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Story: EVE - Episode 4



Episode 4

The girl in the room was stating at me. She looked a little older than me. With black hair and brown eyes. She was putting on a deep blue gown that reached her toes and in her hand held a box. I went forward to meet her and was about to ask her who she was, but she beat me to it. “Good evening Mrs Santiago, Mr Santiago asked me to get you ready for the Ball going on in one of his hotels. He said he would be here to pick you in an hour” She concluded, putting the box on the bed. “A ball?” I asked. “Yes ma, I have to get you ready now. Mr Santiag o hates lateness” I was going out. I was leaving the house. This wa s my chance to escape. My chance to leave Alber to Santiago. My chance to be free. I was going to run away. Finally, I was going to get a chance to leave the party and run away before Alberto notices my absence. I was going to run, escape and never look back. I smiled and sat on the chair as the girl started with my face. In a few minutes, I turned to look at the mirror and could barely recognise the person who stared back at me. My hazel eyes looked brighter. My cheeks looked brighter. My skin shone. My eyebrows perfectly carved. My scar was invisible. My lips shone deep red. My hair was in a perfect bun. It was neatly packed. Silver pins glittered from my hair. I was gorgeous. “Mrs Santiago, this is your dress” I turned to look at the girl bring out a deep blue gown from the box on my bed. I gasped. “Mr Santiago picked it for you from the mall. He knew you would like it” Alberto picked out a dress for me. The dress was magnificent. I quickly put it on and stared at the mirror. It had a V neck. It sleeve hugged my shoulders exposing my neck. It was long. Hugging my body so tight . The dress had silver stones from the neck to the b----t region. It was a beauty. I was a beauty. I was gorgeous. I could barely recognised myself. I turned and noticed it was opened at the back. So my legs were on full display. I smiled at myself. This dress would cost thousands. “Now your shoe, Mrs Santiago” The girl said, bringing out a shoe from the box also. It was pure silver, From the straps to its heel. It had stones on it, blue,silver. It looked beautiful. “Mr Santiago really wanted you to look beautiful tonight, Please make him happy. He spent a lot on what you’re wearing” She said. I couldn’t speak, I was dumbfounded. I looked younger and beautiful. I looked like a queen. “Thanks so much” I told her. Just then the door opened to reveal my husband.
He was fixing his tie but immediately he saw me, he stopped. He was shocked. He stared at me from my face to my toes. He was breathless. He was frozen in his spot. He tried to speak but no words could come out. Finally he spoke. “That would be all ,Tina. You can leave me and my wife” Alberto said. looking at me straight in the eyes. When Tina left he came closer to me. “You look beautiful Eve” He said rubbing his fingers on my face. “You look like a queen. My queen” I blushed. For the first time, whenever Alberto complimented me i never blushed. So why was I? “Thanks for the dress, It’s beautiful” I looked at him. “You are not so bad yourself” Alberto was wearing a deep blue tux. His hair was neatly combed backwards. The 26 year old man before me was handsome. His green eyes held lust as we stared at each other. He was tall. Had a good body statute. His muscles seem to bulge out of this jacket. Alberto was handsome, no one could deny it. Not even me. At 26 he was handsome, rich and powerful. He had five star hotels all over the world. Santiago Suite and hotels.

He opened a little box in his hand and i saw a diamond necklace. “Alberto, this would cause millions!” I gasped. He just smiled and move behind me and placed it on my neck. It was shiny and it looked expensive. “I would buy the whole world for you, my dear wife” He placed a kiss on my cheek and then on my shoulde”You look gorgeous, beautiful. You dont know how badly i want to rip this dress from your body and take you now the whole night” Fear. I was scared. I was still sore. No, Alberto. please not now. Just then some one barged in and Alberto let go of me. I released the breath i was holding. Thank God. “Boss, the limosine is ready dowmstairs” Tyler, a man a little older than Alberto said. Tyler was Alberto right hand man. Very loyal. He was handsome but not as Alberto. He had a wife and a little boy . They came very rarely. “Come on Eve, the car is waiting” Alberto took my hand. I had never seen him so gentle with me. He was even smiling. This man was different from the Alberto i knew. He was nice. I smiled and held his hand tighter as we went downstairs. Alberto was making me smile. And happy. I quickly shook that thought away. What was wrong with me? Had i forgotten who Alberto was? This was the same man that abused me. The same man that totured me. Why was i acting like this? Had i forgotten my plan? My plan to run away cannot be stopped by Alberto sudden change. Even if he buys the whole world. I was going to escape this night. I was going to leave and never come back. I thought as we made our way to the Ball.

To be continued

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