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Episode 7

He searched and kept on asking around until he got the right place to locate him, Python quickly went to the said address where Kane lives
Kane was so surprise to see Python
“This is unbelievable…I’m so surprise to see you…when did you get out…?
“hahahaha…look at you…guy…do you expect me to die in prison yard…well I was on patrol since last year…they did not want to grant me full bail but God intervened through the help of one lawyer and here I am, free at last, after years of imprisonment, it feels so good to be free…and I’m out for good this time, I never want to visit my past again…is not a place to be…I detest it Kaka…I so much detest the wicked life we use to live, the people that died because of our heartlessness, the ones we rendered hopeless…all those bad days is nothing to be proud off. we were so foolish thinking that it was wiseness…but I’m glad that I’m among the few that got saved…I’m given a second chance to be better I will not mess it up…I served my term and here I am…you got lucky and escaped all…I envy you…I envy the fact that you did not have to experience the kind of life I experienced in prison, I envy you because your wealthy father saved your a-s and quickly catapult you out of the country. I don’t have a wealthy father so i took all the blame and suffer the crime that we both committed, Tiger, grass cuter and Razor blade are all dead, we made it…I made it out of prison is something I will never ever take for granted…life and freedom is too precious Kaka, nobody should joke with it…Kaka the Kaka, so how is life with you…what has being happening on this part of the planet, Kaka my man…the giant scorpion himself, the money bag, the area destroyer…the thorn in human flesh…the creat…
“enough…enough of that…don’t call me those names again, please don’t call me such names …my name is Kane and that is all….we were so foolish back then without knowing it, smoking all manners of thing and unleashing terror with pride, but no more…we are wiser now…the past should remain where it belong. I’m happy that you made it out and alive and listening to you speak…I feel so glad to hear those reasonable words coming from you…my father only did what he suppose to do to cover up the s--t, don’t hold that against me, because if you have my kind of father he will do the same for you as his son…. Well, to the mean gist, i met this amazing woman, she is everything I want and we plan to settle down soon, you won’t believe it if I tell you that she was the same slender girl I raped that night, you shot his father as he tried to shoot me and her mother died that night too, the house we went to take shelter from the police and I got all hot when the slender girl appear so I decided to devour her, I’m not proud of what I did, don’t get me wrong but destiny has brought us back together, yes…years later I met her and without knowing who she was… I fell for her, deeply in love with her, she has a daughter, who was a product of that night terror…I never knew Python until I asked her about her daughter’s father, she hate to talk about herself but that night she told me a gun man raped her and destroyed her world, I got scared because I know I have a similar past, a terrible past…I was so scared and I couldn’t sleep for days and decided to dig deep, I was shock to find out that she was the same girl of that night…well, she doesn’t know who I am, and I can’t tell her now until we are married, maybe later in the future I will break the news slow and steady and she will have no choice than to forgive me because I know she loves me so much and can’t seem to do without me, she sees me as an angel without spot and I want to keep it that way…she doesn’t have to know anything of the past, knowing I am responsible for her parents death or I am the man behind all her terrible past may break her down, I have done many things to make her forget what her past smells like, I have being able to break down her wall of hatred, yes, I have succeeded in doing that for her, you know that with money a lot of things can change, money works like magic and I am not boasting with my father’s wealth because I have also made my own money and in return I made my father proud, money has done that magic for me and she is all mine, very soon when she finish up with her study because she is presently in school, once she is done we will become one big family, she as my wife and also with my daughter, we will become a happy family, our destiny intertwined together right from time…. we are meant for each other….
“Kaka, all this sound like a fairy tale to me, wow…this is really unbelievable…so you mean you have a daughter from that girl…and she doesn’t even know who you are…are all this stories real…I mean…it sound like a movie…wow…you got to still tell her the truth…she deserve to know if you truly love her, and if she loves you then she will have to forgive you no matter how hard it is…or maybe is for the better to keep it until you are ready since you have bought her over already with money and she sees you as Mr perfect…well I’m happy for you, indeed, you both are destined to be together…you are really living large and my own life is just starting from the beginning again… and I will be needing some money to start up my life…please, give me some money so that I can begin my own life again, get a place to stay, maybe start a business or trade and become the man I was suppose to be…maybe I will find love in the future, get married and also have a family of my own if God pleases….and please my name is not python, there is a curse behind such names and I hate to be called or reminded of what my life use to be like, my name is Wilson, you know that already…but you can call me Willy and it will still be cool by me….i really need money Kane…
Kane asked him how much and he mentioned, Kane told him he doesn’t have such amount but offered to help him anyway by giving him something to start up with.
Kane and Willy talked so deeply into the evening before he left
Willy got a small place to stay first, but the money Kane gave him was not enough to start up anything for himself, he knew that Kane has the money but don’t want to spend on him, he felt disappointed because Kane was his only hope of starting life again, he just want Kane to set him up with a good job, Kane was well connected, he can connect him to a better job or set him up with something tangible, after all he deserve more from him after taking all the punishment that was meant for both of them.
He was going to go back to his place the following week to meet with Kane again, he will let him know that he wasn’t begging him for stipend but for money that will sustain him, tangible money so that he can focus again, Kane shouldn’t feel like he was doing him a favour, he deserve what he was asking from him, and the least he can do was to support him and not feel like he was a street beggar, begging for alms.
Olivia visited Kane from school, she was almost through with law school, in her finals, rounding up and Kane has started planning on how their wedding will be like, he was so excited that after the years of waiting he was going to finally have her fully to himself.
Olivia was in his kitchen preparing food when Wilson arrived, Kane wasn’t so happy to see him so soon again, but he acted so cool and offered him a seat and drink.
Wilson was introduced to an excited Olivia, who was pleased to meet Kane’s friend, she later returned back to the kitchen excitedly, Wilson was shock to see the slender girl now a full woman, so cheerful and beautiful, Kane was indeed a lucky man to have all the good things of life coming to him
Kane gave Wilson a sign for them to move away from the sitting room to the outside cot where Olivia will not hear their conversation and Wilson obeyed and followed him outside, they sat with their drinks and talk quietly
Olivia was so eager to finish up her cooking so that she can serve Kane and his friend, who looked at her with shock written all over him, he was slim and not so tall as Kane was, Kane said Wilson has being away in another state working and just returned back now, which was the main reason she has not being able to meet Wilson before now and Wilson nodded with a smile to everything that Kane was saying
Olivia rounded up with her cooking so quickly, she dished out for Kane and his visitor, she arranged the tray and quietly carried it to them so that she will not interrupt their discussion, despite they were quiet with their talk but they seem to be arguing over something.

As she got close she hard Wilson mentioned Kaka and immediately the tray in her hand fell to the ground in shock


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