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Story: BLOOD - Episode 9/10


Blood - Episode 9/10

He had all his moves planned out; as he got close to the hotel he parked 200meters from the hotel then came down from the bike, he deeped his hand in his pocket and brought out a handkerchief and cleaned the handles of the bike then walked away leaving the bike by the road side in front of a supermarket. He walked back to his hotel and parked his things and came out and took a cab to the airport and flew back to Lagos… Monday 3rd of Oct… Luke drove to Zeus’s home to make reports about his job; as Luke arrived at Zeus’s home and entered the house, the whole house was calm and no one present in the sitting room so he was about to go out through another door and check the back “Luke?” Ade said coming down stairs “Hey Einstein” Luke said “You’re back” Ade said “Yeah” “When did you get back?” “On Saturday” he said “Saturday? Waw, so how did it go?” Ade asked “Was easier than I thought” “Yeah, of cause it’s easy, they are just bunch of old fools” Ade said “Where’s Zeus?” Luke asked “He travelled yesterday and will be back on Tuesday” “Alright” “He went to do a deal on arms with Hades in Brazil; he did even know you’d come back so quick cause he was expecting you to arrive on Monday” “There was no need staying too long” Luke said “Hey, I have something to show you” Ade said and ran up stairs; Ade and Luke had become real close friends and Ade always shared his latest inventions with Luke. Luke then sat down on a sofa calmly; he was dressed in an immaculate black suit, he stood up and walked to the wine bar in the room and looked around it then picked up a bottle, he looked at the label and saw 90% alcoholic, he then poured some wine in a small glass cup then covered it and kept it back and as he was about to sip from it “Who are you?” a voice said and he paused with the glass slightly touching his lower lip, then brought down his hand as he turned and saw Zeus’s beautiful sister coming down. At that very moment his heart skipped a beat on hearing her voice because he knew she was the one. This time he had a closer look at her, she was a very bright skinned girl (Coffee skin), she looked more like a beautiful Indian woman and she had that Arabic accent “Hi” he said calmly in a weak tone like he was going to faint “Hi is not the answer to my question” she said coming down in a blue gown “Am a family friend” he said “How come I have never met you?” “Because am new” “New; family friends ain’t new” she repeated “Am Luke” he said stretching his hand for a shake but she stared at his hand and then smiled “Do you know what would happen if I shook you?” she asked “You’d fall in love” he said and she smiled and then shook him “Call me Jameel” she said “Jameel? No” he said “Why?” “ I’d rather call you Rapunzel” “Why would you call me that?” “Because you are the princess who’s locked up in a castle and not allowed to meet your prince charming but today the curse is broken” he said and she smiled “I see, so you’re the prince charming” she said smiling “Be the judge, princess” he said and she smiled at him “You’re as guilty as charged” she said “No doubt and I’d prefer a life sentence” he said and she laughed and walked to the bar and poured some wine “How did you meet my brother?” she asked “Which one?” he asked “I meant Zeus” “I met him through Ade” “So you’re part of the team” she said and he was silent “What team?” he pretended “(Chuckles) You think I don’t know? Do you think my brother hides anything from me? We are a family” she said “That’s good” he said smiling “Why did you join them?” she asked and his smile disappeared and he stared at her for about 5secs “Because I found a family, a family that has embraced me like no other. This thing you call a ‘team’ is a family and this is a family business, we have scores to settle with the government” he said “What score do you have with the government?” she asked “Poverty” he said raising his voice a little “Unemployment” “My mother was denied her pension but someone out there has added it to his collection of stolen wealth. She was denied her gratuity but somebody out there is feeding it to his family while ours starved. When my mother fell sick there was no money to treat her and she lay on the hospital bed dying while the nurses and doctor ignored her because there was no money and the government had not paid them for months. Then I said to myself one day, when the time is right, I will visit this government one by one and Take their money and lives, I will visit all those who have diverted the pensions and gratuities of the poor to their family and I will Take their money and the their lives. That time is now” Luke was in the pain of the past as he said those words; Jameel felt pity for him, she then said to him “My father was murdered by politicians because he tried to change the dirty game, because he had made promises that were genuine and they didn’t want him to change all that. Not only did they Take our father but they took all we had but they didn’t know what my brother was capable of, he had millions of dollars in his account and he vowed to Take everything from them” “We are all in pain but we will achieve the set goal no matter what” Luke said “Hey, what are you doing” Ade said coming down holding a pair of glasses “If Zeus catches you with her” Ade said “O shut up” Jameel said “Remember what he did to Raman” Ade said “That was a long time ago and it was Raman’s fault, Zeus will not touch you, don’t mind him” Jameel said “Anyway, this is a new invention” Ade said handing the glasses to Luke “Invention? This is a normal nerd glasses” “Put it on first” Ade said and Luke put it on “Push the button on the left” Ade said and he did and immediately the glasses became dark and was an X-ray “What the hell? How did you do this?” Luke was surprised; he could see the complete skeleton of Ade in front of me and that of Jameel “Incredible” he said “Let me see that” Jameel collected it from Luke and put it on “What the hell Ade? How can you invent such creepy stuff” she said and took it off “It ain’t creepy? It’s beautiful” Luke said “hell no it’s not” she said “Ade I must say, you are unique, I give you that” “Yeah thanks” he replied “I have never seen anyone so intelligent” Luke said “There are only 25 persons like him in the world” Jameel said “Yeah, only 25; one is a mathematician in London and am a Technological scientist here and as for the others I have no idea where they are” Ade explained “God damn, this is superpower” Luke said “When he was a 3, he taught himself how to count numbers and when he was 7 he was already learning secondary math but our dad thought it wasn’t right but he still secretly studied it because he enjoyed it. I learnt a lot from him” Jameel explained “Good one Ade, you’re really lucky” Luke said “I guess” Ade said; Luke looked at his watch “I have to go” Luke said “So quick” Jameel said and he smiled “So you want me to stay, huh?” he said “Yeah, maybe a little more” “I wish I could but I just have some things to do” “Don’t tell me you two have started hooking up” Ade said and Luke laughed “Come on Ade, we are just being friends” he said “Ok, if you say so” “I’ll see you around” he said “Have a good day” she replied and he left…


