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Story: LASTING MEMORY - Episode 4&5

Episode 4&5

“I have plans for tomorrow I won’t be able to see you…
“What kind of plan is that…can I be included in the plans? Please…
“Come on Kane…is nothing big just that I will be taking Emerald to a birthday party…a friend of mine invited us for his nephew’s birthday party…is tomorrow
“Okay… so I can I take you there and maybe bring you back. If you don’t mind…
“Ooh…well, my friend will be coming to take us and he said he will also bring us back…let me not stress you over that…
Kane eventually agreed although he wanted to go with Olivia but he decided not to push further.
Mark came the following day and picked Olivia and her daughter to the venue.
After they settled in Emerald was so eager to go and a bouncing castle with other kids.
Olivia watched as Marked guide Emerald to join other kids, she was so excited as she play with everyone even with the celebrant.
Mark introduced Olivia to his elder brother and the wife, they were happy to meet her.
Olivia sat with other parents as children kept on performing in the background, she kept a close eye on her daughter who was flowing with every game and was too excited to tag along.
Mark came to sit beside Olivia.
“she is so lively…and very active…I’m talking about Ema…despite she has not seen any of the kids here before…. look at how she is associating with everyone with that attractive smile on her face…you are a lucky mother…well I know the sugar drinks and cakes will make her super active too…
Olivia still focusing on the kids laughed out, Mark was sitting so close to her that she can perceive his fine cologne, he smells so nice. He was a little different form his brother, his elder brother was taller than him but wears same smile as Mark.
Mark said he took after his father in everything while his brother was more of his mother.
After the party was almost over Olivia informed Mark that she will be going, so Mark quickly told his brother’s wife who parked different gift parks for Emerald who was already tired from the whole play, Olivia thanked her and the husband before leaving with Mark
Emerald slept off in the car as Mark drove them home.
When he stopped in front of there house, Olivia thanked him.
“Thank you Mark…aside Emerald having so much fun I also had fun myself, your nephew is so cute…your brother and his wife make a lovely couple…our pumpkin is already asleep…she must be so tired from jumping up and down and participating in almost all the games…thank you…we will like to go inside now…
“Olivia…please wait…I really do not want to press you on this again after you made it clear the last time…which has being years but…I wish we could get to hang out and talk more…I’m just trying to press my luck buttons…maybe…just maybe you will consider me this time…please…
“I have a man in my life Mark…and he is everything I want, I love him… I am occupied already…so please don’t press your luck buttons…it won’t work out…I’m sorry…
Mark was pained and felt heart broken but he accepted his fate and bid Olivia good night.
Kane called that night to ask how the birthday party went and Olivia filled him in excitedly.
Helen came on one of her off days to spend time with Olivia
“Francis asked me to marry him…this is the second time he is asking me to marry him Olivia…
“And… what did you say…you should be happy settling down with the man you truly love, you don’t sound so happy about it…I know for sure that Francis loves you…you have tried to push him away severally instead he kept fighting to win you over and never gave up until you finally agreed to date him and now…he want you to be part of him forever…what is holding you back…I thought you said that you love him?
“I do, I really do love him but sometime I have fear…fear of the past affecting my future and the way I look at men generally…and he is not exceptional…don’t get me wrong…Francis is a sweet hardworking man…he is never like the beast of a man that molested me for years…no…not all all…but I just don’t know how marriage will be like for me…I may end up using my past to judge him…and many other innocent men out there….i…I told him he shouldn’t rush me…I wasn’t ready for marriage and he told me he will wait until I’m ready…I just don’t understand him…anytime I try to make him leave instead he will give me more reason to love him the more…moving along and forgetting the past does not work like magic Olivia…I still think of the past and it hurt…so hurt like yesterday…sometime I want to hate my mother and watch her suffer for neglecting me when I needed her the most and doctor Kate’s words will come echoing to my head…”do yourself a favor and forgive your mother” she say when I forgive I was actually doing myself a favor…I see her points but is hard…my mother was so dependent of my step dad…feeding and upkeep, she thought without him she will die and that was why she never wanted anything that will affect her food chain…even if is me, she shut me up and threatens me never to speak up and after my step dad died she found out that she can actually live without him and she is now looking up to me everyday for her upkeep…what if I was dead. What if I succeeded in killing myself back then…I act all cool as if I got no worries but I still look back to those years of torture and no defense, those cold night, while my mother pretend to be asleep and the beast craw into my room and molest me, I cry and lay awake with fear and trembling every night, I was giving drugs to drink every weeks just to flush out any unwanted pregnancy, I didn’t know what the drugs was for until I grew up and realize what it really was…what if they succeeded in damaging my womb, but I’m glad that such did not happen just that I needed to treat somethings back then which Doctor Kate helped me through and I am fully okay, but what if all the bad things of life have happened to me because of my mother’s carelessness and the beast of a man who was not satisfy with my mother and decided to add daughter to the list, Olivia you are a strong woman…you have move past what hurt you, blessed with Emerald and Kane who loves you dearly…I envy your courage but I have not found your kind of strength yet for myself… when I think I have move on, when I think I have overcome all obstacle…then it will come rushing up to my present like a flood…
