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Story: BLOOD - EPISODE 29/30


Blood - Episode 29

Breaking News Bloody fight breaks out between police and NGL members in Lagos and Abuja…
“Zeus what happened in Abuja?” Haliya asked as they both walked upstairs “The police are over stepping their limits and I will deal with them” Zeus said walking away “Zeus wait” Haliya called but he walked away… Lagos National Stadium Everywhere is filled up with people and Zeus addresses them “I am very proud of the members of NGL and how quick we are to taking actions. The Nigerian police have abused their power by striking our people and we will make sure that they are sued and we will remove them from every check point in the country where they beg” ‘Yeees!!” “I see Blood and I hear thunder but do not be afraid for the blood is the blood of every selfish political baboons and dogs who has taken the cry of the people as songs of joy. And the thunder is the victory cry of our guns” the crowd roared in excitement “The time is finally here and we will take it. We are the future beginning from today”…


Blood - Episode 30

Two Days Later
Inspector General of Police Office, Abuja
Mr. Adams Arinze
Zeus enters the IG’s office with Hades; three police men followed behind
“You’re welcome sir” Mr. Adams said and they shook hands and sat
“Thank you”
“Inspector, I am sincerely not happy with the police for the attack they had our people”
“Mr. Zeus”
“Just Zeus please” Zeus corrected
“Zeus, the police was acting on orders” he commented
“Who’s orders?”
“Orders from the House of Reps” he said and Zeus smiled
“I see” he said and looked at Hades
“So the orders were to kill innocent people”
“the orders were to arrest you” he said
“Well as interesting as it may sound, I am sitting in your office and not under arrest… look Inspector, I need you to call your boys to order because Nigerians are seriously angry and are ready to burn down police stations”
“Zeus… you can’t pull down the police force”
“Who said anything about me?” Zeus asked
“Tell that to Nigerians; you have killed family men and friends and if you do not call your men to order I will bring in the Nigerian Army on you and all the police. And let me warn you… I would not be responsible for your disaster”
“Why are you doing this?” Inspector asked
“Why am I doing this? Are you asking me that? Do you know what your government has cost Nigerians? The government has put the country in a very uncomfortable state for the average Nigerian; this rubbish has to end because it has reached its limits”
“I understand the economic state” Inspector said
“it’s not just economy; at this point Nigeria wants to have the power switched and I want the police to be on our side when we make our next move because the next stage is called Point and Kill; even the whole police force cannot stand against us at this period’ Zeus said and stood up then walked away with Hades.
The IG was scared because he knew that Zeus was right and secondly there is a strong alliance with the Army
“Wait” Inspector called and Zeus stood still at the door
“What would happen if the police joins you” he asked
“Nigeria would spare their blood” Zeus said and walked away…
TVC Interviewing Honorable Minister Emmanuel Okon and an Executive from NGL Mr. Ahmed Balogun
Interviewer: And here in the studio with us are two important personalities and we will be discussing the issue of NGL vs. the Federal government
Interviewer: We have an executive from NGL Mr. Ahmed Balogun and from the House of Reps is Honorable Emmanuel Okon. Thank you for joining us sirs
“Thank you” both reply
Interviewer: Ok let’s start with the fight between the Nigerian Police and the NGL members. Honorable let me start with you, people are saying that the police went to far as to killing the people, what do you say?
Hon. Emmanuel: Ahem thank you… you see, the problem here is from the NGL members who attempted stopping the police from making an arrest. The arrest issued was directly from the House of Reps and the people had no right to stop the police from making that arrest
Interviewer: So are you saying the police were right as to shooting?
Hon. Emmanuel: I am not saying they were right, although it was a mistake on their part but you also forget that the people also killed police men. Police officers were lynched at the spot with different dangerous objects, so I believe the police had right to defend themselves from fugitives
Interviewer: Mr. Balogun, what’s your say on the matter?
