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Cassandra-Episode 1

Walking into my office in the early hours of Monday 5th January 2015 was this young man. Dark, tall, strongly built and handsome. But one quick look at him, I noticed he was very troubled. He looked very shaken and nervous.

I smiled politely, offering him a chair.

‘’good morning sir’’ I greeted, wondering what was troubling such a strong dude this early in the day.

‘’I guess you are Coolval?. The guy I always read his stories online?’’ he asked, forcing out a smile. I nodded, smiling back.

‘’yes sir, but you can call me valentine’’ I replied quickly. He breathed deeply and shrugged.
‘’well I’m here to tell you a story. I’m here to pour out my heart so that you can write it down and share it out to the world . I want people to read my story and probably learn from it. This is a story of love, hopes and betrayal. This is a story that most unmarried guys out there, especially in Nigeria can relate to. It’s a story of my relationship with a young lady called CASSANDRA. A girl that sent me crashing down with love’’ he said with such a strong spirit, his eyes turning dark red as he cleared his throat to start one of the passionate stories I have ever heard.


My name is David Odueke. A native of Imo state, Nigeria. I’m thirty three years old and also the first son in a family of three boys and a girl. Now here is my story…
On 30th December 2013, my younger sister got married to the love of her life. It was a very happy and festive day for every member of my family and it equally was the day I made up my mind to do everything necessary to get married, since God in his infinite mercy was blessing me tremendously.

Being the first son in a very poor family, I left the village at a very young age to serve one of my uncles in Onitsha. I served him for five years before I was settled with a well stocked shop. I was twenty five years by then and just like I promised my father, I quickly brought my immediate younger brother to the city and together we worked hard to provide for our last two siblings. I made sure they got the education that I was denied due to poverty and God being merciful made my business to boom so much that in five years I had three shops in Onitsha plus two new shops in Owerri. I was dealing in house rugs, carpet and electronics. A very profitable business that swelled my bank accounts the way I never imagined. And with that kind of money under my control, I began dreaming big. I planned erecting a big house in my village and equally planned marrying a beautiful well educated girl, preferably a doctor, nurse or a banker.

In order to fulfill my aim, I relocated to Owerri in September 2013 from where I controlled my business empire. I relocated to Owerri because I felt, getting an educated girl would be much easier in such town than in a commercial city like Onitsha. My hopes were totally up but unfortunately December soon arrived without me winning any girl. But it never brought down my spirit because I felt good things do take time to come.

Christmas arrived and I traveled to the village to celebrate with my family, especially with my sister who was getting married that Christmas.

As the marriage ceremony went on that fateful day, I slowly screened the crowd, searching for a lady that would gain my attention. In no time, I spotted this fair beautiful damsel. Very tall, graceful and super hot. She looked like a sea goddess , her smiles very electrifying and stunning. I gazed in wonder at the marvelous beauty before me.

‘’dear lord. I hope, she’s the one. I pray she accepts me.’’ I prayed as I quickly made my way to where she stood chatting with her friend.
‘’excuse me, please can I have a word with you?’’ I asked politely. She threw a quick look at her friend who nodded in approval. She smiled and drew closer to me while her friend took some steps back.

‘’my name is David, Amara’s elder brother. The girl getting married is my sister’’ I nervously introduced myself. She smiled once again, throwing the killing smile that attracted me to her.

‘’I know already. Your sister and I are in the same school’’ she replied, encouraging me with her sweet reply.

‘’really!, so what’s your name and what course are you studying in the university?’’ I asked breathlessly.

‘’my name is CASSANDRA. I’m a medical student’’ she quickly answered. My heart instantly overflowed with great joy like someone who just won a jackpot.

‘’she’s definitely the one. She’s the wife God destined for me’’ I reasoned with great joy.

I was the happiest man on earth that very moment.

To be continued

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