“Helen…listen to me…you will be fine…I assure you that…let go of those bitter emotions…and like doctor Kate usually say when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry…show life that you got a thousand reasons to laugh…and when a lemon is being stoned at you…turn it into a lemonade or a lemon pie…make good out of the bad and recklessness of life…you will be fine…go ahead with Francis…he will help you heal totally…and do not paint another man’s sin to his face…he deserve better than that. I thank God everyday for Kane…I’m so grateful to him, look at me now…I’m back to school…pursing my dreams…dreams that I thought will never be possible…he is helping me in every way possible….Kaka was the devil that destroy my family…and I’m glad he is either dead or rotting away somewhere…if Kaka ever comes like an angel to me in the dream I will find a gun a shoot him dead, I don’t know how to forgive a man filled with so much evil…I don’t want to even forgive such a man…but my peace of mind is that he is far away from me…I will never see him…so I move on with the man of my dream and I have no regret. Kane is God’s gift to me and Emerald also…go ahead and accept Francis proposal….so that Emerald can be your little bridesmaid….or flower girl…she will be so happy if you pick her to be part of the train…you will make a beautiful bride, and of curse I will be by your side cheering you up…you will make a wonderful wife to Francis and sweet mother to your future kids…trust me on this…make good thing out the trouble life threw at you…you will excel…I’m here for you…always….
They talk into the evening before Helen later left
Kane took Olivia to a new and well furnished apartment, he got her a fine portable car for her running around, Emerald has to change school to one of the best schools in town.
On Olivia’s birthday, Kane decided to surprise her further by opening a big supermarket like he has wanted to do with one of his property which wasn’t so far from Olivia’s former place of resident.
He put Olivia as the owner of the property, surprising her with it during her birthday which was the day he officially opened it.
He called it OLIVEM Supermarket, which was a combination of Olivia and her daughter’s name together.
Olivia was so shock when she was blind folded and guide to the place, when her eyes was open and she saw the big place with it signs she almost fainted out of shock, it was so unbelievable and she refuse to accept it
“Kane…this is just too much…have you thought of what your father was going to say about it all…I…is too much…I can’t accept this…you have done a lot already…you have done enough and…this is too much…Kane…I can’t…
“Please…accept it Olivia…don’t say no…I have always wanted to move your kiosk to a bigger dream…I told you that you are far bigger than that kiosk…my father gave me this building…he put my name to it that I should do whatever I wanted with the property and I decided to create a beautiful thing out of it for you…is all yours…the property name and everything in there….i have restock it to the brim…just for you to sign some document as the sore owner and it will be all yours…I thought of the name to use for the supermarket I have to combine your name with Emma’s to bring about Olivem…please accept it and don’t say no to this if you truly loves me…I told you before that I wanted us to settle down soon but you said you will have to finish your school first before thinking of marriage and I am not rushing you Olivia, I love you everyday…you are like the air that I breath….no matter how long it takes I will be here for you…whenever you are ready for us to make our relationship official…tie the knot and live as God as instituted…I will be the happiest man but until then just accept this token…is deeply from my heart and every paper is in your name…is only your signature that we are waiting for and everything will become officially yours…please Olivia…shhhh….please don’t say no Olivia…please…
That was how Olivia became a big supermarket owner.
Helen later accepted Francis wedding proposal and the date was later fixed for them
Emerald was the little bridesmaid and she was so happy to walk down with Helen, Olivia was her chief bridesmaid and it was a happy day for everyone, Helen’s mother was so glad as she watch her daughter get married to Francis the man who never gave up on her, doctor Kate was there, Mark too came as he was invited, Kane was seated among the audience with a smile as his eyes was focused on Olivia all through out.
Mark wish he was the one getting married to Olivia, he was looking at Olivia who was so filled with smile as she helped her best friend Helen, a blushing bride, who was so beautiful in her wedding dress.
Mark was already aware of Olivia relationship with Kane, the son of a wealthy senator. Their relationship was not hidden to the public eye after he opened one of the biggest supermarkets for her
He hard that the man even put the property in her name and got her a car and he is the one responsible for her school.
He knows he may not have done everything as the said Kane was doing for Olivia but he would have made sure that Olivia will be happy for the rest of her life, going back to further her studies, buying her car that he would have done, but opening a big supermarket as OLIVEM, which was the talk of town that was a very big project, he will not have promise such a big thing but he would have tried to open a mini mart if she so desired.
but then he wasn’t going to compete with anyone, not with Kane, who was obviously so wealthy than him, spending his father’s money but he has to work for every dime that he spend, some people were born with a silver spoon while others have to earn it.
He can’t stress himself over competing to win Olivia heart because Olivia never wanted him, he was the one trying to see if anything can work out but it never did.
He wish Olivia nothing but happiness and if she ever invite him for her wedding he will be glad to attend and buy one of the best gifts for her because she deserves it
After sometime Mark stood up and congratulate Helen and her husband like everyone was doing, Olivia smiled at him and thanked him for coming, she introduced him to Kane and they shook warmly before Mark later drove off with a clear mind and planning to see if he can get serious with someone else and start his own family, everyone was moving on except him, maybe is really time for him to also move on.

To be Continued

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