Mr. Balogun: Well, I must say that the House of Rep had no right to arrest Zeus because they hold nothing against him, he had not attacked in any form but what they did was an act of fear on knowing that they are guilty of corruption and that their days as thieves in their offices is coming to an end. And as for the police, they were wrong to have shot these innocent people who the minister referred to as fugitives which they are not. It was the police attack on them that made them attack back in return so I believe the police were wrong to have shot these innocent people who the minister referred to as fugitives which they are not. It was the police attack on them that made them attack the police in return so I believe the police were wrong;
Interviewer: Ok, so what has been done concerning the deaths of this members?
Mr. Balogun: Well, we can’t bring them back and it’s a great lose which angered everyone but so far the NGL movement has been able to visit their families and compensate them with the sum of 15 million and some other items and this act from NGL has increased the people love and support for the party. This is something we know our government can never do
Interviewer: Waw, that really good but why is NGL raising against the government at this time’’
Mr. Balogun: Nigerians are tired of suffering and hunger and lies from politicians, they want a real change. And NGL can bring it to reality, we also organize cordial parties in Lagos every month and that day, anywhere you go in Lagos you’d see that something good is happening
Interviewer: What’s the reason for the party?
Mr. Balogun: It’s for the people to have a taste of something good; there are many people out on the streets who have nothing to eat but this period provides them with something to eat. We all know that Nigerians love to party
Interviewer: Ok back to you Honorable, since the arrest didn’t work out, what are the next moves?
Hon. Emmanuel: The house is still discussing something confidential for now but soon will be known because presently the President has not been in the country for some time now
Interviewer: Mr. Ahmed, after the police attack on NGL, what do you think would be the relationship between Nigerians and the Police
Mr. Balogun: As for Nigerians, they are ready to burn down all the police stations nation wide but they await Zeus’s support. Zeus had a better plan because he was able to meet with the IG of police and they discussed and it ended in our favor and he also made them see reasons why we do what we do. Zeus also visited other crime agencies in the country where he has submitted videos and other evidence to prove that there are corrupt leaders in the government and pretty soon they will all be brought down
Interviewer: How did he get his hands on such evidence?
Mr. Balogun: we have ears and eyes all over the nation
Interviewer: That means the main goal is to remove corrupt leader
Mr. Balogun: Not just to remove corruption but to bring a real change for the people
Interviewer: After removing the so called corrupt leaders what next?
Mr. Balogun: We install new ones immediately
Hon. Emmanuel: New ones from your political party? That’s not possible
Mr. Balogun: You just wait and see, just pray you are not one of them
Interviewer: Please sirs, this is a live broadcast, let’s keep it as gentle men
Interviewer: Mr. Ahmed, with the way things are happening, the people think Zeus is trying to overthrow the government, what do you have to say to that?
Mr. Balogun: Wrong thought, Nigerians have given their full support because NGL can bring change; we are not here to overthrow the government but to give what the government cannot give
Interviewer: So you believe that the NGL can indeed bring this change
Mr. Balogun: Yes indeed we can and we have already started it but what’s left is for us to be in the right position so as to take control and drive the country in the right direction
Interviewer: Do you think the government would step down?
Mr. Balogun: We do not need the government to step down, we want to make them step down and then make an example of them, an example that will be remembered in the history of Nigeria and the world
Interviewer: Don’t you think things can turn bloody
Mr. Balogun: Things can turn bloody indeed but it will be the blood of the selfish political baboons and dogs
Interviewer: Please mind the language, this is a public broadcast
Mr. Balogun: I owe no one an apology
Hon. Emmanuel: You are making a public abuse of your government
Mr. Balogun: What government?
Hon. Emmanuel: The government will deal with you
Mr. Balogun: My friend don’t point your finger at me, are you insane? This government will go down
Interviewer: Please sirs, we are on air, please
The quarrel continued so the broadcast had to be cut…

To be continued

>>>>Episode 28

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