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Blood - Episode 35

26th June

AIT Discussion Topic: Zeus visits UN again
AIT representative speaking to Honorable Minister of Defense Dr. Danjuma Aliyu and Senator Sani Rafiu
AIT: Honorable, his visit was cordial
Hon. Danjuma: Yes it was cordial but for a man like this to visit the UN a second time, that means he has something in mind
AIT: Something like what?
Hon. Danjuma: A revolution
AIT: Senator, do you agree?
Senator Sani: We didn’t really know what his mission was because the meeting was private but we know that the meeting was with the security council of UN and all five permanent members were present.
I believe that for this man Zeus to seek the attention of such international body, then he has indeed gone strong and I do not know what he plans
AIT: Honorable why do you say a Revolution?
Hon. Danjuma: Isn’t it obvious, Zeus has been able to convince Nigerians that he can bring down the government
AIT: Honorable, he didn’t say he would bring down the government
Hon. Danjuma: Of cause he did, somebody who said that the government had failed. He also said he can bring the change they want and how would he do it if not to bring down the government and install himself as a new one
He has killed some government officials which we all know off and who know what he would do in the future
AIT: So what are you suggesting?
Hon. Danjuma: Something must be done fast or else he would be sitting as the president soon; the president has not been able to travel for some time now because he has had people stop all government officials from leaving the country, do you think that is not a serious case?...
27th June
House of Representative Premises, Abuja
Four big coaches enters the premises and youths carrying rods and sticks and machetes march out the buses and filled the place but security men with guns stopped them but then two military lorries entered the compound and soldiers alighted from within and opened fire on the security men and killed them all and the soldiers proceeded into the building while the youths stood outside
Not long a black SUV came into the compound followed by a black hummer jeep and a white range rover; Zeus stepped out the SUV with General Abayomi; the youths started cheering and chanting
“Hail Zeus the Great”
“Hail Zeus the Great!”
Zeus smiled at them and waved at them as he walked into the building with General Abayomi, Luke, Hades, Evil Spirit and Drummer. The youths were eager to kill and they looked angry…
Zeus entered into the hall where there was silence everywhere, he then walked down the stairs
“God morning our esteemed Legislooters” he said loudly as he walked down towards the Senate board as others followed behind. He then smiled as he got to the front of the senate President’s table and then bowed and turned left and climbed up a platform to meet the Senate president
“What is going on here? What is the meaning of all these?” the senate president asked; two soldiers lifted the president off the seat and dropped him on the ground. Zeus sat down on the cahir
“Thank you” he said and his voice echoed every where because of the mic on the table, he then crossed his legs on the table with his hands at the back of his head
“What a comfortable chair; no hard wood or nail under your butts” soldiers were everywhere, up and down with guns and some moved amongst the audience. Zeus then dropped his legs and put his hand on the table and adjusted the mic
“Where is the speaker of the house?” he asked loudly
“That’s him there sir” one soldier said pointing to him
“Stand up” the soldier ordered and the man stood up
“Now let me… what is the meaning of this? How dare you come into a governmental gathering with such audacity and cause nuisance? Who do you think you are? This is madness and cannot be…” one of the Senators interrupted rudely but a hot slap landed on his face before he could finish and another soldier hit a gun on his head and he fell down; they started beating him and kicking him and there was murmuring in the house.
“Silence please” Zeus said and they kept quiet; the soldiers beat him to death
“What’s his state?” Zeus asked
“Dead sir” the soldier replied
“So where was I” Zeus asked as he turned to the house
“The list” Luke said
“The list, thank you” Zeus said as he banged the table and pointed at Luke; Zeus walked down the platform
“General please I don’t want you standing, go sit over there” Zeus said as he referred him to the SP’s seat
“Where is the speaker I called” Zeus asked
“I am here sir” he said and ran to Zeus
“Do you know why I called you?”
“No sir”
“Because I want you to do your duty” Zeus said and collected a file from Hades and handed it to him
“you are going to read out to the house” Zeus said; he looked at the maze on the platform
“Isn’t that the maze of authority?” he said as he walked to it
“Where’s the sergeant of the House” Zeus asked and a man raised his hand
“pick up the maze and come here” he said and the man obeyed and Zeus collected it
“Now you all listen, I am holding the maze so my rule is that you can’t speak until I ask you to” Zeus said, he looked behind him and saw cameras
“O I forgot, this is a public broadcast”
“I hope everything is been shown live” Zeus asked and the camera men replied
“Yes sir”
“Thank you”
“Now speaker please read from the manuscript” Zeus said and the speaker walked to his table and adjusted the mic
“Skip the greetings and read the content”
“Ok sir” he replied and started
“These are the names of all the…” he paused
“What happened?” Zeus asked
“If you stop, I will shut you down and appoint a new speaker” Zeus threatened…
People all over Nigeria had turned on their TV set to watch what was happening in the house; everything was happening live, some people called their persons in various places and told them to check what was happening on their TV set. It was not just happening in Nigeria but some countries were watching…

To be continued

>>>>Episode 34

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