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Story: EVE - EPISODE 13



Episode 13

“We are here, Eve” I heard someone say as they
shook my shoulder slightly.
I opened my eyes slowly and looked outside.
It looked the same, the small house. The house
were i spent thirteen years of my life.
It hadnt changed one bit. It was the same
colour. The same vegetables planted in the front
The lights were still on in the house, they were
still awake.
We got down from the car, I looked at myself, i
was putting a jeans and a top. James stopped
at a mall so we both cleaned up and change our
clothes. James wound were rebandaged at a
small clinic. A lot had happened this night and i
couldnt wait to sleep on a very soft bed.
James came to stand beside me as we walked in
together. I took a deep sigh and knocked on the
“We’re in this together” He smiled, holding my
That didnt even calm me one bit.
I was scared. I was scared of seeing my parents
after four years.
Would they accept me back or throw me back
out ?
With all this thought, the door opened and i saw
a woman, she looked older, but still beautiful. I
saw my face in hers. The same eyes, nose,
colour of hair.
It was my mom.
She looked at me, trying to figure out if she was
“Eve? Is that you?” She asked, almost in tears.
“Mom” I whispered.
She drew me in a tight hug, as she started
crying, i cried too. I missed her, i missed her
hugs. I missed my mom. I was just very young
when i was stripped away from here.
We hugged for about five minutes, then James
“Hello Ma” He said extending his hands.
“Who is he? How did you get away from Alberto?
How did you get here? Where is Alberto?” My
mom asked while looking around as if to see
Alberto jumping out of one of the trees.
“I ran away, mom. James helped me” I smiled at
James who drew back his hand.
“Arent you going to invite us in?” James asked.
My mom looked shocked but moved away to let
us walk in.
When i walked in, the first thing i noticed were
the change of curtains and rug. The house
looked smaller compared to Alberto’s mansion.
James and I sat on the couch as my mom went after closing the door, shouting my dad’s name.
“We are just going to stay for a few hours and
we should be out of here”James said.
“Eve” I looked up to see my dad. He looked
older too. He was holding a news paper.
“Dad” I went towards him to hug him. We
hugged and sat down.
“How did you get away from Alberto? And who is
this guy?” He said pointing at James.
So i narrated the story to him, i got dressed to
when we ran away from the hospital. I told him
about how Alberto threw me in the river, but i
didnt tell them about how i kinda missed him.
“You have to go back Eve” My mom said. “You
have to go back to Alberto”
Shock filled by body as i stared at my mom in
“She’s coming with me” James said, taking my hand.
I couldnt believe my own mother wanted me to
go back with that monster.
“I cant, I’m going with James. Alberto is a
monster mom, a beast, i can never go back to
“There’s something we need to tell you Eve. The
real reason we let you go with Alberto”
I gulped, i needed the know the reason. I had
My dad started. “Before you were born, I was
into drugs, all kinds of hard drugs. Cocaine,
indian he mp, you name it. But the deal went
wrong and the people who were suppossed to
buy it, stole it and shot all of us. I was the only
survivor. But i went back to my boss, he didnt
believe me and demanded i pay all the money
for the drugs. He thought i was working against
them. So i went to Alberto for help, and he
gave me the money and demanded i pay up
within ten years, because it was a lot of money”
He sighed and continued.” I payed my boss the
money because if i didnt he would kill your
mother, and she was just pregnant for you then.
Since then i left the drug dealers and got a job”
“Ive been trying Eve, to give Alberto back his
money but expenses keep rising up. Ten years
passed and Alberto came to demand his money
but i didnt have it. Your mom became worried,
and she has heart problems”
I looked at my mom, I didnt know she had heart
“I found out when you were just eight” She said.
“So i couldnt let her worry so i told her i had
given Alberto the money, that i had taken a
loan” Dad looked at mom sorrowfully. “I’m
sorry i lied to you ”
“Its ok Dave, you’ve said it a million times” My
mom smiled at him.
“But it would never be enough” Dad sighed.
“Since then, Alberto kept asking for his money,
but i kept giving him excuses. Eve, the
Santiagos are very heartless people, you annoy
them and they come for your family. Alberto’s
father was a very ruthless and dangerous man.
He passed it down to his son. They are not to
be messed with. So when Alberto demanded for
his money that day, and i couldnt give him. He
said he would either kill you or take you”
My mom broke down in tears and i leaned
against James for support. This was too much
to take in.
“So we had no choice Eve. We had to let you go,
we didnt want you to die. We are sorry Eve but
everything i did, we did” He held my mom’s
hand “We did for you”
Tears spilled from my eyes, all these years i had
spent blaming my parents for everything..They had only done it to help me, but a question came
to my mind.
“Why didnt you call the police?”
“The police? And tell them what? I was involved
in drugs? If i tell them, i would be held in
custody and they would demand for the name of
my boss. And Eve, that is something you never
do. If you are no more in a drug business, you
must never reveal anyone name, if not they
would kill you and your whole family” My dad
“And besides Alberto is a very powerful man,
with a lot of connections. I dont stand a chance
against him” My mom concluded.
James stood up. “We have to get going. Mr and
Mrs, Alberto would be here soon”
I looked at my mom and dad as they stood up.
“No matter how hard and far you run Eve.
Alberto would always find you” My mom said, i
I couldnt believe what she was saying.
“You have to go back, Eve”
“Never! You dont know how Alberto treats me.
He is wicked and even dad said it. He is
ruthless. Im never going back to him. Dad tell
mom” I looked at my dad, expecting him to
defend me.
“Your mother is right Eve, Alberto would find
you and kill the both of you”
I couldn’t believe this. My own parents.
“So you would give me to that monster, twice?!”
I shouted.
“You are supposed to help me get away from him, the first time was understandable but now.
You are selfish mom and you too dad”
“You are the selfish one here!” My mother spat
on my face. “You are the one enjoying all the
luxuries in Alberto’s house, you are the one in
the big house, buying things and enjoying
yourself. While here we beg for food. You
should be grateful we gave you out!”
“Have you seen my scars,.mom?” I cried.
“Alberto scared me for life. I cant believe this.
You are heartless, both of you. I can never
forgive you for this. Come on James lets get out
of here”
Just as we made it for the door, i looked out of
the window and saw a black suv, just like
Alberto’s car.
“What have you done, mother?”
“I called your husband Eve, he is here to take
you home”

To be continued

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