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Story: EVE - Episode 6



Episode 6

Fear. It was the only emotion i was feeling right now and nothing else. I quickly moved away from James who didnt know what was happening. I continued watching Alberto as he made his way to us. I was dead i knew it. James noticing my strange behaviour tried to talk to me but i couldnt hear. I suddenly became deaf. “Eve, Eve, what’s going on?” He asked shaking me. “Al..Alb..Alberto, he is here” I pointed at the angry man. Before James had the opportunity to look back a blow landed on his face. “Oh God” I gasped as James fell to the floor. “She’s mine a-----e. You had no right to talk to her.No right to breathe in the same air as her” Alberto punched his face. James fell to the ground but Alberto didnt stop there. With every sentence he made, he gave James a punch. “Alberto! Alberto! Stop” I shouted, trying to move him away from James “Hold this b---h!” He roared at his securities. Immediately, following his command ,they held me. They held me as James was being beaten up. “Alberto, please, I beg you, you would kill him if you dont stop!”I cried. By now the whole party had stopped. People were screaming, shouting. But no one did anything. Afterall Alberto was the boss.
James securities tried to help him but they were outnumbered. They were at gun point by Alberto’s men.
James wasnt even trying to fight back. He had lost. His face was unrecognisable, he was covered with blood. He was passing out. “Alberto please, please stop” I pleaded, tears spilling out of my eyes. Trying to get out of the men who were holding me.
Alberto wasnt even listening to anyone. He continued hitting James, battering his face. Hitting his stomach, chest, face, shoulders. “No one dare touches Eve! No one!” He shouted.
Someone please do something. No one moved. Everyone stared. Only the sound of Alberto punches were heard. And James gagging. He would kill him. I had to do something to make Alberto stop.
“Alberto, please stop, I love you” I whispered Immediately i said it, Alberto froze. He stopped. He stopped hitting James. He got up and i sighed in relief. He stood in front of me and stared deep into my eyes. He looked happy. Alberto was happy. “Do you know how long i have been waiting for you to say those words?” He asked almost in tears . Alberto was almost crying. Alberto, the boss was almost crying because i said i loved him.
I quickly took a glance at James who was laying still on the ground. His securities were released as they tried to help him up. James face was a mess. He was bleeding from al l part of his upper body. Blood oozing from his nose. His mouth. His chin, jaw. His eyes were deep red. Alberto really beat the s--t out of him.
Guilt. I felt guilty, if only i had just ignored James and went to get my drink and went back to the vip booth all these wouldnt have happened. A tear fell down my cheeks. But Alberto quickly wiped them away, staring deeply into my eyes.
I removed my face from his bloody hands. His whole hand was stained with blood. “Don’t cry my dear Eve, that s--t head wont bother you anymore” He said.
Immediately, i didnt know the anger that consumed me, maybe because i was seeing James unconcious body being carried out by the paramedics.
“How dare you? James had done nothing to you. He only danced with me. For the first time in my life, i actually felt happy, i felt safe and free. I dont love you Alberto. Not now. Not Ever!”
Alberto looked at me with disbelief. He was suprised i could shout at him. He stared at me, he looked sad and i was actually feeling bad. Maybe i was a little harsh.
“Alberto, I’m sorry. It wasnt suppossed to come out that way” I said, taking his hand in mine.
Immediately Alberto exploded Drawing his hand back and giving me a stinging slap. I fell to the ground. It hurts. Tears filled my eyes as i looked up at Alberto. He was angry. Mad. Furious. He dragged me up and held my wrist, taking me outside
“After all i had done for you. I give you clothes, jewerries, shoes. My heart. And this is how you repay me!” He roared.
Now my wrist was paining me. He was holding me so tight.
“Alberto, please, stop, people are watching” My cheeks stung, and i used my other hand to hold it as if it would reduce the pain. My wrist also hurt. Alberto was taking me outside. Shouting how i betrayed him. People were watching, doing nothing. Cowards.
“You think I give a f--k, Let them watch!” We were outside now and Alberto opened the car and threw me inside.
“Alberto, let me out!” I screamed, banging the door.
“Take the limosine, and go home” I heard him.say to the securities.
Oh no.
He quickly got into the car and started it.
“Where are you taking me to” I cried. Alberto smiled looking at me.
“We are going for a ride b---h!”
“No, please i wanna go home. Please Alberto. I’m sorry!”
But he just laughed. “Home?, no way b---h. We are going somewhere nice”
“Alberto please” I pleaded. I looked outside through the window and it was pitch black outside. No one was in view. The streets were lonely. Trees s urrounded us.
Alberto increased the speed of the car, causing me to jerk backwards. Hiting my head on the window frame. One of my hair pins pierced my head..A nd i groaned in pain.
“You had the guts to dance with that idiot. James Winter. My rival. I hate him!”
So Alberto knew James, no wonder he attacked him so fiercly. He hated him. Why? What had James done to Alberto that made him hate him?
“Please Alberto slow down” By now blood was gushing out of my head, my wrist was almost black. My cheek still hurt.
I was loosing blood, I was tired.
“Don’t f-----g tell me what to do!”
A few more minutes, and Alberto stopped the car, he came down and drew me out. Causing me to fall. I groaned in pain. I looked around, we were in a forest.
“Alberto what are you doing?” Now i was really scared.Was he going to kill me and bury my body?
“I’m going to make you feel the pain I am currently in. I want you to feel the pain of having your heart broken, shattered and thrown away!”
He picked me up and that was when i saw the river.
No. No. No. I knew what Alberto wanted to do. He was going to push me into the river. He knew i hated it. He knew I couldnt swim. I was going to drown. I was going to die. Alberto was going to kill me.
“Alberto. No. Please i beg you!” I begged, trying to get out of his grasp. He laughed, a very loud and mocking laugh.
“Next time you won’t dance with my enemy, Next time you would listen to me. Your husband. You told me you loved me.” He laughed again. Fear filled me. “But that was just a lie, wasn’t it?” He asked, stopping and staring at me.
I couldn’t speak. I couldnt say Yes, i couldnt say No.
He laughed again.”I knew you were just lying” He dragged me again. Moving me towards the water . “You really shattered me Eve, you broke me, Now I’m going to make you feel that way. You are going to feel the same way i do!”
I was really scared. Tears were running down my red cheeks. This was it. This was my death. Alberto was going to kill me. I never even had the chance to meet my parents one last time.
I never even had the chance to live a normal life. I never even had the chance to be free. I never even had the chance to love.
With all these thoughts, Alberto pushed me. I fell into the river. Tears. Fear. Agony. I was dying. I struggled. I tried to fight it. I tried to get out of it. I tried to survive. But no, i could feel my lungs closing up. I could feel my body shutting down. I could feel my body giving up. I could feel myself dying.

To be continued

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