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Cassandra-Episode 8

As I headed to work the next day, I ran into Nora’s younger sister outside my apartment. Surprisingly she walked past me without greeting nor even throwing a friendly smile which was very unusual of her. At first i felt like ignoring her and going my way but her behavior was something I couldn’t just ignore.
‘’Stella’’ I heard myself call out to the young lady who reluctantly stopped and faced me.
‘’what’s wrong?. What did I do to you this morning that made you ignore me rudely?’’’ I asked. She simply threw me an askance look and turned to walk away, a behavior that upset me more.. In the past the young girl was someone who always kissed my feet with pleasure but I knew it was my current problem with her sister that was getting on her , something I wasn’t happy about.

‘’Stella don’t be rude. I’m still talking to you’’ I reprimanded her. She faced me once again, looking very angry.

‘’please i have always respected you. Just go your way and don’t upset me. I have my sister to attend to. She’s very ill thanks for you. Thanks for realizing now that you had no feelings for her’’ she poured out angrily, turned and ran into her apartment, shutting the door. I quickly followed her, banging on the locked door which she opened after realizing that i was hell bent in bringing down the door with my hands.

‘’where is your sister?. Don’t tell me she’s actually sick?’’ I asked, barging into the apartment. She shrugged and walked into Nora’s room while I followed with a pounding heart.

(I had no choice than to delay going out for my business in order to see things for myself. It was something I had to do whether I wanted or not.)

Nora was lying on her bed when I got in. she slowly sat up on seeing me. The expression on her face clearly showed how surprised she was to see me.

‘’why did you bring him in?. what did you tell him?’’ she asked her sister who smiled and sat beside her.

‘’I had to tell him that you are sick. I had no choice sister. I couldn’t bear seeing you suffer like this for a man who dosent deserve you” she replied, holding her hands. I drew forward with both hands in my trouser pocket. A bit clueless on what to say to her.

‘’Nora my dear, I couldn’t help but abandon where I was going when I heard about your health’’ I stammered, drawing close to feel her pulse.

‘’ I’m fine, you can leave now’’ she said with a forced smile. I stared at her for some seconds, not knowing what else to say or do.

‘’she cried all night , getting herself down with fever in the end’’ her sister chipped in. I felt extremely bad.

‘’don’t worry about me. I’m fine. I took some pills before you walked in. You can go attend your business’’ Nora urged.


Hours later @my shop

‘’so that’s it brother. That was the condition I met Nora this morning’’ I narrated to Chinedu, who patiently listened to everything I told him concerning how things went down the previous day between Nora and I.

‘’you have no good reason for treating that girl the way you are doing. Why not give having a relationship with her a shot and see where it leads. Cassandra is in her school and far from you. I don’t think there is anything to lose experimenting with the two ladies’’ he advised.

‘’I don’t just know brother. I hate taking advantage of anyone, especially someone like Nora’’ I breathed…


7:45pm, Nora’s apartment

I walked into the apartment with a sweet smile on my face. Nora was in the sitting room, watching a TV program-me but instantly turned her attention on me as soon as she noticed my presence. Stella dutifully disappeared into one of the rooms after letting me into the apartment.

‘’so how are you feeling dear?’’ I asked, sitting beside her. She breathed deeply, saying nothing.

‘’I see you went nowhere today. How about we go out?. Take a walk outside?’’ I offered, she stared at me with hesitation, saying nothing, looking a bit indecisive.

‘’come on, go get dressed’’ I urged, forcing her to her feet.’’

In no time we left the apartment, holding each other like lovers as we took a short walk down the street, chatting and discussing many inconsequential things. We soon ended up in a small joint where we enjoyed a plate of pepper soup together
But she really had no appetite for the meal, all she wanted was just to be with me. I however forced her to eat , ordering for only one plate which we shared with fun. It was really romantic, I must confess. It was also my first time publicly sharing a plate of food with a girl.

‘’so how about the girl Cassandra?’’ she suddenly asked as we strolled back home.
‘’hmmm Cassandra. I love her very much but right now your happiness and health is my priority’’ I breathed, leaving her blushing over my words.

Just that moment, it started raining without warning. We felt rain drop on us .

‘’jeez, is this rain or what?, in this time of the year’’ she suddenly asked with laughter as people around us started running to dodge the rain…

‘’we have to run home dear. I cant believe this. Thank God we didn’t go far’’’ I breathed with excitement which drew out more laughter from her.

We instantly ran home like little children, letting the rain drench us as we ran instead of waiting for it to stop before heading home. However i was a bit concerned over her health because she wasn’t really feeling fine earlier in the day.

On getting to our compound, we ran into my apartment, breathing heavily.

‘’I never knew you could run so well’’ I said sweetly, hugging her softly. She held me , leaving her full chest on mine…

It was just as if a great current ignited in us that very moment. We began kissing, undressing each other with great energy.

To be continued

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