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Story: EVE - EPISODE 17



Episode 17

*Back to Eve’s point of view*

“James! James! where are you taking me to? let me out of this car this instant” I banged at the do or as i shouted at James.
“Shut up b---h, i am just getting started with you” James yelled, hitting the steering in anger.
We were driving through the woods, I didn’t know where we were going and i was scared.
After James showed me his true side, i felt more vulnerable and weak.
I regretted leaving Alberto. At least i knew what Alberto was capable of but with James i didn’t.
I grabbed my hair in frustration. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes but i held them back. I couldnt let James see me cry.
I felt helpless.
I felt lonely.
For the first time in my life i wanted Alberto to come.
James stopped, and i turned to see a small cabin in a clearing away from the woods. The whole place was deserted, no one was here. There was no house around, only just the small wood house, and trees.
“I use to come here with my dad for hunting every summer holiday” James smiled.
“Please James, I want to go back, i don’t like this place. Its creepy” I said looking at the dense forest.
“No Eve, we would stay here, me and you. Alone with no disturbance” James chuckled, opening the door and getting out.
I still looked at the house, it was dark, lonely and scary, i didn’t want to go in there. So i stayed in the car.
But James had other plans, he came to my side opened the door and dragged me out.
“No, please. I don’t want to go in there” I cried trying to get away from his grasp.
“Come here b---h, we are going to have a nice time here” He pulled me harder.
He opened the door and i could barely see the room. Pitch darkness.
I shivered in fear as he pulled me inside.
“Let me put on the generator” He announced. “Stay here, i would be back soon”
“No please let me come with you, i’m afraid of the dark” I said gripping James arm as i tried to go out with him.
I wanted to go with James, I couldn’t stay here alone, in the dark.
“Stay here Eve!” James roared. “Get off me!”
But instead i held unto James harder, the darkness was too intense.
He pushed me hard and i fell, hitting my head on a hard surface.
I screamed and James locked the door.
No..No. No.
“James! please let me out!” I shouted but no one answered.
My heart race increased and i shivered. The darkness was thick, i could almost touch it.
Fear consumed my soul and i banged on the door, tried the door knob but nothing worked.
I screamed when i thought something touched me but it was only the curtains. I guess.
I was in fear, shivering, lost in this pitch darkness .
When i heard a noise, i screamed again.
My mind wondered to many thoughts.
What was that? Monsters? Have they come to eat me?
I tried to keep silent as i listened harder.
I could hear nothing else.
I sat on the floor and sobbed.
I wanted to get away from here.
I needed to get back to Alberto.
I needed to get away from James.
Just then, the lights ignited.
James had put on the generator and my fear vanished when the darkness was driven away. I hear d a noise again and i looked at the direction it came from and saw a very small mouse.
I sighed in relief. And looked at my environment. I was in the sitting room. It was beautiful, three couches, a big tv, cool air came from the air conditioner. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling, shining brightly.
I saw a corridor and walked through it looking at some pictures on the wall. They were pictures of little James. His mom and dad. They were all smiling at the camera.
I continued walking and came across a door, i opened it and saw a room. Neat. A huge bed, a small TV and air conditioner. A huge wardrobe also rested on the wall.
I felt someone breathe on my neck and i turned around to see James.
He was looking at me hungrily. I needed to get a way from here.
“Please James i want to go back to Alberto” I announced.
James face changed instantly. Turning to anger.
“Never mention that b-----d name here again. I brought you here, so we could get away from him. To stay with me. We would get married and have kids”
Was he insane?
“I can never marry you James. Is that the same thing you told Jane before she took her own life? Is this what you told her that made her take her own life” I said, speaking with courage.
“Don’t you dare put Jane into this! I loved her”
“No! you were obsessed with her, you killed her. You are a monster James not Alberto”
James just laughed coming closer to me, i took a step back..My courage crumbling down immediately.
“You want to know who a monster is? I would sh ow you one” James grabbed me and forcefully kissed me.
I struggled out of his grasp but it was no use.
In a few minutes my clothes were already torn from my body and James had thrown me to the bed .
I was already in tears. “No James, please i beg you. Please!” I begged. This was happening again, first with Alberto now James.
He laughed and unbuckled his clothes too, getting on top of me.
I tried to push him away as i turned and turned, trying to get away but my efforts were all useless.
My pleads fell on deaf ears.
And when James plunged into me, i screamed in pain. The pain came with screaming and i cried .
“James, please! stop! i beg of you!” I begged.
But James seemed to be in a land of pleasure as he took me in.
He touched me everywhere, from my face, b-----s, stomach, hips. He touched me everywhere, squeezing and feeling.
I screamed in pain when he plunged again. The pains were unbearable compared to Alberto’s.
This was far worse..Far painful.
James kissed me again, almost tearing my lips and he forces himself into me.
I struggled.
But to no avail. James continued and the pains grew intense.
He was laughing, smiling down at me, touching, plunging.
Seconds bled into minutes and hours. But James never stopped..He kept taking me.
I thought of Alberto.
I wanted him here.
I needed him here with me as my life flashed before my eyes.
Alberto. I could see him. Waiting for me in front of a bright light.
He was calling out to me, and i could see myself running out to meet him. I was in a white gown.
But as i was running to meet him, someone dragged me back and it was James.
My vision was tainted black.
James dragged me away as Alberto ran after us.
I was trapped with James. As he got off me, he walked into the bathroom not before saying. “Never mention Alberto’s name ever again..He is not going to come for you. You are trapped with me forever, Eve”
He smiled and went away leaving me in pains, i bleed..I cried.
That Alberto would come to save me

To be continued

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