Blood - Episode 10

Wednesday, 10:13am Luke comes again to Zeus’s house and as he arrives the compound he sees some men outside the house, painting it, he stood by his car and watched them for sometime before going in; he entered the house and saw Zeus sitting down and discussing with Hades “Hey Luke” Zeus said “Zeus” “Good thing you’re here, have a seat” Zeus said and he sat “Hey Bro” Hades said “Hades” Luke said and they jammed their knuckles lightly “Hades here will be travelling with the others to Ghana for a job” Zeus said to Luke “alright” “While you and I will leave for Abu Dhabi this Friday, we have to discuss something with someone” “Alright no problem” “Hades, I leave it all to you” Zeus said “yes boss” Hades said and left “Luke come with me” Zeus said getting up and Luke followed him and they both went outside the house for a walk round the compound “am doing a repainting” Zeus said as they looked at the people painting “I love the color” Luke said “Sorry I wasn’t around when you came back from Abuja but Ade told me you did the job and News also confirmed him dead, Good job” Zeus said as they walked “Thank you” “I have made a transfer of 4million dollars to your off shore account, you can check your e-mail” “Thank you sir” Luke said smiling “Do you know why I asked you to kill General?” Zeus asked “No” “General Tanko was one of the closest to my father and part of the plot that killed him after they discovered my father had genuine plans for the country and they knew it wouldn’t favor them heavily if he had won the election for presidency. You must have heard of the assassination of Dr. Jason Heineken “ “Yeah, I did, years ago” “That was my father; I promised Tanko that I would Take back everything he had stolen from us as well as his life” he explained and Luke was silent “On Friday, we leave for Abu Dhabi, so we can get information on how to deal with one of our ex-presidents who have failed this nation and is part of the reason why this country is devaluating today” Abu Dhabi, Yas Island. 10:00pm This is the first time Luke is coming out to the beautiful part of the world; as they stepped out the airport, a red Ferrari stops in front of them and a man comes out “Welcome sir” he said in Arabic accent “Thank you Saheed” Zeus said as the man collected their bags and put it in the boot “Let’s go” Zeus said as he entered the car; Luke was a little surprised; Saheed walked into the airport building, Luke then entered the other seat ‘First time, huh?” Zeus said “Never dreamt of this” Luke said “It’s real now” Zeus said and started the car and sped off “Wow!!! Come on, slow down you wanna kill us” Luke said as he was frightened by the speed as he put his right hand firmly on the dash board even though he was on seat belt “(Laughs) Relax, it’s not my first time, I’ve been doing this since I became 18” Zeus said as he drove past beautiful buildings; the street lights were amazing, the trees were glowing, buildings shining with multi colored lights. Luke was attracted to every beautiful thing he saw and suddenly Zeus slowed down “Look” Zeus said pointing to his left “Waw, what’s that place?” “Ferrari world” Zeus said “Ferrari world? That means they manufacture Ferraris there?” he asked “No, it’s an amusement park, a fun place where children and adults go for fun, for roller coaster rides and all that, it’s a tourist attraction” ‘God damn, it’s beautiful” “You should see it from above” “The building seems endless” Luke said “It covers 86,000 square meters and it is the leading tourist attraction in the middle East” “Waw” “Have you heard of Formula Ross ?” Zeus asked “No? What’s that?” “The world’s fastest roller coaster” “Hmmm, right” “It’s here in the Ferrari world” Zeus said Luke was happy with his life right now because he felt like he was on top of the earth . Zeus stopped an a small bridge then pointed east “Look at those buildings over there” Zeus pointed “You mean the skyscrapers” Luke said “Yes, it’s the