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Cassandra-Episode 4

I took Cassandra out for a wonderful dinner in one of the new expensive restaurants in town before we returned to my apartment for a good night rest.

My hormones raged on fire as we settled on my bed that fateful evening. My heart throbbed loudly as a thousand and one thoughts raced through my head. In fact the way I felt was simply indescribable. Cassandra’s actions were just totally encouraging.

‘’perhaps I might even get the chance to blow her tonight’’ I reasoned as I laid beside her, staring into her beautiful eyes.
Even though I had three extra rooms in my apartment, I made Cassandra to sleep in my room, though with the expectation that she might decline but surprisingly she made no argument nor refused sleeping in my room. She accepted with good faith which made me love her the more because her behavior made me to see her as a very matured and respectful lady.

‘’why are you staring at me like that?’’ she softly asked as we exchanged glances. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes for some seconds.

‘’I’m so happy. I really cant believe you are here with me’’ I confessed. blushed and shifted uneasily.

‘’come on stop it. Moreover I know you have lots of girlfriends’’ she breathed.

‘’well since I got to this town I haven’t even seen a lady of my choice, talk more of having her as a girlfriend. Though my line of business hardly gives me the opportunity to mingle with ladies. So you are the only lady in my life right now and I want you to occupy that position for eternity’’ I answered. She kept quiet, saying nothing.

‘’don’t you like me?’’ I suddenly asked for no reason, drawing close to caress her face. My hand trembled as I touched her affectionately.

‘’’of course I like you. If not, I wouldn’t be here’’ she answered, melting my heart with her words. I drew closer, finding her lips and kissing her. She instantly drew back and sat up.

‘’please that should stop. It’s too early for you to be kissing me. You have to respect me’’ she said seriously, coloring up and leaving me drawn back with surprise and regret.

‘’I’m sorry dear’’ I stammered, swallowing my emotions and feelings. Of course the way she reacted when I kissed her suspended the sexual plans I had for the night but nevertheless I knew she had every right to behave the way she did and my respect for her still remained the same.

We slept without making love.


Cassandra wasn’t only good looking and sophisticated, she equally was very good with house chores. The pretty damsel used the later part of the next day which was Saturday to prepare a delicious pot of stew and soup for me. A very tasty meal it was and the aroma was just enough to attract even enemies to my home.

In my mind, every thing about her was perfect. I resolved to make her my wife as soon as possible. I was ready to go through any hurdle just to wed her.

As we settled in my room, that Saturday night. I stared at her with the urge to make love to her but I was very scared of upsetting her. I just didn’t know what to do.
‘’there is something that has been bothering me and I feel like sharing it with you but my fear is that it isn’t the right time to disturb you with my problems’’ I heard her say with a soft whisper. I instantly drew closer to her.
‘’what’s the problem my dear?’’ I asked with great concern.

‘’no don’t worry, let’s forget it’’ she breathed. I held her hands, staring into her eyes.

‘’you can trust me with your problems. I can help in any way possible’’ I urged. She breathed deeply, hesitating slightly.

‘’it’s about my hostel rent’’ she stammered.

‘’so what happened ?’’ I asked.

‘’things are very hard for my family right now. Mum hasn’t been paid her salary since last year October and my dad is really struggling with the bills and every other thing. My two brothers are in a private university and their school fees just drained the little money my dad had left. I’m now left with no choice than to pack out of my current lodge and squat with a friend which I’m not used to. I have been staying in a self contained room right from my first year in the university.’’’ She explained, tears dropping from her eyes as she opened her mind to me. I was touched.

She sounded so real, so genuine , so emotional. Plus the tears. No I couldn’t bear watching her cry.
‘’so how much is the rent?’’ I asked softly.

‘’ ninety thousand naira N90,000 (aprox $450)’’ she answered.
‘’hmmm it’s a lot of money but don’t worry. I will give you the money as you leave for your school on Sunday’’ I promised, drawing out a great smile from her. She quickly wiped her tears.
‘’oh my God.. thank you dearest”” she beamed with great joy, throwing herself on my body and hugging me strongly.

However that was all I got from her that fateful night. I never dared going for sex, out of fear that she might interpret it wrongly and very early on Sunday morning , I made a quick withdrawal at an ATM machine nearby …..

Cassandra left with N95,000 on her first visit to my house. N90,000 for the hostel rent and additional N5000 for her upkeep. A huge amount enough to take my building project in the village to the next level. But I did it all for love.. I felt investing in her was much profitable than my building project at home…

To be continued

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