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Story: BLOOD - Episode 7


Blood - Episode 7

1:06pm… They arrived back at Zeus’s place and were so happy, they busted champagne as they celebrated by the swimming pool at the back of the house and cleaned themselves up. They drank and ate happily “Today, we celebrate our success” Zeus said happily as he stood beside the pool “Yeah!” they all cheered happily “Thanks to Luke, we made a clean get away” Zeus said smiling “Luke the Man” God-Eye said “Yeah” Hades replied “Enjoy my brothers” Zeus said and then walked to a deck chair and sat down; they were all on shorts. Luke and Ade sat at the edge of the pool “You having a good time?” Ade asked “Yeah, definitely” he replied “Can I ask you something” Luke said “Sure anything” “I was wondering, how did we get all those weapons?” “(laughs) Zeus has military connection in Africa and Europe and Asia, he’s more powerful than you think. I know you’d be wondering why he does this. Well, Nigeria is a hard place where if you don’t have connections you’d find it hard to get a job; Zeus’s father and mother were killed in politics and after his father’s death everyone deserted us. We came to Nigeria from Abu Dhabi to spend time with our parents but the same week we came back, they were killed. Zeus was angered and wanted revenge; those who killed our parents didn’t hide it from us, they were confident about it but they didn’t know that the money they killed my father for was in one of Zeus’s offshore account in the Gulf of Mexico. Everything our father worked for was taken from us because our father happens to be very secretive about his resource that’s why we lost it all to the government. We try to get help from the government but it seemed impossible, Zeus decided that we would stay here in Nigeria and he would make sure that they all suffered; he made a list of all these people. Zeus has a child hood friend, an Arab billionaire by the name Imran Aziz who tried to make Zeus come back to UAE promising that he would make a better life there in UAE but Zeus knew it was more than just a better life because we decided to make a change and take all that belongs to us and we will not stop until we have taken and killed every one of those plutocratic thieves” “I understand perfectly what you saying but about the money, how much is it? And do they know it’s with Zeus?” Luke Asked “It’s a project money of about 500billion dollars which 25% percent of it was a loan from the Emir of Dubai and another 25% was from money raised by the other politicians 40% was from my father’s farm and national business while 10% is a loan from America. The whole money was for the development of certain areas in Nigeria but my father’s goal was cut short by his friends” “I understand how you feel” ‘Yeah I know” “Am solidly behind you guys to the end” Luke said “Thanks” Ade said smiling “What about Hades and the rest?” Luke asked “Well, life has been hard until Zeus came their way and one by one we gathered and made a better life for ourselves. The thing is that every one of us are graduates from schools but fuck the government for ignoring our skills. Hades you see is an Electronics engineer, Evil Spirit is a Chartered Accountant, Drummer is a Chemist, God-Eye is an interesting Mathematics Engineer, I am a professional computer scientist and as for he’s a Zeus Mathematics scientist. We all have what it takes to be greatest men alive but it ain’t gonna happen the way the world sees it” “I get it, you know I am a Quantum physics scientist but I work in a small food factory as a delivery man” Luke explained. They kept talking but then they heard a female voice “Zeus?” a female voice said; everyone turned to look upstairs and in a window stood a perfect beautiful lady. Luke was lost as he stared at her in amazement; the others were not as surprised as Luke because they knew her “Angel, how you?” Zeus said “I wanna talk to you” she said with a straight face and Zeus stood up and went inside. Luke was still lost “Waw, who’s that girl?” Luke asked Ade “That’s our only beloved sister, my sister, born and grew up in Abu Dhabi” Ade said “God damn, I have never seen a woman so beautiful, she looks Arabic” ‘Yeah she does, that’s nature but let me warn you, that is one girl you don’t wanna go near” Ade said “Why?” “(Laughs) Zeus treasures her like a gold egg and doesn’t allow any living man near her except me” “But isn’t that too much” Luke said “You think so?” “Why does he protect her so much?” “Because she’s all that reminds him of our beautiful mother and he believes that one day the right man for her will come, so he doesn’t want any man to mess her up and doesn’t want her getting involved in this” “I get it” Luke said… They continued and enjoyed their celebration with hopes to achieve further victory

To be continued

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