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Blood - Episode 28

One Week Later

A black Audi enters Zeus’s compound and parks beside the house and God-Eye comes out and walks into the house to meet Ade in the sitting room watching a program on Stv concerning Zeus. “Hey Ade” God-Eye said “God-Eye, how you doing?” Ade asked and shook him “Am good, where’s Zeus” he asked as he sat down “He travelled four days ago to Abuja” Ade said “What about Luke? I called his line but it was switched off, I thought he’d be here” “He went on a date with Jameel” “I had always known there was something between him and Jameel” God-Eye said smiling “Can you hide love?” Ade asked rhetorically “What’s on TV” God-Eye asked “They are talking about the NGL movement” Ade said “Really? I wanna hear this” God-Eye said… Interviewer: Honorable Minister, what are you trying to say? Honorable: What I am saying is that, this man started his movement and then the minister information died and some days ago Senator Ayomide Babatunde was killed just after this Zeus addressed the youths in Lagos again about the failure of the government and gave reasons why a new government should arise, don’t you think he should be arrested?” Interviewer: But an arrest was made last week Honorable: Yes an arrest was made but the youths stood against it and didn’t allow the police into his estate where he resides and they got into a fight with the police men Interviewer: Honorable, contrary to what some people have said, this man gives out things to the people of Nigeria who feel that the government has abandoned them and also paid large amount of money to these youths, so how do you think you can bring him down? Honorable: Listen, one man cannot stand against the government Interviewer: Need I remind you that he is not alone, he has Nigerians Honorable: Yes he has Nigerians but I know that there are also Nigerians out there who still believe in the government and will stand for us Interviewer: Honorable, the youths in Nigeria have pledged their allegiance to Zeus and his party, do you see him as a threat to the government? Honorable: He’s not a threat to the government because I know the government would bring him down and even if it means bringing external forces Interviewer: Speaking of external forces, Zeus has gone international, he has visited the United States and the United Nations and is building a relationship with them Honorable: you don’t need to worry yourself about that Interviewer: And why? Honorable: Because we also have a relationship with UN Interviewer: Honorable, earlier you talked about the killing of Senator Ayomide but reports has it that he was sick Honorable: That is a lie? I met Ayomide two days before his death and he was healthy and strong and not a sign of illness; if there was any report about illness then he must have been poisoned… “This politican is yet to experience our venom, when we storm the House of Reps then they will know who is boss” God-Eye said… Victoria Island Luke and Jameel sitting down in a nice restaurant “That was a good meal” Jameel said “Yeah it was” Luke said and stared at her “What are you staring at?” she asked smiling lightly “What do you think?” “I think you wanna take me to your bed” she said and he smiled “Presently, you are 10% correct” “10%? Am I no longer attractive” “Jameel… what I feel for you is not lust because 90% of me wants to marry you now” he said and she smiled and lowered her eyes lids and then looked at him again “Are you serious?” she said with a serious face “Yes” he replied and they both stared at each other then she said “Luke can I ask you something” “Am open to you” he smiled “Are you happy with what you do?” she asked and his smile disappeared, he was a liitle surprised with the question “What do you mean?” he asked back “You know what I mean?” “I thought we came here to have fun” he said with a straight face “Of cause dear” she said and touched his hand on the table “I am happy” “Are you not afraid” she asked and he was silent for about 5 secs “Every man is afraid but is never afraid of doing the right thing” “Sometimes doing the right thing can get you killed” she said and he smiled “I think I understand you know” he said and she was silent “You are afraid I might die” he said “Yes I am, I am afraid you all might die” she said with a sad face “Jameel!” he called out loudly “Don’t say that” he said held her hand “We are not going to die… we will live through all these and have a happy life, we’ll go somewhere beautiful” he said smiling but she didn’t smile “Luke, I see a fight coming and I see blood and I hear thunders” she said “Don’t be afraid my love, I see the blood and I hear the thunder but it is the bloody of the selfish political baboons and dogs who have taken the cry of Nigerians as sweet songs of joy and the thunder is the victory cry from our guns” “We will win” he said smiling “I love you” she said “I love you too”…

Two Days Later…

>>>>Episode 27

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