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Story: EVE - EPISODE 21



Episode 21

Eve’s point of view

I ran to the bathroom for the fourth time this morning. Throwing my digested food into the toilet bowl.
My head was aching, and i could feel there was something growing inside me. And i knew who it belonged to. It was Alberto’s. But if by any chance it was for James, i would kill it. I couldnt carry a monster as a child.
I had yet to tell James but i noticed the inquisitive look he gave me anytime i ran to the bathroom to vomit.
With every passing day, i was missing Alberto. I still couldnt believe he was dead. The pain was still sore. There was no hope for me getting away from James now. I was trapped with him forever.
I washed my face and left the bathroom. Going back to sit beside James who was watching a foot ball match.
“What’s going on with you? This is the fourth time you are running to the bathroom” He said, looking at me intensely.
“Uhm. Nothing” I lied. I just couldnt tell him. What if it didnt belong to him? He would kill it. No doubt.
And the remaining piece of Alberto would be gone.
“Get dressed we are going to the hospital” He said taking my arm and directing me to the bedroom .
Hospital? No, they would know and they would tell James.
“No, James. I guess i just have a fever or there was something in the food. Thats all” I said, stopping him.
He looked at me very closely. Studying my face. Looking for any thing to show i was lying.
Please please believe. I prayed in my mind.
“No, we are going to the hospital, get dressed. We leave in ten minutes” He said closing the door behind him and leaving me in the room.
I quickly changed my clothes, while thinking of a plan to change James mind. But i couldnt think of anything reasonable.
“Eve, get out here now!” James barked from outside.
I quickly ran out to meet him, getting into the car and shutting the door.
“I want the best for you Eve. I dont like it when you fall sick” James strocked my head with his fingers.
He gave me a small smile. I looked out the windo was we passed trees and trees and trees. I didnt even know where we were.
After a few minutes driving, we finally got to see people and got to the hospital.
“Dont talk to anyone and stay by my side” James ordered.
I nodded in response and followed him inside the hospital.
Fear consumed me. I didnt know how James would react if he knew i was pregnant.
We entered an office and a female doctor was sitting on a chair holding a book in her hand while studying its pages.
James coughed gaining her attention. She looked up and smiled. “Oh, Mr and Mrs Parker. Please take a sit” She pointed at the chair.
Mr and Mrs Parker? James wasnt my husband. Alberto was. It was Mrs Santiago.
I dared not say that out loud because James would kill me.
“My wife here has been vomiting” James said pointing at me.
Your wife? Or the slave you beat up everyday?
“Oh Mrs Parker, how have you been feeling?” She asked, adjusting her glasses, getting ready to write some notes.
“I’ve been feeling nausea and vomiting every morning. I feel weak generally and urinate frequently” I replied, not saying the part where i missed my period.
“How about your period? Did you see it for last month?”
Ugh. Why did she have to ask that?
“Yes” I lied. James turned to look at me and i shivered praying he didnt know.
“Are you sure ma’am?” She asked again, removing her glasses and staring at me inquisitively.
I looked at James. “You can tell her anything Eve. I’m here for you” He said, squezzing my laps and giving me a reasssuring smile.
“No, i didnt see it for last month” I said finally.
“There could be only two reasons. Some people dont see their periods either due to stress or pregnancy” She smiled.
James turned to look at me, smiling. “So you mean my wife here could be pregnant with my child? ”
Your child? You wish.
“Yes Mr Parker. We just need to take your wife to the room and confirm that. Please wait here.”
The doctor stood up, taking my arm and leading me out of the room.
James stood up too holding my hand, he kissed it. “I’ll be waiting for you”
Eww. He disgusted me..He acted like he was a saint outside but back at home his horns and fangs came out. Demon.
“Ok” I managed to say as the doctor pulled me outside.
She took me to a room and in a few minutes we came out with the result positive that i was pregna nt. When she told James, he was suddenly happy , treating me like a queen. He suddenly changed.
But i was still confused. I wasnt still sure if the baby i was carrying was mine. So i called the doctor aside while James went to get the car around.
“Miss. Please i need you to do a faternity test for this child. I want to be sure this child belongs to James”
“But why? James is the only man you’ve been with right?” She raised her brows at me.
“That is none of your business. I just need you to do it” I said, getting angry. Why didnt people just mind thier business.
“Ok, i just need a strand of his hair. Thats all. And since i already have your baby profile. I just need to check if it would match. Thats all”
“Thanks, but how would you send me results?” I asked, knowing i wouldnt come here until the next appointment. And that was too far.
“Just give me your email. I would forward it to yo u”
I didnt have an email..Oh i did. We were asked to create emails as a project when i was in school..
I quickly gave her my email. “Please i dont want James to know about this” I pleaded with her.
“I understand ma’am. The results would be out this evening. So be expecting it.”
“Lets go Eve” James suddenly came in, giving me a bright smile that made him look so handsome. Handsome devil.
But how was i going to get a strand of his hair?
I walked towards him, giving him a hug and running my hand through his hair and plucking a strand and quickly giving it to the doctor before James saw it.
He hugged me tighter surprised i had hugged him in the first place.
“Please dont forget to bring your wife every week for check up on her and the baby”
“I wont”
The doctor gave me a thumbs up and i smiled at her. James looked at us in confusion. But didnt ask.
We went to the car and drove home while James told me he was happy i was carrying his child. He said i had made him the happiest man on earth.. He said he would start treating me well from now on.
That night, James didnt let me pick a stick of broom. He did everything for me. Taking me to the room and giving me a massage. He even washed the dishes..
James changed towards me. Treating me like a queen and i was a little happy. He said we were going to go shopping for baby things next week Saturday.
We finally went to sleep, with James holding me tightly as if i would vanish anytime soon.
He was asleep. But i couldnt sleep. My mind went wandering to the results. I would use James phone to log in to my email. James didnt buy me a phone he was scared i would call someone.
I quietly took his phone without waking him. And my heart skipped a beat when James moved a bit, snoring slightly.
I pressed the power button and i saw he put a password in his phone.
Oh God.
I tried his name but it rejected it.
Funny enough i tried Jane it still didnt work.
So i tried my name. It worked. James used my name as his password.
I quickly logged into my email and saw a message from “Saint Hospital”
I opened it and quickly glanced through the doctor terms until i saw. No match.
There was no match between James DNA and the baby’s.
That means James was not the father of the child i was carrying. Alberto was the father.
I tried containing my laughter..I was so happy. At least now i had a reason to live. I was still carrying a piece of Alberto in me
“What are you doing with my phone?” James woke up, snatching it from my hand.

To be continued

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