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Story: EVE - EPISODE 15



Episode 15

*Before you read, this is Alberto’s point of view. That is, this is Alberto now, no more Eve*
I sat at the bar and drank myself to stupor.
I wanted Eve, I missed her. I needed her.
But i couldn’t go back and get her.
They say when you love someone, you should be ready to let that person go.
All this while i had tried, forced Eve to love me but she never did.
I locked her up, so she wouldn’t look upon another man.
I kept her here so she would have no other choice but to love me, no other choice to be with me. Me alone.
All for my selfish interest. Now she was gone, finally free. The freedom she had been looking for.
I took another bottle of wine and gulped down a whole cup.
I needed Eve. I craved for her. My body, soul, heart, mind called out to her.
But i couldnt get her back, i had done nothing but bring her pain, sorrow, distress, lonliness. She was right all along, i was a beast, a monster who couldnt treat the one i loved well. I claimed i loved her but all i was to her was the enemy, the heartless one who did all he could to gain an angel’s love.
Now she was gone, without even looking back. She ran away with him. That motherfucker, James.
But at least she was free from me. Free from the man who did nothing but cut out her wings, like the angel she was.
Her beautiful face haunted me anytime i tried to close my eyes. That beautiful smile i only saw not more than three times clouded my mind.
I rubbed my eyes in pain. I was in pain. I had lost Eve. The only girl to steal my heart after Jane die d. The girl who made me whole. The only girl who made me complete. The only girl to win and take my soul, mind, body, heart.
All the horrible things i had done to her, my Eve came back to my mind, tormenting me, destroying me, breaking me. I allowed it. Allowed it tear me a part.
I took down another gulp of wine, and i could feel my body getting under the influence of the alcohol.
My body surrended to the alcohol, completely bluring the images i was seeing. I was getting drunk.
But then who cares?
No one.
I turned around and one blonde chick sat on my laps.
“What are you doing here, honey?” She asked, pressing her blood red lips on my face.
“I…I..Drink..I’m- here, drink” I laughed at my own foolishness, i couldnt even make a reasonable sentence.
But she just laughed as she pressed her b----t to wards my chest. “Is that all?” She said, running her slender fingers down my face ,seductively.
I knew what she was trying to do, seduce me.
“No, I need something else” I said, removing the sleeve of her dress. She stood up and took my hand.
I stumbled, almost falling but i laughed. I was drunk.
She laughed and guided me upstaris. I fell almost a million times, everything was blury, moving. I wasnt seeing properly.
She opened the door and dragged me into tbe room, it was a small one but enough for two people . It had a bed and one fan thats all.
She stood before me and started to unzip her dress.
“Do you need help with that?” I asked, and she nodded.
I turned her back to me as i zipped down the clothes, her skin was lovely, pure, spotless.
I wanted to touch it so i did, removing the dress, exposing her whole back, hips, legs, she stood naked before me and i was loosing control.
I thought i was ok but when she turned around i almost fell. There she stood like a goddess, every part of her body was pure, smooth, my mouth watered.
I looked at her from her toes, legs, hips, stomach, b----t but when i got to her face i was shocked. it was Eve.
How did she get here?
“Eve” I whispered.
“No darling my name is Pamela” She said, walking up to me.
I shut my eyes and opened them again and it was the girl, no more Eve.
What was wrong with me?
Was i going crazy?
She came closer to me and i felt her b----t on my chest. She took my hand and placed it on her waist.
But i couldnt look at the face again, i was scared of seeing Eve.
She was haunting me.
Those beautiful eyes.
They haunted me.
Pamela started removing my clothes and i ran down my hand on her back.
When i looked up again, i saw Eve. I jumped away from Pamela.
“Whats going on?” She asked.
“Eve, what are you doing here?” I asked.
“Who’s Eve?” I looked up to see Pamela again, Eve wasnt here.
I was going crazy.
I buttoned my shirt and ran out of the room, pushing other people. I almost fell down the stairs as i ran. I could here Pamela’s voice calling out to me, but i didnt answer.
I ran out of the bar and opened my car after trying so many keys. I couldnt see well. I was beyond drunk.
I tried my keys to my car, it started and i zoomed off with full speed.
Why was i seeing Eve?
I shut my eyes and all i could see was her beautiful face.
Her hazel eyes.
Those pink lips i had forced to kiss me and that begged me when i was about to do something to her.
I missed her!
I f-----g missed her!
I couldnt live without her!
I craved for her, craved for her body, her heart.
I needed Eve to survive.
I banged the steering in anger. She was with James, that mother f----r.
But atleast she was happy, free from me.
Free from the monster who kept her locked up for four years.
But i couldnt take her back, i was willing to let her go and be free.
I loved Eve. And i wanted the best for her. But i knew i couldnt give her that kind of happiness.
I couldnt give her joy.
I increased the speed of the car as it raced along the streets of Italy.
I made sharp turns and avoided the traffic lights. I was too drunk to obey the rules.
I was too heartbroken.
I needed Eve.
I needed her for survival.
I made another sharp turn as i almost hit another car.
Eve beautiful face flashed in my mind. A picture of her and James smiling happily filled my mind.
A picture of her and James getting married and having kids flashed through my mind.
Another picture of James touching her, her body found its way to my mind.
I grew angry.
That mother f----r didnt deserve Eve.
She was mine.
My angel.
My wife.
My soul.
My source of life.
She belonged to me.
Only me.
No one else.
Eve’s beautiful face clouded my mind and i didnt see the trailer coming towards me.
The impact was too great as the trailer smashed my car. Pains, was all i could feel.
Screams was all i could hear.
Petrol was i could smell.
Heat, fire was i could feel.
I was hit.
I was bleeding.
I was in pains.
I was loosing consciousness.
I was dying.
But Eve was all i could see.

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