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Blood - Episode 26

TVC News House ,
Lagos On the news, TVC news caster interviewing Hon. David Osas and Dr. Justin Obadare Hon. David: I am telling you that there is a serious debate in the House of Reps concerning this man and some people are suggesting that we make an arrest of him immediately. News Caster: But he hasn’t made any open threats to the government Hon. David: What we are seeing is enough evidence to shut him down immediately Dr. Justin: On that ground I disagree honorable, you have nothing against this man, he hasn’t started a coup yet or any form of rebellion against the government so why seek arrest? Hon. David: We are not blind to all that is happening around us. We all know that he started this Political pursuit from Lagos and now he has visited most states like Port-Harcourt, Delta, Imo, Jos, Ogun, Osun Ekiti, Abia, Anambra, Calabar, Akwa Ibom and more, even the Federal capital territory to announce his mind against the government and how he can change it if they support him News Caster: Honorable, Zeus only promised change for the nation, he didn’t make any threats and neither did he say how this change will unfold but rather he said it would be discussed amongst the members of the NGL Hon. David: Yes and that is the reason why the people are following him because he didn’t announce publicly his plans but he has made them secrets for members only and that is why they follow him and this is the very reason why the government should arrest him so that all these can stop. News Caster: But Honorable, how are you sure it would stop if you make an arrest; Zeus has got into the hearts of the people with food and gifts and he is still doing more, some people have said that the government cannot do these things Hon. David: That is a lie… when you want to catch an animal you use food in trapping them although I am not referring to the people as animals but I am only sighting an example. This man is standing against the government and the people have started pledging their allegiance to him and his so called party which is something we shouldn’t take lightly News Caster: Hon. David in what way do you believe Zeus is standing against the government? Hon. David: By the use of deceit of cause, isn’t it obvious? He has been going around Nigeria and attracting the people with gifts and announcing to them that he can bring change and in the process turning the people’s trust from the government. He has also stated and I quote “ A new political party will arise and will be governed by the real leaders, for we are tired of being leaders of tomorrow, we want to be leaders of today” those were his words and you think we shouldn’t take it seriously? It’s been two years since this government is in power and someone else where is coming up with something like this News Caster: Dr. Justin, please what do you have to say?” Dr. Justin: Well so far, the government has not done well in their duties to the nation, there is hunger everywhere, so you don’t expect the people to bite the hands that feed them… a man has been able to do what the government has been unable to do since it came into power. I was reading the papers yesterday and I discovered that this same man Zeus has given powerful solar generators to some community in this same country all because there is no fuel and neither is there reasonable among of power supply. I believe that Zeus has not done anything wrong to warrant an arrest and I believe if the government makes an arrest, this will cause more problems News Caster: Honorable David, you earlier said there is a debate in the House of Reps, so who is on the winning side Hon. David: Well, we haven’t come to a total conclusion but there is already a petition against this man Zeus but is yet to be signed by the President. This situation will soon go to the United Nations News Caster: Ok, thank you Hon. David for coming and thank you too Dr. Justin for your comments and views… the TV goes off...

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