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Daniel known as Senator Daniel

And then it Happened
The examination period went by pretty fast, and we were given just two weeks vacation before the start of second semester. A few people didn’t leave school as they considered the holiday too short; Sope was one of those people. He was a very independent person, and felt there was no use going home. I went home for a few days, and returned back to my guardian’s house a full week before school was to resume. At the time, my accommodation processing had pulled through, and I was working on getting a nice bunk and corner before the other students arrived.
On one of those boring days during the break, I came on campus to secure a neat bunk for my room, and stopped by at the room Sope was squatting at so we could go together. We were going to be staying together anyway, so it made sense for us to go there together.
After getting the bunk, and completing my accommodation processing at the porters lodge of the hall, we left for Moremi Hall. Sope said he wanted to see his friend, Sade, who shared the same room with Debby. It was in the cab, on our way there that he told me he had run into Debby a couple of times since the break, and that she hadn’t gone home too. Debby lived in Oyo state, so I understood why she chose to stay behind too.
Knowing that I was going to see Debby again gave me butterflies in my tummy. I was suddenly happy.
The whole hall was scanty when we walked in; I could hear echoes in some of the rooms as we climbed up the stairs. We caught Sade walking out of the door when we got to their room. Her face brightened up when she saw Sope, and he tickled her when they hugged, making her laugh even more. She was a pretty reserved, brown skinned, petite beauty, always in jeans and long sleeve shirts. She smiled to greet me as the three of us stood by the room entrance and talked for a while, before she ran off, saying we could wait for her, since Debby was inside; the sound of that name made my heart skip a beat.
I took a deep breath as we walked in. The room was one of the large ones in the hall. It had four demarcated corners, cut off with metal bunk beds. Sade and Debby had the far right corner, with the window view. The corner had enough space in the middle, Debby’s double bunk to the left, and Sade’s single bunk on the right by the wall. And their wardrobes were backing the entrance, opposite the window view.
Debby had already heard us talking, so she walked up to meet us half way with a cheerful look. She had the same white boob tube on from the last time, but she wore an unbuttoned black short sleeve shirt on it this time. The brown Capri pants she had on showed off her fresh caramel complexioned legs.
I sat on the end of the bottom bunk close to the window, while Sope and Debby sat opposite me. Debby sat facing me directly with her legs folded on the bed. Sope was by the tip of the bed beside her. Unlike him, Sope didn’t say much, he just let us talk. I was in rare form that day and kept a healthy conversation going with Debby. I was feeling great until I noticed Sope’s hands creeping up Debby’s chest like a smooth criminal. Without overreacting, or breaking eye contact with me, she slowly brushed off his hand. I kept on talking and pretended not to notice Sope making repeated attempts to handle her b-----s. At a point she stopped shoving his hand away, and he had a field day.
The strangest thing ever was happening right before my very eyes, Sope kept gently caressing her boobs, while we went on talking. I got up abruptly and said we had to leave. There was disappointment in her eyes as she asked me why we had to leave so soon. I looked at her a bit longer than normal, wondering what was on her mind. Did she really want me to stay? Or was she enjoying what Sope was doing to her so much that she didn’t want it to stop? I didn’t know the answer to that question. Or more like, I didn’t want to accept the reality at hand. I was in a confused state.
As Sope and I walked out of the hall, we joked about what he had been doing to her like typical teenage boys that we were. But deep down inside, I was hurting badly. I felt like a piece of poo. I couldn’t blame Sope for what he did because that was his nature. And he also believed I had gotten over Debby and was now dating Bisi Sanmi.
Sope dropped at his hall and I continued the ride to the school gate. After going through the events of the day in my head, and recalling all the bad experiences I had had with females in the last couple of weeks, I concluded that it was best to totally pull back from the dating scene. I just wasn’t built for this, I thought to myself.
My mind went back to a field trip to Epe we had embarked on during the orientation weeks, and I remembered an incidence where I had to lap one of my course mates to and fro the trip. She was the only person without a seat, and had jokingly asked if she could sit on my lap, and I said yes. Even though she was one of the prettiest girls on that bus ride, I didn’t even feel uncomfortable or try to start a conversation with her. I could remember Debby turning around from two rows in front and winking at me like I was the man.
As I thought of that day and how in control I was, I tried to remember what exactly I was focused on at the time. I remembered I was discussing rap music with my friend Dare and some of my other course mates. Right there and then, I made up my mind to shift my recreational focus from girls to hip hop music.

To be continued

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