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Story: EVE - EPISODE 10



Episode 10

Yes, I was leaving with James.
I was going to have a fresh start with James.
I was going to leave this monster of a man, Albert o.
But how?
How was i going to leave this room with Alberto’s men right outside my house.
I sat on the bed and thought of a plan.
Nothing. I was blank. No plans.
Just then the door opened, and a female doctor came in.
“I see you are awake” She said, taking a sip of her coffee.
Suddenly a plan came to my head.
“Yea, just a little headache” I said, standing up quickly and hitting her, so the coffee she was drinking poured on her white coat and her light blue to p.
“Oh God, im so sorry”I said, almost smiling because of the annoyed and shocked look on her face.
“Ugh. Let me just clean this in the bathroom” She removed her white coat and went to the bathroom in my room.
I picked her coat and put in on. I brushed my hair and packed it the same way she did hers. I picked the note she had bought.
I looked at the small mirror in my room and from behind i looked like a doctor.
Everything was ok expect from my legs. I was put ting on slippers.
No. Alberto’s men would know.
I heard the water put off from the bathroom and i knew the doctor would soon be out.
I had no choice, i had to go out like that before sh e came.
So i picked her books and walked out of the room , bowing my head so Alberto’s men wont see me.
I walked past them and continued not looking back. Yes!
“Hey” I heard one of them shout.
“How is she?” He asked, but i didnt look back.
“All good” I shouted, still not looking back.
I continued walking, until i got to another ward, far away from Alberto’s men and my room.
Room 45.
I remembered James room.
As i turned into another hallway that said Room 40 -50, I saw someone coming out of the exit door .
He was holding a bunch of flowers in one hand and a lunch box in the other hand. He was on a black suit, he looked happy. He was looking at his watch.
I knew this man.
I knew the walking steps.
It was Alberto. He brought flowers and lunch for me. Guilt pierces my heart.
I felt guilty leaving this man.
No! I should me happy, Alberto had done nothing but bring me pain and anguish.
As he rose up his head almost seeing me. I quickly made a U turn and started walking.
I was scared to look back.
What if he saw me?
No, he didnt.
I took the risk and looked back.
No, he was walking to the direction of my room.
Thank heavens!
I turned back and started to run to James’ room. I had to be fast before Alberto knew i was gone.
I got to the room where Room 45 was written on.
I took a deep breath. This was it. A chance to get freedom. Was i really ready to do this.
But i had to, before i ended up like Jane.
I opened the door and saw James fully dressed in a simple jeans and white cotton top, he was ready to leave. There was a nurse inside prescribing some drugs to him. A man was also in the room. Probably his security.
James turned, and saw me. He smiled. “I thought you wouldnt come”
“It was a tough decision” I walked to him and hugged him tightly. My saviour. “We have to go now I saw Alberto at the hallway”
“Ok, come on. This way. My car is parked at the back” James held my hand and dragged me out of the room.
We ran through the hallway, almost hitting the people and doctors along the way.
I looked up and saw one of Alberto’s men. James didnt know who he was but i knew. I quickly pushed James towards the wall hiding behind it, so h le couldnt see us.
“F--k!” James shouted.
“Shh” I whispered. “Alberto’s men are already loo king for me. I saw one of them”
“My ribs f-----g hurt” James said, clearly in pain. Raising his top i saw bandages wrapped around his stomach and chest. It was red. It was bleeding. I had pushed him too hard.
“Oh God! You need a doctor” I said scared he was going to bleed to death.
“No, not when you are almost free” He peeped, looking for any of Alberto’s men.
“Come on!” He ran dragging me again.
We ran like our life depended on it. I was scared, what if Alberto caught us. I was dead.
No. I couldnt think that way. I had to think positively.
“Where is the car?” I asked James.
“Not too far” He grimced in pain. Holding his stomach, he was really bleeding.
Oh God!
“James, we have to go, before Alberto sees us” I held him as he continued walking, he was really bleeding, blood seeped through his white top.
I looked up and saw another of Alberto’s men loo king at another direction.
I pulled James towards a room. We opened the door and went in.
“What is it?” He asked, shutting his eyes in pain.
“Another of Alberto’s men”
The room was empty only a bed. I removed the coat i was wearing and placed it on James. Covering his bleeding wounds.
“The nurses and doctors in the hallway cant see you like this, they would take you back to the rooms”
James nooded. I sat him on a chair.
I sighed, this was harder than i thought. I wanted to cry, i was scared. What if Alberto caught us. I was dead, no doubt he would kill James too.
I had to be strong. I had to stay strong and positive.
I looked through the door and still saw some of Alberto’s men, they were checking the rooms one by one.
I was dead!
I looked around, looking for an exit. Just beside t his room was a staircase. Was i going to make it?
Was i going to be fast to get to the stairs without Alberto’s men seeing us.
I went back in. “There is a staircase, but beside this room, we can get to it, we just have to wait till Alberto’s men went inside the next room. to search it”
“Ok, lets do it, it was now or never, free or bound” James said, standing up.
We went to the door, and saw Alberto’s men just coming out of a room and banging the next door. They went into the room and as quick as the speed of light, we ran to the stairs with James behind me. He was trying so hard to keep up.
We ran down the stairs and to the last floor.
James groaned in pain as we made it down the stairs.
He was in deep pain.
I was scared. I prayed silently in my mind so Alberto wont see us.
I held James as we went down together.
Just as we took the last step we heard.
“Well. Well. Well, if it isn’t my wife and my best friend” He laughed.
No. No. No.
I looked up, It was him.
He was laughing. The monster was laughing.
He was happy.
He was pleased.
The devil was happy he had found us.
The devil looked at me with so much anger and hurt.
The devil was angry.
He looked dangerous.

The devil was Alberto

To be continued

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