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Story: EVE - EPISODE - 7



Episode 7

*Four years ago*
“Mom, mom. Look at this little cat on the fence!” . I shouted looking outside the window at a cat sitting on the fence. It was cute.
“Not now baby” My mom said, she was curently cooking for my dad who would soon be back from work. My mom was a wonderful woman who loved me so much. I took after her in everything. The hair, eyes, behaviour. I was the photocopy of my mother. The only thing i took after my dad was his smile. I smiled a lot like him. I couldnt wait for him to come back. I was closer to him. I missed him. I hope he buys chocolates.
I looked at the cat again, it seemed to be sleeping . His tail waging.
“Mom, i want a cat” I said, moving away from the window and coming to hold my mom.
“Not now Eve, Im busy. Move away from the pot before it burns you” She pushed me slighty and i frowned.
“I’ll tell dad you keep ignoring me” I said folding my arms.
Instead she just laughed. “Ok I’m so sorry darling ” She said, coming closer to me. I knew what she wanted to do. She was going to tickle me.
So I ran, she laughed and ran after me.
Just then the door bell rang.
I ran to open expecting it to be dad.
When i opened the door, I saw someone else. A man. A tall handsome man. He had black hair and was on a black suit..He looked scary. Behind him were about five other men with black suits and dark shades.
I stood there frozen as the man stared at me. Something in his eyes made me shiver.
“Hello darling” He finally said and i ran to the kitchen.
“Mom! Mom! A man is here!” I shouted.
My mom came out, holding my hands tight, she looked at the men who had already come in. The man was sitting on the couch with a gun in his hands. I gasped. A gun. Was he going to kill us?
“Eve, go to your room honey and watch some catoons” My mom said pushing me in the direction of the stairs.
I quickly ran upstairs, but i didnt want to stay in my room. I wanted to know who that man was and what he wanted.
So i stood at the top of the stairs and peeped.
“Alberto, what do you want?” My mom said, looking scared but she tried to appear strong.
So the man name was Alberto. Nice name.
Alberto laughed. Still playing with the gun. “What am i doing here?” He laughed again. This time louder.
“Your husband still owes me three million”
My mom gasped. Three million? That was a lot of money. Dad owed this Alberto man three million.
“No, no, Dave told me he had paid you” My mom said, shocked.
“It seems your husband lied to you, because he hasnt”
The door opened, and my dad came in. He was holding a bucket of icecream.
“Wow, just the man we were waiting for” Alberto stood up, tucking his gun in his pockets.
My dad froze, he was shocked, he looked scared of this man.
“Dave, Alberto said you hadnt paid him” My mom said moving close to my dad.
“What do you want Alberto?” My dad said, holding my mom.
“What do i want? what do i want? I want my f-----g money a-----e” Alberto said, clearly angry.
“Tell him, you’ve paid him Dave” My mom said.
“Give me a week, i would get the money” My mom moved away from my dad clearly hurt that he had lied to her about paying Alberto.
“A week? No Dave your time is up” Alberto picked his gun and the pointed it at my mother.
No. Dont kill my mom.
“Alberto, please, i would give you your money, please let my wife go”
“Dave!” My mom cried as Alberto’s men held her.
Fear ate me up from inside. They were going to kill my mom.
“Go get the girl upstairs!” Alberto shouted, his mem followed and started to come up the stairs. I got up. They were coming after me. They were going to kill me. I ran to my room and closed the door. There was silence and i quickly hid under the bed holding Daniel, my teddy bear.
Immediately, my door burst open, and i peeped from under the bed and saw a man’s feet.
I pressed my hand to my mouth so i wouldnt scream.
Silenced filled the room and the man moved towards the other side of the bed. I was scared.
I held Daniel closer to my chest. Then a pair of hands grabbed my legs and drew me out. I screamed when i saw the man. One of Alberto’s men he looked scary.
“Gotha” He smiled at me and carried me away. Despite all my efforts of trying to come down he still held me tight.
“Mom! Dad!” I shouted, kicking my legs and hitting him with Daniel, the teddy bear.
At last we got downstairs and mom was already crying. My dad was sad. Alberto was smiling. What was funny?
The man placed me down and Alberto came close to me. I held on to Daniel.
“Mom,Dad” I whispered, but they didnt answer, they reamained were they were not looking at me.
What was going on?
“Dear, dear Eve” Alberto said, holding me face. “You now belong to me”
My mom broke down in tears. My dad still looked down. Sad. Broken.
I didnt understand what he was saying? I was his ? How? Why? I was just thirteen years. I didnt understand what all this was about.
“What do you mean?” I asked, tears already falling from my face.
“You see, your dad over there” He pointed at my dad. “Owes my money and dosent want to pay up, so he said you should go with me and stay with me forever. And even your mom agreed” Alberto finished.
The way my heart broke was unimaginable. No. No. Mom and dad wont let me go with this unknown man.
“You see, Mommy and Daddy dosent love you”
“No, stop. My mom loves me, she wont give me away to you” I cried.
“Really? Lets see if they would call you back when i take you away” He said taking my arm and dragging me towards the door.
My parents didnt even move. Mom was crying, dad was still looking at the floor. I could see the tears falling from his eyes too.
They were crying, they didnt want me to go. But at the same time they werent doing anything.
“Mom! Dad!” I shouted at them but thet remained still. “Mom! please dont let them take me away. I promise i would be good. Dad!”
“It was nice doing business with you Mr and Mrs Peters, you are never going to see your daughter again”
Alberto dragged me out and threw me inside the car.
I cried, wailed, screamed and shouted at him to open the door that i wanted to go back to my parents.
But no. No one answered. No one replied. I felt lonely, scared, sad, broken. I had lost Mom, Dad even Daniel fell on the road while i was strug gling.
The car started and i looked at my house. This was it. This was the end of my life. This was the last time i would see my parents. This was the last time i would be free. This was the beginning of hell.
*Back to the present*
Still going deep into the river, i remembered the d ay Alberto took me from my family. That was the day i became Eve Santiago and no more Eve Pete rs.
I was loosing consciousness as the water filled my lungs, i was dying.
Then i felt my body being lifted up and out of the water, I felt relieved. I could finally breathe. But i was loosing it. I tried to cough out the water but i couldnt. I could only see black. I was going to faint. The pair of hands held me closer.
“Don’t die now Eve. Please dont” The person carrying me said. But i couldnt identify the voice. I wa s too tired. I was too tired to open my eyes so i g ave in to the darkness. I fainted in the person’s arms.

To be continued

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