it in his finger. Piercing it one by one into his hand as his fingers. I coiled wires to each of the metals and pressed a switch.
Each of those metals were connected to a wire which was connected to a power surge so when i put on the power, current, electricity passed through it and into his body.
Fernando jerked in his chair as he was being electrocuted. His teeth was clenched.
His fist was tightly closed. His viens bulged out as his face turned red. He was in serious pains. His hand drained the blood in him.
He continued jerking in pains. His bones, tissue, organ, system, cells, muscles and nerves shoot violently as he reacted to the high voltage passing through him.
If there was anything my father taught me well was knowing how to torture to get answers. He taught me not to feel sympathy for anyone and i remembered it all. All the rules.
The monster my father made me was back. I was going to get Eve back no matter who i had to kill.
I switched off the electricity supply and Fernando body fell. He was calm, free from the shock. He breathed heavily. His eyes red, very red. Dark circles covered his eyes. His body pale.
“P…ple…please…st..sto..stop” He chocked.
“I would stop as soon as you tell me where Eve is ” I said, squatting in front of him and holding his face so he was staring at me.
He looked away, still not talking. This time i switched on the electricity and increased the voltage to the highest.
Fernando body started jerking again. And i watched. There was no sympathy in my eyes. Instead i felt pleasure in my veins. Anyone who was with James was considered my enemy.
I had already wasted one and half month trying to regain my memory. And now i had finally gotten it but Eve was no where found. I was not going to let anyone who knew James go scot free.
They would all pay. Anyone who knew James was going to get whats coming to them.
I wouldnt stop. I wont stop until i had Eve in my hands again. I was going to kill any motherfucker who knew about them.
Seven were already dead. Fernando would make it eight. And the number would keep counting till i found Eve.
I was going crazy, i was going insane every passing moment Eve was not here. I needed her. I needed her to survive. I missed her voice.
I would do anything to have her back.
Fernando’s body kept jerking and i switched it off . Coming closer to him i asked again.
He was breathing heavily, blood gushing out of his nose. His face almost white. His veins showed and his hand was battered.
“I would keep on going Fernando until you tell me where they are”
He didnt look up. He still wasnt ready to talk. And i wasnt ready to let him go.
“As you wish” I said going back to put on the switch.
“Wait” He said, i almost couldnt hear him. I turned back to him. “James and the girl are in his cabin, downtown. The cabin he goes to with his dad y ears back”
Finally, i smiled. The cabin. I knew it. James had showed he the cabin a few times. It was about a few hours drive from here.
I laughed. Finally i was going to get back my queen. My angel.
I took out my gun and pointed it at Fernando. “No. Please. I told you where they were”
“I know, thanks for that” I pulled the trigger and the bullet hit his brain, blood smerged on the wall and his body fell limp. Dead.
But that was the least of my worries.
I knew where Eve was. I knew where James was. That mother was going to get whats coming to him.
Poor James, I was going to kill him in the most horrible, violent way.
And my sweet Eve. I was going to have her back. Her smile, body, heart and soul was going to be mine again.

Dont worry darling, your saviour is coming.

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