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Story: Blood - Episode 31/32


Blood - Episode 31

“His Excellency” a comrade said and saluted
“What is this this news I’m hearing about Nigeria rising against the government” President Sanusi asked
“It’s Zeus sir, who is the mastermind of the situation” the Comrade said and the president picked up a telephone and called
“Colonel, what is going on?” President asked loudly
“I told you to shut down Dr. Jason’s son but you didn’t and now he’s becoming stronger with support from Nigerians”
“I am sorry Your Excellency, this man has more power than we predicted but we are still working on it”
“My friend, you are very stupid. If you don’t bring down this man in 7days, I will waste you and your family, idiot” the President hanged up and looked at his comrade
“Sir” he replied loudly
“Where is Sarah Oscar?” he asked and there was silence and fear
“Sir we haven’t found her yet but there is news she’s with Zeus”
“What?” the President stood up angrily
“Do you know what that means?”
“Yes sir I know”
“Walla-yi, you are mad… get out of my office, you have 3days to find and bring her here or I’ll waste you” he shouted angrily…
Indoor Meeting with Executive NGL members
“Information has reached us that Senator Amadu Ayo in charge of Lagos west senatorial Zone was given the sum of 56million naira for the development project in the zone but till date nothing has happened” an executive spoke
“When was this money given?” Zeus asked
“It’s been 10 months now”
“Then you will get him and then he should bring out the money and be arrested but if he can’t bring the money he should be killed in the presence of the people… we will replace him” Zeus said
“Zeus, in Osun state, the governor owes a lot of workers their salary of about 10months now and pensioners are yet to receive their pension for the past one year and we have every document of the billions coming into the state”
“Also Busayo Femi of Ife central in Osun state has received 25million from Babajida Oladare for the purpose of reconstructing a rural secondary school but for the past 14 months, nothing has been done”
‘Send a message to our people in Osun and let these men be made scape-goats” Zeus said and then Ade came into the meeting
“Zeus an important call for you” Ade handed him the phone
“Hello” he said
“Is this Zeus Heineken” a female voice said
“Yes it is” he said; he was surprised she called his surname
“I have all you need to bring down the president” she said and Zeus immediately put it on loud speaker and adjusted the table mic to the phone
“Who are you?” he asked
“Mu name is not necessary”
“Ok tell me what you have”
“The House of Rep will be having a meeting on the 27th of this month in Abuja and many of them there have done incredible things that would be hard to believe… I have all you need to kill all the selfish baboons as you say and even bring down the president himself” everyone listened carefully
“Thank you but how do we get the prove you have?”
“I will push their names and deeds to your email and please show them no mercy”
“I assure you that” he said and she hanged up, he immediately opened his laptop and went to his email and just then the mail came in
“(Laughs) this is good… we are at victory” Zeus said and everyone cheered and applauded…


Blood - Episode 32

Luke, Jameel, God-Eye and Yvonne (God-Eye’s girlfriend) were on their way out to have some good time. Luke was driving and God-Eye was beside him while both ladies sat at the back and they were chatting
“No, seriously I hate gay guys” Jameel said
“Yeah me too, how would a guy kiss a guy” Yvonne said
“Disgusting” she added
“Ok, what about lesbians?” God-Eye asked them
“hell no, I hate that too” Jameel said
“Girl kissing girl is gross” Yvonne said
“Seriously speaking” Luke said as he drove
“I hate gay guys too but I love it when girls are… you know… doing their thing” Luke said and they laughed
“Haaaa shut up Luke… you just being naughty” Jameel said; it was an argument
“No seriously, I agree, I love it too” God-Eye said
“You guys are sick”
“You have no idea what you’re missing babes” Luke said and God-Eye laughed
“Shut up, Luke” both ladies said
“Wait, why are we even talking about such” Jameel said
“Nobody likes gay, case close” Yvonne said and they were silent for 3secs then Luke said
“I like Les”
O shut up and drive” Jameel said
“Ok Rihanna” he said and they laughed
Suddenly there was a bullet fired from behind them that broke the glass of the car and the ladies screamed and bent their heads
“What the hell?” God-Eye said with surprise and they continued shooting at them, Luke increased the speed of the car and it became a hot pursuit on the streets of Lagos
“Who the hell are they?” Yvonne asked as she stayed low with Jameel
“Luke? What’s happening?” Jameel asked
“just be calm, we’ll handle it” Luke said and opened the glove compartment of the car and four guns fell out with bullet cartridges. God-Eye picked one of the guns, loaded it and fired back at them, he shot their head lights but they kept firing and Luke kept driving fast, he turned the car into another street and they followed, he entered another, they followed then finally drove into the high way where there were street lights that brightened the place. The road was portioned into two by block barricades; the lane was wide enough for two cars to move at the same speed
“They are catching up” God-Eye said and Luke quickly switched the car’s gear to the previous and they moved their car forward and faster
“Jameel raise your chair, there are grenades under the chair” he said and she adjusted her position and opened that part of the chair and brought out two grenades and gave it to God-eye, she brought out two more. The car was following closely and they kept shooting at them; the car was coming up gradually beside them, the shooting guy then entered the car to reload
“God-eye; I want to put them in front of us and then you will go out through the sun roof and shoot the back of their glass and throw the grenade in.
The guy finished loading and stock his head out to shoot but Luke quickly applied the brake which made the enemy car forward, then Luke followed them behind closely by hitting the back of their car with the head of his ; God-eye came out through the sun roof ; the shooting man from the other car wanted to adjust his position but God-eye shot his hand and his gun fell off his hand, God-eye then shot the back screen of their car with multiple bullets and it broke, Luke passed the grenade and he unhooked it and threw it into their car, Luke passed another and he threw it into their car . Luke immediately applied a quick brake, leaving the enemy car going forward and it then exploded loudly. God-eye entered into the car and sat down breathing heavily
“Good one” Luke said
“Thanks to you” God-Eye said and tapped his shoulder. They both looked back and saw the ladies still squatting, they smiled
“You can get up now, it’s over’ Luke said and they raise their head and looked around
“Where are they?” Jameel asked
“On their way to hell” God-Eye said; Luke turned the car around and headed back...

To be continued

>>>>Episode 29/30

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