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Cassandra-Episode 7

Nora’s sister walked in on us that moment, freezing on sensing the tension in the room. Nora instantly broke free from me.
‘’you have to think things through. You have till tonight to make up your mind. I’m leaving for my shop’’ she said seriously. I nodded, breathed deeply and walked away without another word.
I headed straight to my shop afterwards. My mind totally confused and indecisive. I so badly wanted to be with Cassandra but there is this feeling a man gets when a woman openly reveals her love for him. I had that feelings in me which was the main reason I was confused on the path to thread.
Of course being with a woman who loves you a hundred percent is one of the greatest gifts of life but in the situation where you lack the same percentage of love towards her. It could be disastrous in future. A situation that could lead to infidelity.
Chinedu walked into my shop as I was preoccupied with my thoughts. He laughed and cracked a stupid joke which left me sighing as I eyed him.
‘’so tell me, what’s getting you so worked up this early?’’ he asked.
‘’Nora returned last night. We had a big talk this morning and she poured out her mind to me. She opened her feelings to me. Yes she’s very much in love with me but you know I don’t feel the same strong love for her’’ I opened up to my friend.
‘’you know in this present age, it’s better to go with a woman you are sure of her love than going for a woman you aren’t yet sure of her position. As a guy you will get to feel strongly for her in due time once you set your heart on it.’’ He advised. I looked up at him, searching his eyes for unhidden answers.
‘’are you sure about that?. I wish you could just feel the passion I have for Cassandra. it’s so pure, so enchanting, so wondrous. Being with her makes me so happy. But all I feel for Nora right now is just compassion. You have to understand’’ I pushed on. He shrugged with resignation.
‘’very well. It’s your life. My duty as a friend is to advice and support you. I go with whoever you choose’’ he muttered seriously.
Later in the evening, after a very busy day in my shop. I was relaxing in my sitting room when Nora walked in like old times carrying a plate filled with sliced pineapples with her. She sat by my side with a cute smile. It was just as if she had forgotten our little talk in the morning.
‘’so tell me about the girl that made you forget me?’’’ she asked as we ate the pineapples she brought together. I smiled and faced her.
‘’her name is Cassandra. A medical student. She’s very beautiful, friendly and jovial. You will like her when you meet her’’ I said quickly.
‘’hmmmm I see’’ she breathed, growing pale. I smiled once again and held her hand.
‘’you are a great lady and I have to be honest with you. Yes I was confused in the morning but now my mind is made. I’m settling for Cassandra and we will get married as soon as possible. I pray our friendship still remains’’’ I slowly said, watching her swallow hard with great pain. I couldn’t help but feel her pain. It was so strong and powerful.
‘’thanks for being honest with me. Not many guys would do it. However I hope and pray that this new girl will make you happy. Girls can be deceptive, especially campus girls’’ she said and stood up.
‘’I hope you know things wont remain the same between us anymore. From this moment our friendship will have limit’’ she added. I stood up, rubbing my face with my hands. Surely I was in a very difficult position. I was doing what I wouldn’t want a girl I so much love to do to me. I was doing something I wouldn’t want Cassandra to do to me.
‘’by the way, can I see her picture?. Let me see the picture of the girl that made you lose your mind in this manner. I bet you have hundreds of them in your camera phone’’ she suddenly asked, pushing me back with her request. But the unfortunate thing was that I had none of Cassandra’s pictures in my phone. I never snapped her with my phone and she equally gave one flimsy excuse when I asked her to send some of her pictures to my phone, the last time we were together..
‘’I see you don’t have her pictures?.. hmmmmmm good night’’ she breathed and left my apartment without another word. I was left completely demoralized..
I Just couldn’t sleep that night. All my thoughts were on Cassandra. It got so much that i had to get up by 11pm to call her on phone. Unfortunately she never answered, instead she switched off her phone after it rang once.
To be continued

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