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Story: EVE - Episode 3



Episode 3

I stared at the mirror in my bathroom. Looking at my face. My brown wavy hair had lost its shine. My hazel eyes held sorrow and pain. There was a scar on my cheeks it was not very visible but it was there. I remember how I got it. *flashback* *Four years ago*
I sat on the big bed in a very big room. Alberto said the room was mine. I didn’t want to sleep here. I would be scared after all I was just thirteen years. I was used to sleeping with my parents in their room. I looked around the room. Too much space . Immediately I started crying, I missed mom and dad. Why had dad given me away to this man. Alberto. I knew him. Everyone knew him. He was wicked and he killed people. And my dad gave me to him. But why had mom done nothing about it. Instead she just stood there and watched the man take me away. I missed mom do much. I laid in the bed and tried to sleep ,but I couldn’t. I can’t sleep without Daniel. My teddy bear. He was soft and always brought me the comfort I needed. I wiped my tears and tried to sleep when my door room opened. I shut my eyes. And pretended to be asleep. But someone drew me out of the bed, and I screamed in fright. Alberto gazed at me. I tried to get up but fell down back. “You’re beautiful, you know? ” he laughed, touching my face . “I want my mommy and daddy “I cried, starting to shake in fear. Immediately, his smile was replaced with a frown . He was angry. . “How dare you speak of your parents, don’t forget they gave you to me. ” “No, my mom wants me back, they love me” This time I shouted. Just as I said that, he slapped me. “B---h, your parents haven’t taught you enough. You have a lot to learn from me. First, never speak back” He picked me up and took me out of the room. Fear surged through my body. I started crying asking him where he was taking me to. But he didn’t re ply. Soon we came to the door and I feared what was behind it He pushed open the door and threw me inside. I looked around and saw it was a torture room. It h as blades of all different sizes, shapes. Whips of different length and sizes hung on the wall. Fear gripped my soul. “I’ll teach you never to talk back at me “Alberto came behind me and pushes me to the chair In the middle of the room. “No, please, I’m sorry, dont do anything to me. Please” I begged. “No, darling. I haven’t even started yet” He took a rope on one of the tables and started to tie my hands. I struggled to get out of it. But Alberto was much more stronger. He tired my hands to the back of t he chair. And my legs also. I couldn’t move. “You have a lot to learn baby. Rule number one. Never talk back at your husband” he picked up on e of the knifes, it was short but sharp. He stared a t it and smiled. “Let’s start with your size” Then he came closer t o me. I struggled. Fought. Screamed at him. “Please stop it. I won’t talk back I promise ” I tried to move back but pains surged through my shoulders and back. Alberto brought the knife closer to my face. It was when the knife touched my cheeks, I screamed louder. I screamed. Then he began putting more pressure on my face with the knife. It stung. The pain started. Blood gushed down m y cheeks. The pain was unbearable . Then he finally let me go. Took a mirror from the t able then showed me my face. It was partly covered in blood and tears. “This is just a tip of an iceberg Eve, never underestimate me” Then he untied my hands and legs an d looked at me. He placed a kiss on my lips. “I love you, you know that?” I nodded. Tears streaming down my face . He then carried me to the room. I fell asleep in hi s arms. *flash back over*
I got into the tub, and scrubbed my body well trying to remove all traces of Alberto fingerprints . H e had always said he loved me but never showed me how much. No one tortured the one they love.
I stepped out of the bathroom and went into the room ,only to find a girl there.

To be continued*

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