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Episode 14

She was a learned lawyer which made it easy for her to draw out all the plans, she has typed out all the document, everything necessary, and within two weeks everything was ready, she could have leased it out for a period of time, maybe five years or more but she decided to sell it off instead. She contacted real estate managers and they quickly put it out for her and without wasting time buyers began to show interest.
 Different buyers contacted her through her estate mangers while some spoke to her direct with their different prices but she was looking out for more than just the money.
She didn’t want to waste time on bargains, Olivia was very particular about time, and she did not have enough of it.
Olivia finally accepted a buyer, different people has being coming, she has put it out as very urgent and will be given to the first set of buyers, and different companies and big personalities has being coming to bargain for the price but she finally got a somebody who she handed all the document to after signing.
The money was quickly transferred to her account, her estate managers were well settled.
The new owner agrees with Olivia to change the name from Olivem to whatever he pleases after four months of buying it and he also agreed to retain the staffs too and can bring in more staffs if he desires so.
Olivem was in her name, the property belonged to her but not anymore, she sold it all out.
After selling Olivem supermarket without Kane’s knowledge she moved on with her next plan.
She handed Emerald over to Helen, who traveled out of the state with her, enabling her to concentrate on her mission.
She paid Emerald’s nanny off and she left.
Olivia drove down to see Kane as he has being calling all this while and she being giving him different excuses of being away but promise to return a week before the wedding to try her wedding gown and every other thing.
Olivia drove down to Kane’s place, he was outside waiting for her arrival, the security man was happy to see her as he greeted her cheerfully.
She went in with excited Kane, immediately they got inside he gently drew her into a hug and try to kiss her.
She turned her face, smile and stepped away.

“honey, what’s wrong, is there a problem…oh wait… is my mouth smelling…I can quickly brush up…hahahaha…I missed you so much honey…everyday without you in it is so empty…I just can’t wait for this wedding thing to be over and I’m so happy you are done with school, I will finally have you all to myself…are you not happy about that, I miss you honey more than you can imagine…

Kane made another attempt to kiss her but she pulled out again from him still smiling as if nothing was wrong, she was putting up a fine acting but deep down she was bleeding.
Olivia wish she can quickly put a bullet to his head so that he can join all the people he has killed, Olivia imagined different things as she stood staring at Kane and smiling so well while her thought was consumed with what she planned for Kane.
She stared at the face of the man she has loved so deeply all this years not knowing he has always being her enemy, her worst night mare, a murderer, her parent’s killer, pretending and lying to her face all this years. She will not spare him, Kane will not escape from her claws. He has escaped from everything that could have punished him for all the children he rendered orphan, for wealthy home him and his gangs wrecked, for all the blood of the innocent he has shed that cry out for vengeance. For those with wounded heart who cried to their grave, lives where turned upside down because of a man like Kaka who escaped all of what could have punished him because of his wealthy father. Nobody avenged for the poor and the helpless people whose hope he destroyed, no justice for the afflicted.

She could have finished up with school and become whatever she wanted to be if Kane has not killed her father, her father would have made her dreams to still come through but the man standing before her killed him with her mother and try to make up at same time receiving glory which wasn’t befitting him.

Kaka was the man that stood before her and not Kane, because Kane died and disappeared from her life the day she found out the truth, every Kane in her vanished like thin air and left a monster called Kaka, her hate was much more than she has ever loved, it consumed her every thinking and whole being.
Olivia was fully in on this, she was not just doing it for her parents but also for many others whose hope was bashed and never gets out of the mess that their oppressor created, justice must be served. “he who kills by the sword must die by the sword”
Kane has incurred many charges in the court of law, serious charges like murder, possession of fire arms, robbery, rape and so many others  and such a person doesn’t deserve to walk free after committing all this crime. Kane will have his own part of the general cake so that he can find out how it taste.

“I miss you too Kane, more than you do but you know our wedding is few day from now so let’s try to keep this few days a little holy without getting so intimate…after all I’m still yours, you will have me the way you want…so be patient for the remaining days…wait until the wedding is over…I’m always here for you…

“oh really…oohkay…is kind of difficult just staring at those fine lips of yours without a kiss…or cuddle or even more…you know what I mean…hahahaha…but I will try and wait…I’m a very patient and obedient man when it comes to you…every of your word must stand my royal highness…if you want us to wait…fine, no kissing but maybe a little cuddle…pleaseeeee…don’t leave me like this…hahaha…having you in my arms is all I want…I won't do more than that…but I’m not promising…hahahaha…I’m so happy honey…finally…I feel like tearing down the roof with this whole joy in my heart…you are going to be my wife, we will both be a great parents to Emerald…a great loving family…that’s my heart desire and is all coming through…thank you for staying by myself all this years…your presence in my life have made me a changed man…I love you now and will continue to love till I draw my last breath…we will have more children if God pleases and grow old together…I’m forever yours, I have seen different women, different  sizes and height but I have never seeing a woman so beautiful, loving, caring, so understanding…a great cook, homely and very friendly not just to me but to everyone…like you, you posses it all and even more….you are so special Olivia and I love you with my every breath…and will love you forever…

Olivia kept smiling as Kane came closer and kissed her forehead, he try to hold her but Olivia walked away.
Kane showed her the gown and many other things he bought, he told her he has even booked a makeup artist for her but Olivia told him to pay the person off because she has her own makeup artist who will attend to her.

Kane bought things for her and Emerald, he has paid for everything, the caterers, photographers and the video coverage, the venue inclusive and all the decoration that was already on going.
Invitations has being sent out to people who are looking forward to the day.

Kane urged Olivia to try the gown but Olivia said he can’t see her in her wedding gown before the wedding day because is not right and Kane agreed with her.
Olivia later left with the wedding gowns.

The day finally came and Kane was so excited as him and his men dressed up that morning for his wedding.
 Kane checked his bow tie to ascertain if it was in order, he smile into the mirror.
He practiced different smile to know which is lovelier to smile to Olivia when she walks down the aisle to meet him.
Today was the day, he has waited for so long for this day to come and is finally here, he called Olivia that morning to inform her that he was already on his way and Olivia told him that she and her girls were rounding up with their makeups and will soon be on their way.

People were already gathering at the venue as Kane arrive with his men, Wilson was among Kane’s groom men
Kane and his men stepped in with style into the auditorium. A lot of people cheer at them as he walked down with his men in suit to wait for his beautiful wife to arrive.

Olivia stood in front of the mirror and stare into it with a frown.
She was dressed in her wedding gown. Her phone rang and she picked up

“Hello ma…is ready, we are waiting for you…everything is ready…

“Okay, thanks… I’m coming out now….today is a good day…few hours from now I will be married…is a good thing…I’m glad is all going to happen finally…so the wedding first…my groom is waiting…of curse I’m happy…a little patient…I’m coming out gently before I ruin my beautiful gown…

Olivia stepped out with a smile, as she whispered again to herself
 “Today… is my wedding day”.

To be continued

>>>>EPISODE 13

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