Etihad Tower and is owned by a friend of mine. He’s part of the reason why we’re here” “Those buildings were used in Fast and Furious 7” Luke said “Exactly” “They must have cost a fortune” “It cost 2.5 billion Dirham, Arab money” Zeus said ‘Yeah breath taking” “Tower 1 is a hotel and residential, Tower 2 is residential, Tower 3 is offices, Tower 4 is residential and Tower 5 is also residential. Sheikh Imran Aziz owns the towers and he lives in one of them; tomorrow we’ll go see him” Zeus said and drove off… They arrived in front of a gate that automatically opened and they drove in; flowers and trees covered the place and you couldn’t see any building but after a left turn and a right they arrived in front of a magnificent semi-glass house; they both stepped out the car “this is beautiful” Luke said; by his left was a swimming pool with lights at the bottom of the water “This is my house in Abu Dhabi and you’re the second person am bringing here after Imran Aziz” Zeus said as they walked to the glass door. Zeus touched the glass door with his five fingers and a green light scanned his fingers and the door opened “(Chuckles) You’ve got to be kidding me, so stuffs like this are real” Luke said “It’s agood thing am educating you then” Zeus said and Luke laughed “I mean, I thought they were all fiction like Mission Impossible and other fiction movies. This is good” Luke said as they entered inside “The rooms are that way” Zeus said pointing “The last room on the left is mine” “Yes boss” Luke said “Do you like cars” Zeus asked “I love them like myself” Luke said “Good then come with me, let me see how well you love them” they both went through another door leading to another part of the house and went down a set of stairs and then Zeus walked to a wall and put his right thumb in a small device on the wall and the wall opened and revealed something amazing; Luke’s eyes widened in disbelief as his mouth was opened “Jesus Christ! What the fuck?” he quickly moved closer to the car and touched the bonnet like he just saw Jesus “O my God” he exclaimed “(Chuckles) Do you know the car?” Zeus asked smiling “Do I know this car? Are you asking my that? This is a beast!! My God” Luke was excited “A fast car” Zeus said “Not just a fast car” he said as he walked round it “ This is Lykan Hyper Sport, the third most expensive car after Bughatti Veneno. It cost nothing less than 3.4million US dollars and runs on 3.7L Twin-Turbo Flat-Six Engine and is the first ever fast car to be manufactured in the middle east; it’s also known that it can accelerate to 62mph in 2.8secs. I love this car” Luke just lecture Zeus on his own car and he was amazed “Waw, amazing; alright Professor Fast cars, you win” Zeus said “This car is amazing, I never dreamt of seeing fast cars talk less of this monster; this car beat the world’s fastest car Bughatti Vernon in price” “You seem to own the car better than myself” Zeus said “(Chuckles) No. come on” “You bought this car?” Luke asked “Yap, 3.4million dollars as you said, no more no less” Zeus said and walked to the door and opened it by touching the glass “Ever since I bought it, I’ve never been in it, so why don’t you be the first” Zeus said “You mean, I should get in the car” Luke was surprised “Come on, get your ass over here” Zeus said and Luke entered the car and sat comfortably as he grabbed the wheels “Press that button over there” Zeus said pointing to the steering wheel and Luke pressed a button beside the wheel and a small screen was revealed “The start password is 1991” Zeus said and Luke pressed the number and the car started, he then stepped on the clutch and the engines revived; Luke smiled as he took a deep breath “The sound of the beast. Isn’t she amazing” Luke said and stepped on the clutch to and fro and it kept raising the roar of the car; Zeus smiled “Come on let’s go, we’ve got business tomorrow” Zeus said and they left…

>>>>Episode 8

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