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Story: EVE - EPISODE 16



Episode 16

*This chapter is still in Alberto’s point of view*

*Ten years ago*

I just clicked sixteen years. My dad as usual did nothing to celebrate my birthday and my mom too. He said celebrating birthdays was a sign a weakness.
My dad, Mr Vettriano Santiago was a very heartless man, ruthless, drug dealer. He was a dangerous man and he taught me to be like him.
My father never did anything good for me, he showed no sign of affection for me. He told me never to love anyone only myself. He taught me to be heartless.
“Alberto, come here” He called from the sitting room.
I was in the kitchen, playing with the food i was given. Today was suppossed to be a day of celebra tion, my birthday, the day that marks the one i was born. But no one did anything. It was a normal day.
“Coming, master” That was what my dad demanded i called him.
He didnt want to be called “father” or “dad” he said it made him appear weak.
I walked to the sitting room and saw him sitting on the couch, a gun in his hand. He was playing with it.
“Here, take it” He handed me the gun and dragged me outside.
The gun felt heavy in my hand, i could barely hold it properly.
My dad had done so many things to me but he had never given me a gun before.
He whistled and my dog, Jake came running towards us. Jake, was the only thing i had close to a family, i got him five years ago and he had been with me since, i loved him so much.
“Now Kill it” My dad said, pointing at the dog.
“Master, why?” I said looking horrified, i couldnt kill Jake, he was my best friend, the only thing i cared i about.
“Kill it, this animal is nothing to you. I gave it to you to care for it, now i want you to kill it” He frowned.
I pointed the gun at the animal, looking widely at us, he didnt know what was happening.
I couldnt pull the trigger, i just couldnt.
“Kill it Alberto, this thing only makes you weak, what is rule number one?” He asked walking behin d me.
“Never let your feelings, love and care get the best of you” I said, having remembered when my dad broke my fingers, forcing me to learn all the fifty-six rules that makes a man. The rules that makes me a Santiago, according to him.
“Good. Rule number two?”
“Obey all instructions from your master, no matter the cost”
“Rule number thirteen?”
“Never fall inlove with any body, either a pet or a human”
I was almost at the brink of tears as i pointed the gun at the animal before me.
“Rule number twenty, Alberto?!” My dad shouted when he saw my eyes.
“Never shed a tear for anything”
“Because it shows weakness!”
I set the bullet in the gun, and pointed it to my dog.
“Now, kill it!” My dad shouted. “Kill it Alberto, Ive taught you to never allow your emotions get in the way of what you are suppossed to do. Kill it!”
I stared at my dog and remembered when it killed a snake that was about to attack me in the forest . This dog had saved my life a lot, when i got lost in the forest..I loved it. I couldnt kill it.
I gripped the gun harder, with all my strenght i tried to pull the trigger, i couldnt.
“I can’t” I finally said it.
My dad grew angry, he hit me and took the gun from me. He used the gun to hit my forehead, i was bleeding in seconds.
“Today marks sixteen years since i have taught you all these. All i did for you Alberto, you still dont know anything” He kicked my stomach.
Blood spewed from my mouth as i groaned in pain. My ribs were broken no doubt.
He pointed the gun at my dog and pulled the trigger.
I screamed. No. No.
“Thats what you get when you let your emotions cloud your duty” He said, kicking my stomach harder, I screamed in pain.
He continued hitting my stomach even when i tried to stop it with my hand.
“Get up, Alberto” My dad said. “Get up!”
I tried but fell down back, he hit me again and i shouted.
“What is rule number thirty?!” He shouted back at me.
I couldnt talk, my mouth was covered with blood and i couldnt think well
“What is rule number thirty, Alberto?!” He dad sho uted louder. “Get up!”
I couldnt, i couldnt speak. I was too weak, my dad kept hitting me my ribs hurts.
I couldnt even breathe, my lungs were closed up. I was in agony, pain. But i couldnt get up.
That was when i heard my mom, she was crying, begging my dad to stop hitting me.
He was too furious he didnt listen to her. He continued hitting me, completing ignoring her pleas. He hit me harder and i thought i was finally going to die.
“Get away woman!” He pushed my mom away as he fell down to the floor crying, wailing at the pain i was going through.
My life flashed through my eyes.
The day my dad beat me up for helping a lady who fell down.
The day my dad totured me to telling him, the girl i liked in school. Lets just say the girl left our school after my dad paid all the teachers to fail her.
The day my dad broke my right fingers the second time, hitting it with a hammar for trying to help my mom up when he beat her.
The day my dad taught me the rules.
The day i forgot the rules, my dad flogged me with whips all over my back.
The day i tried to run away from him, but he caught me and locked me in a dark room without food and water for five days.
My dad was a cruel man, who never loved me. He never loved my mom who he married because she was already pregnant with me.
A pain surged through my head as i was brought back to my current situation.
My dad was holding my hair, dragging it and shouting at me to not faint.
“What is the rule Alberto, say it. Only then would i leave you”
But i still couldnt talk, as i stared at him, blood running out of my nose and mouth. We had the same eyes, nose, everthing i was just like my dad.
The man who broke me. The man who made me who i was.
“Get up!”
I looked at Jake and i tried to get up but the pains in my ribs wouldnt let me.
But i needed to fight.
I needed to be strong.
Maybe my father was right. I couldnt let my emotions get in the way.
I should have obeyed him.
I needed to start following the rules.
I didnt want to feel weak. I didnt want to feel sad.
I needed to be ruthless.
I needed to be wicked.
I tried getting up, but i fell back down.
I stood up again.
“Get up Alberto!” My dad shouted, watching me struggle without helpung me.
My ribs hurt the more, and i coughed and spat blood. But i didnt let it affect me.
I stood up and held my ribs in pain. I almost fell back down but i held unto myself.
My dad smiled at me.
This was what he wanted. He wanted me to be like him.
“Rule number thirty, when your enemy attacks you, never back down. Stand up and fight” I managed to say, blood coming out of my mouth.
My dad tapped me on my shoulder and gave me back the gun and pushed me in the direction of my mother.
“Shoot her leg”
I gasped as my mom shouted at my dad, cursing him and pleading for me not to, but i didnt listen.
I pulled the trigger and shot her leg, she screamed.
But i didnt listen. I looked at my dad and he was smiling, very proud of me.
He wanted me to be a monster.
And i was going to be that monster.
Heloo….This chapter was about Alberto, ten years ago, when he was just sixteen years. As you can see his father was a very ruthless man who trained Alberto to just be like him. Now we know how Alberto got to be the way he is. We still dont know if Alberto survived the accident and Eve is now with James, who is the real monster here.

To be continued

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