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Story: EVE - EPISODE 9



Episode 9

“James!” I shouted. Immediately, he looked up and saw me..He smiled.
“Hey, Its me Eve” I said not knowing what to say .
“I know, i can never forget a beautiful face” He said.
I blushed at that. “What are you doing here? What happened to you? You look pale” James said, taking a good look at my face.
“Uhm..er..er..i umm” I stammered. I couldnt tell him. I couldnt tell James Alberto tried to drown me. I couldnt tell him he almost killed me.
“Its Alberto isnt i?” He said and i looked up to look at him. “He’s still the same sick b-----d after all those years” He frowned.
All those years? Which years? Alberto wasnt lying when he said he knew James that they enemies.
“How are you James? I’m deeply sorry the other night. I shouldnt have danced with you that day. Now see the mess i put you in. Youre here in the hospital all because i couldnt walk away. I’m deeply sorry James” I said, almost in tears. Guilt ate me from inside. It was all my fault this handsome man was here.
“Its OK Eve, you don’t need to apologise. Its not your fault. Its Alberto’s. He’s sick. Twisted. Crazy. He doesn’t like anyone playing with his toys” James said wiping my tears away.
“You need to get away from him Eve” He said.
Get away from Alberto? Was i crazy? Alberto would find me and drag me back to him even if he had to kill everyone in the f-----g world.
“I think i need to get going back to my room. Its Evening and Alberto would soon be back” I stood up and started to leave.
“You have to get out before you end up like Jane”
What? Jane? Who was she?
“Who’s Jane?” I asked, sitting down again.
“Alberto wasn’t always like this” James started. “We were very good friends, right from childhood, he was friendly, caring, funny. He was my best friend. Then one girl Jane came into my life. She w as gorgeous, beautiful, smart, intelligent, she was all i could ask for. I wanted her to be my wife” James laughed. A sad laugh.
But Alberto got jealous and wanted Jane for him self, so he started doing things to destroy my relationship with her. But Jane kept coming to me , our relationship got stronger. It got Alberto more angrier. He grew obsessed with Jane. He grew intense feelings for her..He craved for her. He wanted her. He was going to do anything for her. Even if i t meant killing his best friend”
“No. Alberto would never do that” I said.
But James just laughed. “Oh, he would. Alberto started stalking Jane. He watched her and followed her everyday. He grew too close. He needed to see her. He took pictures of her. He grew obsesssed. He became a stalker. Jane grew uncomfortable and told him to stop but instead it grew worse. I confronted Alberto to stop stalking my girlfriend but he refused. Few days later, Jane gets missing .”
I gasped, no Alberto wouldn’t take her..He cant. I argued with myself..But something deep in me he did..He did it.
“I called the police to investigate the case, they did but couldn’t find her. So i went to Alberto’s house and lo and behold Jane was there, looking battered up, she looked just like you. Pale and sick. I tried to get her out of his house but Alberto came and Jane told me to go so he wont see me. But it was too late, Alberto was with a gun..He was going to kill her. Saying if he cant have her no one else could but Jane had a knife with her the whole time. She slit her throat”
James finished, tears was in his eyes.
“James, I’m so sorry” I cried. “I didnt know Alberto was so cruel”
“No, Eve. Jane made her choice that day. She killed herself to escape from Alberto. He drove her in sane. He drove her to her death. Thats what he does Eve. He drives people to thier death all in the name of his stupid love. You have the chance to get away from him now Eve before he kills you like he did to Jane”
I was confused. I wanted to go. I wanted to leave Alberto but at the same time i didnt want to.
“Come with me Eve” James stood up holding his hand.
He held hand for me to take.
I wanted to take it. I wanted to go with James.
“We can get away from him Eve. I have enough money to take us far away from here where Alberto would never see us. Just name the country you want us to go to and we will” James said, staring at me.
The offer was tempting. I was starting to like James. But was i really ready to leave Alberto. Anywhere i went he would get me back. I knew Alberto.
“I cant…I’m sorry James” I said, crying. I needed t o get away from him. I needed to be alone. “Alberto would find me and bring me back. I cant. I can never be free from him. I belong to him”
“Eve, I know its too much to take in now but i stay in room 45 so when you are ready come there. W hen you make up your mind i will be waiting. But i would be discharged this night. So decide quickly”
With that he limped away. I quickly looked around me to see if Alberto was around. The body guards were talking amongst themselves so they didnt hear any of me and James conversation.
I went back to my room in tears. I sat on the bed and cried my eyes out.
There was freedom waiting for me and i had declined it. The freedom i had always wanted.. Was i really ready to leave Alberto? The truth was i didnt even know the answer. Alberto was a monster. A beast. Now a murderer. Why wasnt i running away? Why wasnt i with James now, half way across the world. Why did i choose to stay with Alberto ? Was i having feelings for him?
What? No? I was going crazy just like Jane. Love Alberto? Never! I cried harder as i fought with my inner mind.
Alberto was going to be the death of me. No! Alberto loves me, he said it a million times.
But then why does he keep treating you badly? Another voice in my head said.
Because he dosent know how to express his love ,he allows his anger and obsession get the best of him. Another voice in my head said.
I was running mad. It was evening. Alberto would soon be back. James would soon leave and i would never see him again.
My last chance of freedom would be gone.
Was i really ready to spend my whole life with Alberto?
I wanted to spend it with James. A man i didnt even know. Someone i just met yesterday. Was it re ally worth it. But i would never be happy. No, i would be happy with James, he was nice and caring .
It was getting darker outside and Alberto would soon arrive.
I needed to make up my mind.
You have to get away from Alberto before you end up like Jane. I remembered James words.
I was going to leave. I was going to get out of her e..I was going to go with James. I was going to g et away from Alberto. I cant stay with him. He would kill me just like he did to poor Jane. I was going to leave this place with James, we would go sonewhere far.

I was going to get my freedom.

To be Continued

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