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Story: EVE - Episode 5



Episode 5

Alberto held my hand as qe walked into the hotel. Everywhere was packed with both young couple s and old. I noticed almost everyone had a partner. I was a little glad Alberto was with me. Everyone seemed to be having fun, drinking, laughing, talking. Some were even dancing at the corner of the room. Soft music filled my ears. The hall was huge. With bright chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It was perfectly decorated. I tried to look for any exit but found none. How was i going to escape? “Eve, Eve” Alberto shook my hand, looking at me weirdly. “Did you hear me?” He asked. I was so caught up in my thoughts i didnt notice Alberto was talking to me. “Sorry i was thinking about something” I replied. “About what?” uhmmm….. “About how handsome you look in this tux” I said, the first thing that came to my mind. I cant give Alberto any reason to think i was planning on running away. He has to be happy with me. For a moment Alberto was suprised. I had never called him handsome. “Really, why the sudden change?” He questioned. God! He was going to find out about my plan. “Just joking my dear Eve, I know you secretly ad mired me even with all your fake tears. You love me” He kissed my checks.
The next few minutes Alberto introduced me to a lot of his friends, business worker, and even his best friend. He treated me well. Telling them how loyal a wife i was. They called me beautiful and praised Alberto for picking someone as me.
I was sitting with Alberto in the vip area when on e of his securities called him away. “Boss, Mr Martins would like to see you at the back now” “Ok, i will be right back, Eve. Dont move an inch” He said kissing my cheeks and standing up. Dont move an inch my foot! I was going to run! I thought smiling to myself. He started to move away with his securities following him. Perfect! I was already smiling. Just a few minute s he would be away from sight. Just then he stopped and turned to look at me. “F--k!He drew two of his securities out of the five and pushed them towards me. “Where the hell do you think you are going! Who would protect Eve?” He asked, angry with them. “Stay here! Dont f-----g let any guy around her! If one strand of her hair is out of place I would cut off your balls and feed it to the dogs!” He said, staring at them with anger. He looked at me next. “Dont go too far, you can get a drink and come back here. No talking to anyone ok? You are mine, and mine alone!” Then he kissed me fiercely to sh ow his point. All the gentlemen looking at me quickly removed thier faces. Alberto had made it clear. I was HIS.
He walked away with the remaining three. And i almost broke down in tears when i looked at the securities. My plan was ruined. I blinked away the t ears and stood up to get a drink.
As i walked to the bar man, with the securities following me. The MC announced it was time for the general dance. That the men should pick the lady beside them. I scoffed and continued walking. I wasnt a great dancer, and besided Alberto would kill me if he saw me dancing with another dude.
“Running away I see” Someone said behind me, I turned to see a man. Handsome, probably in his early twenties. He was putting on a black tux. His hair fell across his face, giving him a sharp look. I fell immediately.
“uhm..no. Just going to get a drink” I said, wanting to walk away.
“I want a dance with you” He said, holding out his hand towards me, inviting me to dance. I blushed staring at his hand. I wanted to take it. I wanted to dance with him. Immediately one of the securities coughed, giving me the signal that Alberto was not going to like it. I frowned.
“Sorry, but i would like to decline” I said walking a way, but a hand drew me back and i came crashing on his chest.
“I never asked” He said, staring deep into my eye s. Just then my securities came forward in attempt to pull the man away from me. Then another securites came forward too I figured the securities belonged to this handsome man. The two securities stared at each other almost ready to protect their own. Just then the man chuckled. “Calm down boys, no need to crash this party. Its just a dance. No harm in that” He was facing my own securities. They frowned and step back a little giving me a “hate” look.
His securities also moved back, giving us space t o dance.
“I’m James” He said. Starting the dance by bending a little. “May i have this dance my lady?” By now i was mesmerised by him. He was loving. I couldnt say no. “Yes” I courtesied. He moved closer to my face, while i moved back wards. We started dancing. I didnt know where th e dancing steps came from but i danced like someone who had been dancing for years. We looked at each other’s eyes. His blue eyes staring deep into my hazel ones. He moved so swiftly, holding my waist and turning me around. He carried me with very little effort. He smiled at me. I smiled at him. The soft music playing only made it more magical. More glorious. I didnt want to stop. I wanted to continue dancing with James. I wanted him. I rested my head on his shoulders as we moved slowly. His hands around my waist in a protective way . I felt safe in his hands. I felt happy. I didnt want t o let him go.
“You are the most beautiful person i have ever m et” He said, kissing my shoulders. I didnt say anything but listen to the sound of his heartbeat and smiled by body responding to his t ouch.
“You havent told me your name yet”
“Its Eve” I said. Smiling to myself. Breathing in hi s scent. It felt wonderful. James was making me feel wonderful and i loved it.
I didnt want to leave him. I wanted to dance with him forever. I wanted him to take me away to live with him in his castle. I wanted the man before m e. I raised my eyes to look at his face.
But as raised my head, to the left was the monster looking at us. Making his way towards us. He w as angry. Very angry. Furious. He looked dangerous He looked like he wanted to kill. He was pissed. Anger, Jealousy ,lust, sorrow, pain filled his eyes and he walked towards us. I was dead. I knew it. He was going to kill me here. I thought as Alberto walked towards us.

To be continued

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