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Deborah Paul

Episode 18

The day was so hectic and very tiring, I went to work that day not as a medical doctor but as God’s servant, immediately I got to office Angel asked me to go from ward to ward and lay hand on the sick, at first I wanted to refuse but why deny my calling and free gift? I went to the reception did some sighing before I headed for the wards, I have been in this hospital for two tears, there are places in the hospital I have stepped in, I was so emotions seeing how people were suffering (if you think God is unfair come to the hospital, if you think or feel like suicide is the last option come to the hospital, come and see how people are suffering and begging God to live, even if is just a minutes let them be free from the internal wounds and bleeding) I’m going to advice you guys I know I’m not in the place to give you this kind of advice because I have never suffered, never felt pain, never been close to death, yeah you might be right but what makes us humans is when you feel the pains and agony of others. So if the sick, cripple, blind, accident victim can still believe God can do it I wonder why you that is healthy cant believe that. I walked from ward to ward praying and crying, seeing all this things after two Years of working here made me grateful, grateful that God has been faithful to me, even when I have refuse to accept what I am he never came up on me. It was I was in another world and all those people on that sick bed are the unlucky people on earth, the little child who has throat cancer, who couldn’t chew something with his mouth that they have to pass food through his nose(oh my God) my heart aches for him, some little yet he has suffered this much that moment I was grateful for my gift, news already reach my senior doctors that I was acting weird and crazy. I sat before the little kid who his mother told me is called David, I held his hands and cried ” lord help me to help this child” I thought in my heart.
Say whatever you want, my Master is bigger than any doubt in as much as you believe then say it (he said from his thought)
I watch the little boy try to say something but couldn’t his mother came closer and gave him pan and a book, obviously that’s what he has been communicating with his mother, I watch him write something before he dropped it on my laps
I don’t want to die, I’m the only one my poor mother has, you carry the gift of God around you, I sense it the moment you enter please I believe I can live.
Immediately I finish reading it my emotions finally broke I went down on my knees and sang, our God loved praises and in this situation all I could give was praise him, gradually people from other wards started to joined us, my heart bleed so was my tears flow, I sang and spoke in tongue, I held his hand and smiled at the little boy
I’m not an angel, nor a prophet but I’m telling you from my heart because he said ” if we can just believe, or our faith is as small as the monster seed, we can say to the mountain move and it will obey” you have proven to have faith by the authority give to me I say may your faith work for you as you have believe.
Immediately I said that I started to sing thanking God for what I know his already doing a minutes later the little boy spoke
The mother ran and hugged her son ” you can talk, does your throat hurt, how do you feel” she asked all at once
Mum I feel strong, and alive the father of the fatherless has proven him self he has remembered us mum(a tear dropped from his eyes)
I sang praises more to my father, those who witness were amaze, they came to round me asking me to heal them ” I am not the heal my father heals and take away every pains and break every chains” I told them.
Lord you and faith works hand in hand, lord if I’m truly the last drop of your son Jesus Christ blood, as many that believes let your miraculous hand touch them.
People started to fall, healing was taking place, the nurses and doctors that had come to scold me for causing noise in the hospital was more than shock to see what my father was doing.
Not everything got their healings, like Michael would say ” our break through is tie to one person or the other, some lack faith and some are destine to be heal by others while the rest God’s mercy has left them, they have said bad things about God so their healing was withheld.
After the long prayer and deliverance, I left everyone and went into my office to praise my God more, Michael was there the smile on his face showed my father was please with me.
Around 6pm I went into the ladies room and change my clothes before Michael and I left for church.

To be continued

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