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Cassandra-Episode 2

‘’I spotted you from afar and your beauty instantly attracted me’’ I said softly, drawing out another smile from Cassandra. Oh you should have seen how my entire body shook with joy and satisfaction as I chatted with the beautiful damsel. In my mind she was already mine. All that was left was to propose and get married to her as quickly as possible. I felt like running home to my parents, screaming that i have found a wife. Yea that was exactly how I felt. I felt like a virgin boy who just got his first girlfriend and to be sincere she was the first classy girl or should I say sophisticated girl I was chatting up in such fashion. My head just swelled with lots of plans.

‘’I really will love to have your phone number so that we could chat up later’’ I finally demanded with great hopes. She instantly obliged, giving me her phone number which I saved in my phone, complimented her looks one more time before walking away with great happiness.
‘’thank you God’’ I breathed happily.


Very early the next day, after a very restless night filled with dreams, I called Cassandra on phone for the first time. My heart pounded furiously as I waited for her to pick up.

‘’hey good morning, it’s David, Amara’s brother’’ I quickly greeted and soon as she picked up the call.

‘’hey good morning, what’s up’’ she replied lively, encouraging me with her reply.

‘’hope you got home on time yesterday?’’ I asked,

‘’yep’’ she answered,

‘’hope your people are cool?’’ I asked,

‘’yep’’ she answered,

‘’so how are you going to spend the day?’’ I asked,

‘’hmmmm, nothing much’’ she muttered with slight hesitation.

‘’how about we meet today?’’ I asked. She kept quiet for a while.
‘’come on say something please?’’ I urged,

‘’is it really necessary?’’ she asked,

‘’yes oooo. I really will do anything to be with you today’’ I chipped in. she laughed out.

‘’so where do you want us to meet?’’ she asked,

‘’hmmm, I actually don’t know the place that will be convenient for you since you are in the village’’ I stammered.

‘’Owerri will be great. Just pick anywhere in Owerri’’ she added, leaving a great smile on my face.

‘’okay that’s cool. Let’s meet in Crunches by 3pm’’ I said quickly.
‘’Crunches?. As in the fast food opposite Mbari kitchen?’’ she asked innocently,

‘’exactly’’ I answered with great spirit.


By 3pm the fateful day, I was already in Crunches restaurant, very nervous and excited. I really was all out to impress the beautiful girl who was such a big catch to me.

Believe it or not, I even did a short English practice at home in order to impress her with my good command of the language. My dressing that evening was equally superb. An expensive stripped shirt, plain matching trouser and black shoes.

My heart throbbed loudly as I nervously waited for Cassandra who showed up by 3:30pm , apologizing politely.

‘’I’m so sorry for being late. The bus i boarded, broke down on the way and the driver refused refunding us’’ she explained but I never cared for the explanation. Her presence was all I needed.
In no time I ordered for food and drinks which we devoured gracefully. I used the opportunity to study her more appropriately and i was convinced with no doubt that she had the grace, manners and air of a sophisticated lady. The type of woman I wanted as a wife.

‘’so tell me about yourself?. You speak as if you studied in England’’ she suddenly demanded, leaving me a bit uncomfortable with the question.

‘’actually I’m self employed’’ I answered slowly, drawing out a sharp inquisitive gaze from her.
‘’really!, so what exactly do you do?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’I’m a business man. I sell electronics, rugs and house stuffs. I have shops in Onitsha and Owerri’’ I answered truthfully but I couldn’t help but notice her lively eyes drop even though she quickly forced out a smile to hide her true feelings.

I paid no heed to her initial reaction. I simply was blinded with love and such a costly mistake it was.

Each time I remember that moment , the way she reacted when I told her my occupation, I feel like crying because I had every opportunity to walk away but I didn’t because I was so much in love.

To be continued

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