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Cassandra-Episode 3

‘’so what actually do you want from me?’’ Cassandra suddenly asked, leaving her beautiful eyes on me. I tried to relax as I met her gaze, breathing heavily as I quickly formed an answer in my mind.

‘’I know you probably must be hearing what I’m about telling you everyday but I beg of you to believe me. I’m not a kid and I’m equally not getting younger. I’m at the ripe age to settle down and I’m here with you today because you have all the qualities I need in a wife. I really would so much appreciate if you will consider me much more than a friend. Let’s make things happen together. Let’s fix our future together’’ I answered solemnly, my heart pounding furiously as I watched her reaction. She simply smiled and shrugged.

‘’invariably, you want me as a wife and not as a girlfriend?’’ she asked slowly. I nodded quickly.

‘’well just like you said, this isn’t the first, second nor third time I’m hearing such words. I’m equally not a kid nor a naive young girl who would shiver on hearing the word marriage. To win someone like me, you will have to work hard for it. You will first work your way into my heart . first as a friend, then as a lover before I can even consider you. ‘’ she simply replied, leaving me a bit excited and confused at the same time.

‘’but we are already friends right?’’ I asked with a smile. She rolled her eyes.

‘’well for now, we are mere acquaintances. You haven’t proved yourself as a friend yet’’ she answered, leaving me extremely surprised. My face fell.
‘’come on, don’t be like that. You should know I’m not an easy person. I don’t mess around. So you have all the time to prove yourself to me. You are aiming towards marriage and it requires dedication and commitment’’ she preached while I shrugged with resignation.

‘’so when are we seeing again?’’ I asked.

‘’I really don’t know. I’m going back to school on the third of January’’ she answered.

‘’alright. I believe we will be seeing often’’ I murmured.

‘’ I hope so’ she breathed.


I drove her home afterwards, before rushing home to meet my dad anxiously waiting for me.

‘’where went you?’’ dad asked,
‘’I went to see a friend’’ I answered with a smile.

‘’I hope you didn’t go drinking with friends?’’ he asked suspiciously. I laughed.

‘’come on dad, will I be back this early supposing I went out drinking with friends. Actually I was with a woman. A lady I plan to marry’’ I answered innocently, leaving a great smile on the old man’s face.

‘’now you are talking son. You know I have been worried that at your age you are yet to bring a woman home. But why hang out with her outside?. Why didn’t you bring her home?’’ he queried with a frown.

‘’don’t worry dad. I will soon bring her home. I promise”. I assured the old man .


New year (2013) arrived with me getting more fond of Cassandra. We spoke on phone almost four times every day . I couldn’t stay an hour without thinking about her. She equally responded and behaved very well to me. Her responses and everything she did was kind of a green light to me. I fell madly in love with her. I never hesitated in telling my friends and neighbors about my Cassandra even though the pretty girl was yet to officially say yes to me but I believed her positive/ encouraging actions towards me were more than the yes I needed.

I was so ready to do anything for her. I was so madly in love. Everything was green in my eyes.
On the second Thursday of January 2013, she surprised me with a phone call.

‘’hi Dave , what’s up?’’ she greeted.

‘’I’m fine very dear’’ I answered with happiness.

‘’I will be very free this weekend and I want to spend it with you. Hope you will be free to pick me up on Friday evening ?’’ she asked, surprising me with the unexpected offer. I couldn’t find my voice for some seconds. I could believe my ears. I couldn’t believe it was all real.

‘’gosh a hot girl like Cassandra offering to spend a full weekend with me, without me even asking?’’ I reasoned with great joy.
‘’there isn’t any doubt she’s mine. Of course what is yours is yours’’ I summarized as I licked my lips in anticipation of the great weekend that awaited me.

Just like she promised, by 7pm that fateful Friday, the pretty girl was well settled in my apartment, making me the most happiest bachelor on earth. My mind was so full of expectations.

OH CASSANDRA…. So beautiful, so charming, well mannered but full of pretense..

To be continued

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