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Cassandra-Episode 9

Juststarted with a simple kiss, which quickly turned into a huge exchange of kisses. Our bodies instantly lit up with fire as we caressed each other, throwing away every caution as we devoured each other, kissing, caressing and fondling. The passion I felt that moment was simply crazy . It was just as if we have been waiting for that spectacular moment.
The way we tore each other apart was indescribable but deep down I felt guilty about what I was doing even though I had no control over my body. I tried to stop myself. I tried hold my sexual urge but just couldn’t. Nora on the other hand never resisted me, instead encouraged me with her responses and moans.
In no time we were naked in my sitting room. Our clothes flung miles away as if they were thrown by sea waves. Oh yes, the sexual wave in the room was much more stronger than anything on earth.
‘’oh dear, easy. Let me feel you. Let me love you.’’ Nora moaned as I hungrily bit her tips. She shook, caressing my head and urging me to go on. There wasn’t any doubt she needed me badly. There wasn’t any doubt her heart , body and soul wanted me. She was overly wet and ready to receive all I had to offer.
The pretty girl was simply irresistible. I tried once again to hold myself as I stared at her beautiful naked body. My joystick superbly erect and waiting for me to plunge forward, something i hesitantly did.
‘’please forgive me’’I breathed as I plunged into Nora via the good old missionary style. She shook and screamed as she felt my length inside her, clasping her hands round my naked as.s as I plunged in and out with great energy.
‘’ah I love you. This is wonderful. Davidddddddd’’ she sang as I increased my tempo, shaking my head as the sweetness of it all took over the remaining sane part of my head. With one deep moan, I deposited everything in me inside her, breathing heavily as I slowly regained control of myself.
However I wasn’t the only one who regained his senses after the dastardly act. Nora bit her lips with regret and instantly turned to hide her face as I pulled out of her.
‘’I’m sorry. I never planned for this to happen’’ I apologized softly, staring remorsefully at her and wondering what else to say.
On a very good day, I would have carried her in my arms, whispering sweet nothings and making promises but in this situation she very much knew my feelings were with another woman and definitely was ashamed over what we just did because she cheapened herself to the lowest. I equally couldn’t make promises i knew i would never keep because no matter what just happened between us my heart was still with Cassandra.
‘’Nora my dear, i still very much respect and value you. Don’t feel too bad. we were only caught up with the heat of the moment’’ I tried soothing her, but she pushed me violently away leaving me with no choice than to head to my toilet and clean up.
‘’dear lord, I have sinned, please I’m so ashamed and confused’’ I prayed in the toilet…
Nora picked up herself after about ten minutes of lying still on the floor, went to the toilet, cleaned up herself and returned to my sitting room with a serious look.
‘’Nora’’ I breathed, desperately trying to come up with more soothing words but she wanted none of it.
‘’good bye David. From now onwards we are nothing but neighbors. I wont visit you and you wont visit me. Let’s stay away from each other please’’ she said seriously before leaving my apartment looking pale and sick.
I just couldn’t get myself to stop her. I just couldn’t get myself to drag her back into my arms, kiss and make promises to her. I caused enough damage to her troubled heart already. I felt awfully bad and bitter.
‘’oh Nora I hope you forgive me’’ I sobbed after she left.
The love we made was nothing but a mistake, we were both carried away by different things. She probably did it with me out of love and want while I did it with her out of sexual urge and to satisfy my raging hormones, something I had battled for so long to prevent.
There is nothing I hated most than taking advantage of anyone but unfortunately I ended up taking advantage of her body and love.. Only if she had resisted me..
To be continued

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