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Story: EVE - EPISODE 8



Episode 8

A beeping sound woke me up but i was too tired t o open my eyes.
beep. beep. beep.
It sounded in my ears. I tried harder to open my eyes and i finally did. I was in a room surrounded by white. White light. White walls. White ceiling. My eyes shut itself because of the high intensity of the light.
I felt something on my hand. Someone was holding it. It felt warm. It felt nice.
I opened my eyes and my brain transmitted the images i was seeing. I was in a hospital. Machines surrounded me. Some were connected to me.
That was when i saw him. A man. The man. He w as holding my hand. He was sleeping. Resting his head on the bed and holding my hand. I looked at the hair and i figured it was Alberto. Why was he here?
How did i even get here? What was i even doing in the hospital?
A pain struck my head and i groaned.
Suddenly last night came flooding back to me.
Dressing up. Going to the ball with Alberto. Dancing with James. Alberto angry. Beating James. Dragging me to the river. Pushing me into it. Drowning.
Oh God! I remembered being saved. It was Albert o. I remembered he didnt want me to die. But why? Why did he push me into the river? Then save me?
I looked at him again. He was sleeping but he see med to be struggling with himself. Like he was having a bad dream.
He held my hand tighter. As if holding me for life. Support. Safety.
I tried to move, but my head hurts. My whole body did. I felt weak.
Then Alberto woke up. The first thing he did was to look at me. Then he smiled. Happy to see me.
“Eve” He said, then kissing me. He kissed me with so much force. I could feel the love in it. I could feel his fear in it. The fear for almost killing me. I could feel his care.
But i didnt kiss back. I couldnt. This was the same man that tried to drown me. That tried to kill James. The only man to show me affection.
Alberto drew back and held my face in his palm.
“I thought you had died Eve. I thought you were g one. I dont know what i would have done if i had lost you. When i pushed you into the river. At first i just wanted you to feel the pain you put me through. But then when i saw you drowning, I feared. I didnt know what pushed me to do that. But i was scared i would loose you. So i jumped into the river and carried you out. And you werent breathing. I almost ran mad Eve. I never felt so broken before so i carried you here. To the hospital” Alberto wiped his tears.
He was crying. The monster was crying because of me. He was scared to loose me.
“Eve, im so sorry. I love you so much but i dont know how to show it. I try and try but my anger gets the best of me. And when i saw you dancing wit h James. I lost it. I wanted to kill him for laying his filthy hands on you. And i wanted to beat the sh it out of you for dancing with him. I felt so jealous because you were looking at him with so much love. You had never looked at me like that and i w as so angry”
Alberto placed a kiss on my cheek and i moved a way slightly. He knew i didnt want him to kiss me . He frowned and clenched his fist in annoyance.
“Its ok Alberto” I held his hand trying to calm him down before he got angry. “I’m ok now, thats what matters”
“I know, but i feel so shattered, you are my wife, i should protect you not cause you pain” Alberto felt sad, broken, hurt. He brushed his hair back in fustration.
“You shouldnt have pushed me Alberto, you know i cant swim” I whispered.
He stood up in annoyance. “I know and i feel so f----d up, i shouldnt have done that but you hurt me so badly Eve. You said you loved me but you just did that to save James”
As i was about to answer him but then the door opened and a male doctor came in. He looked about thirty years. He was putting on a white coat an d was holding a note pad.
“I see you are awake Mrs Santiago” He said smiling at me.
“Yes, she is” Alberto answered.
“How do you feel? Can you tell me where hurts?”
“Just my head, I feel dizzy and i think i have a headache” I answered.
He flashed a torch on my eyes and felt my hands. He also listened to my heartbeats. He looked at the machines and put it off so the beeping noise stopped.
“Nothing sleep cant stop” He said, looking at Alberto, who was currently staring at me with affection. “Mr Santiago, you have to leave now, so your wife can rest, afterall you have been here the whole night”
Alberto was here with me the whole night? I smiled, feeling happy.
“You dont f-----g tell me what to do” Alberto grumbled. “She is my wife and if i wanna stay here with here, i will!” He shouted, causing me to whince in pain. Headache.
The doctor placed a hand on my head.” Mr Santiago, you really need to leave. Your wife is suffering from a serious concussion and she needs to rest ”
“Alberto please” I begged i was already feeling tired.
“Just because of you Eve. Its because you asked me to and not this a-----e of a doctor here” He pointed at the doctor.
Alberto placed a kiss on my cheek and left the room after telling me he would come to check on m e when he was back from work.
The doctor left a few minutes later. And i was left with my thoughts. Alberto really felt bad for what he did but could i really trust him. I thought of what he told me about having problem controlling hi s anger issues. I felt sad a little for him but at the same time i hated him for what he did.
After battling with my thoughts for an hour i finally slept.
When i woke up, it was already evening. I was disconnected to the machines. I felt better. And i was dying to take a walk. I wanted to go away. I wan ted to run. So i stood up. With Alberto not here, i could run away. I could escape. I came down from the bed falling slightly, the headache was coming back. I got up and went to the door and opened it.
To my suprise i saw three of Alberto’s men.
Are they always everywhere? I asked my self frowning a little. Now my plans are shattered.
“What are you doing Mrs Santiago” One of them asked.
“Just taking a walk”
“You shouldnt”
“Well the doctor said i should, it helps” I smiled at all three of them.
“Then we would come with you. Alberto orders”
Alberto this. Alberto that. Stupid man.
I started walking down the hall. Looking at the nurses and doctor running from one room to another. The whole place smelled like drugs and i hated it.
Some people were walking in hands. Some were crying. Some were laughing. A small boy ran past me holding a little girl. They were laughing. A girl was walking with a guy in hand. They looked around my age. They looked happy.
Would i ever be happy?
I turned and saw an exit. I looked at my back and still saw Alberto’s men behind me.
They looked at me, telling me not to try it.
So i walked past it and looked forward. That was when i saw him. His face bandaged up. His eyes was blue black. He was limping. He looked badly injured and bandaged up.

He looked different from the man i met at the ball. .He looked different from the man i danced with. He looked different from the man who made me smile. He looked different from James but it was James.

To be continued

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