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Story: EVE - EPISODE 14



Episode 14

I stared at the window in shock, the black suv
parked carefully and James was shouting at my
parents that how could they do this to thier
daughter .
I looked at the car, praying that whoever came
down from it was not Alberto. The door opened
and my breathing stopped.
I prayed harder, and then i saw the feet. It was
in blue heels.
I sighed.
A woman came down, dressed in a black dress,
and holding a blue bag that matched her shoe.
She walked towards the house.
“James come on, its not Alberto. Let’s get out of
here.” I pulled James away from my mother.
I turned to look at her and my dad. They were
on the brink of tears. “Everything I’ve done, i
did for you Eve. I hope you understand”
“No! Everything you did to her was out of fear
and selfishness. You are just trying to save your
a-s and in the process putting your daughters
life at risk in the hands of that monster” James
answered for me.
“And who are you, gentleman? How did my daughter know you?” My dad who had been quiet the
whole time asked James.
“I met him at the ball, two days ago. And he is
helping me to get away from Alberto” I said,
holding hands with James.
“And his name is James?”
“James Parker, lawyer at an international firm”
Ja mes said proud of himself
My dad seemed to be thinking for a bit and i
raised my eyebrows for a bit.
What was he thinking about?
Does he know James?
“Aren’t you the same James that was accused in the suicide of–”
My dad could hardly finish his sentence when someone knocked.
The door opened and a woman came in.
“Mrs Chamberland!” My mom greeted.
“Eve we gotta get out of here” James dragged
me out.
The woman looked at me and James.
I looked at my parents one last time as James dragged me out of the house.
“Eve! Eve! Get back here! Alberto is coming for
you!” My mom shouted running after us.
“You are making a big mistake!”
“Get away from me mom, I’m leaving with James. Whether Alberto comes or not”
She grabbed my hand, spun me around and
gave me a resounding slap.
“Never speak to me that way! I am your mother!
And I care about you”
“Leave me alone!” I shouted, struggling to get
out of her grip.
“No! You are going back to Alberto, he would be
here soon!”
James quickly came to my aid and pushed my mom away, causing her to fall and hit her head
on the floor.
“Come on Eve” James dragged me and pushed me into the car.
I turned to look at my mom. She was unconscious, lying still on the floor. There was a little blood
on the floor.
James didnt have to push her that hard.
He got into the car and i shouted “That was my
mother you pushed like a sack of potatoes,
She’s u nconscious!”
James gripped the steerng in anger, fuming. But
i kept shouting at him.
Immediately he exploded. “Shut the f--k up!
And stop whinning like the little b---h that you
To say i was beyond shocked was an understatm
ent. I was terrified. James shouted me. He
called me a b---h.
I stared at him, tears falling from my eyes.
He started the car, and we got to the road, i
looked back at my house and my dad was
running towards my mom unconscious body
with thier visitor behind him.
“You are so naive Eve. I thought Alberto taught
you better than this” He laughed.
What was happening? Was this James? Why was
he acting so violent?
“James? Why are you acting like this?” I asked.
But James laughed louder. “Oh dear Eve, I’m
going to have so much fun with you” He
touched my cheeks, and i moved away from his
“Running away from me i see. Remember you
were the one who made the decision to follow
me” He smirked. “You are so foolish, how long
have you known me? Two days or is it three?
And you follow me like a little puppy”
“James stop this madness, Please. I followed you
to get away from Alberto. You know that”
“Alberto?! Never mention that b-----d name close to me again” He grabbed my wrist, squeezing
it tight.
“James, let me go! Stop, youre hurting me!” I
“For years Ive been trying to get back at Alberto
for the death of Jane and When i first saw you
at that ball with Alberto. I knew exactly what to
do” He laughed.
“That was the best night of my life, Then i saw
Alberto leave the party and i saw you going to
grab a drink. I was happy all i needed to do was
just dance with you and as stupid as you were,
you fell under my spell. You fell for me Eve and
i knew I had gotten Alberto most priced jewel”
I cried, so all this had just been a plan to get
back at Alberto? That wonderful dance, it had
meant nothing to James? I was played. Fooled.
“Then i saw Alberto, i moved closer to you,
drawing you closer to my body to get him angry
and boy he fell for it. He came towards us and
beat the hell out of me. I allowed it. So i wont
appear as the bad guy in front of you”
“Stop this! Its not true. You liked me. You fell for
me too at that ball!” I screamed at him in tears.
Yes. James liked me. He held me so well. He danced with me. He made me feel like a queen. He
made me feel safe from the claws of Alberto.
“Like you? Never! You were just a means of
getting my revenge back at that b-----d”
“No!No! Stop this!”
“Oh sweet Eve. Then i landed at the hospital,
thinking all hope of getting revenge was lost.
But then, there you were. Calling my name. I
was happy, I looked around to see if Alberto
was there. But he wasnt. He left you once
I remembered that day, i was so happy to see
James. Thinking he was my saviour.
“All i had to do was just convince you to come
with me and then i had won. I knew you wont
come out of fear so i told you about Jane. I
twisted the story Eve”
Suddenly I remembered when Alberto was trying
to tell me, he said James was a liar. If only i had
“You see Jane loved Alberto, and he loved her
too . But Alberto cant always get the good
things, can he? No! So i started watching Jane
just to annoy her at first but later i wanted her
for myself. I wanted her to be mine”
James laughed. “I needed her to love me too. I
couldnt sleep without seeing her at least once. I
needed to touch her, caress her. But she kept
going back to that b-----d!” James shouted,
gripping the wheel in anger, his knuckles
growing white.
I shifted a little in fear. This James was different
from the one i knew. What had suddenly
possessed him? Why was he acting this way?
“Then i grew insane, i kidnapped her, i took
Jane. D--n! I was pleased. I had her all to
myself, her body was so sweet to touch, i
touched her every where, she was mine.
F-----g mine! Until that b-----d came , I could
have killed him. I could have. But then Jane slit
her throat. All because of him!! ” He shouted.
And i jumped in fright, fear. I moved away.
James was the real murderer here, not Alberto.
He had drawn Jane to her early death, not
Alberto. He had kidnapped her, not Alberto. He
had done all evil things to her, not Alberto.
I was lied to, and i believed.
“Now I’m going to make him pay for all he did
to me! He would pay for every pain he caused
me. And i know how to cause him pain, i know
how to make him sad. I know how to kill
Alberto. Its you Eve. You are the source of
Alberto’s pain. He loves you so much and he
would do anything to get you” James laughed.
“You think Alberto is a demon? No, Im the

greater Demon Eve”

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